Saturday, July 13, 2013

Desert Oasis SeXStoRY

You called me yesterday and told me you'd pick me op to take a hike out to your favorite place in the canyons outside of town. Little did I know how far out we were going to hike. You were so excited to be sharing this place with me I could hardly keep up with. That wasn't such a bad thing since I had the most amazing view of your hot ass most of the way. I don't know if it was all the fresh air or maybe even dehydration but you jus kept getting sexier with each step you took. There was something that just caused you to exude sexuality. I almost missed some of the most amazing desert views I have ever seen watching you and getting so incredibly turned on. After what felt like hours of following you through the desert we came upon a stream. You turned your head back to me and said we're almost there with what I know was the sexiest smile I have ever seen, and probably the sexiest the world has seen. We followed the stream for quite a while and I was really beginning to fall behind you from your excitement. Suddenly we rounded the corner formed by a huge wall of rock that just seemed to grow from the desert floor to the sky. As we rounded the bend we could hear the low throaty rumble of a waterfall. Once in the secluded canyon the red and ochre walls of the canyon were absolutely breathtaking. You kind of skipped up to the pool at the bottom of the waterfall and bent to dip your hand into the water. I was in awe of the natural beauty and the fact that it barely begun to compare to yours. We found a nice area near the pool to sit an rest as we set out the lunch you had packed for us. After we ate we sat there enjoying each other and the cool breeze the waterfall provided. I don't know if I had ever told you that you drive me insane with lust when you get a little sweaty and wet wisps' of your hair stick to your face. I find that so incredibly hot you wouldn't believe it. Anyway with that sweet smile of yours you told me that now it was time to enjoy the water fall. With that you stood up and in one graceful swoop your shirt was off over your head and you were half running to the pool of water. By the time you got there your bra was off and I could see the uninterrupted beauty of the curve of your back. You stop at the edge of the water to make sure I'm behind you and to kick your shoes off. When I catch up to you are lowering your pants and panties. I'm close behind you now and am stripping my clothes off as fast as I can. You turn one last time before you dive in and my breath is taken away by how gorgeous your naked body is against the canyon wall. I will have that image burnt into my memory forever you were so beautiful. I took me a moment to realize that your amazing and unbelievable beauty has actually stunned me. Once I came back to my senses you were swimming slowly across the pool to the waterfall. I rushed in after you. Shocked by the coolness of the water I could feel every nerve in my body tighten. I finally reach you as you climb out onto a water splashed rock rounded into a perfect ledge to sit on. As I lifted myself out of the water I took in as much of you as I could. I don't want to forget any small detail of your body as the cool water had pulled your skin taught. I could see every inch of you and the tiny goose bumps the cold water had brought to your tan skin. Your nipples were as pert and hard as I have ever seen. I just wanted to drink you in. I seated myself on the ledge beside you and brushed you wet hair from your neck as I leaned in to kiss you. Our lips met with a spark between us. I cupped the back of your neck and drew you into a deep soulful kiss as our tongues played in each others mouth. I have never had a kiss as sensual as that. I found it hard to break the kiss so I could kiss that supple neck of yours. As I kissed your neck my hands began to roam all over your body. I gently run my hand up your shapely hip and onto your taught stomach. I can feel every little bump raised by the cool water as if they were tiny sparks jumping to my hand. I hear you breath deeply as my hand cups your perfect breast. I can feel the point of your nipple like a hard eraser on the end of a pencil. My hand moves to your other breast as I lean in to suckle on your nipple. Never have I experience a more sensitive nipple. By now you have leaned back onto your hands behind you so you could look up into the azure sky and arch you chest out to meet my eager mouth and hand.. I concentrate my mouth and tongue to swirling around your nipple without touching it as my hand begins to trail its way down your perfect abdomen. Slowly I trace my finger down you stomach and just glide my hand and fingers over and around your belly button. My mouth never losing contact with your breast. After what seemed like and eternity my hand reaches the top of the thin strip of hair you have just above your pussy. The fluffy roughness of the neatly trimmed hair was a stark contrast to the smoothness of your skin. My finger swirl in your pubic hair as my tongue does the same over your nipple. As my hand zeros in to top of your pussy my lips trap your nipple between them and my tongue swirls quickly over it as I make the first contact with your lips. You inhale sharply at the combined sensations driving your nipple into my mouth and my hand drops to trace a finger around your perfectly shaped lips. I can feel the heat emanating from your hot pussy. My fingers deftly find their way between your lips to get that first soft contact with your now hard clit. I dance my fingers over it like a butterflies wings dance on a flower. I move up to kiss you full on the lips again as I start in all earnestly to drive your pussy wild with my fingers. I dip my middle finger into your wet pussy to lubricate it so I can finger you to orgasm. It's not long before I get you breathing hard and thrusting your hips to match my hands attack on your sex. I can feel the energy of your orgasm build until you cum on my fingers. I slip from the ledge into the cool water, and lift your leg over my head so I'm eye to pussy with you. I feel your hand on my head guiding my mouth to your pussy. I have never tasted such a sweet nectar from anything. I imagine that there is no god that has ever tasted anything as sweet. My tongue traces its way around your lips before I spread them with my fingers so I have unimpeded access to the most perfect clit in creation. I flatten my tongue against you and lap gently at your hard pleasure nub. As I flicker my tongue over you I can feel you hand try to draw my head even further into you. I slip my tongue into your wet velvet walls to get at the tasty treat from inside. You can't help yourself from pulling my mouth to you as you tell me to never stop. You are bucking yourself against my mouth as you give me very detailed instructions on how to use my mouth to get you cumming again. I masterfully follow you directions and bring you to a earth shattering orgasm. As you cry out in pleasure and eagle echoes you from a distance. You slip from the ledge into the water with me so you can kiss me deep and taste yourself on my lips. We hold the kiss for what seems an eternity as we swim our way back to the beach of the pool where we left our blanket stretched in the shade. You lead me out of the water by the hand. And tell me to lie on the blanket. You kneel beside my a bend over to take my raging hard cock between your lips. You take a hand and flip your wet hair over your shoulder so I can watch you make love to my cock with your mouth. Your tongue pierces that sweet sexy smile of yours as it makes initial contact on my cock just under the head. It's like you were born to suck on me. You run your tongue up and down the body of my cock slowly before You part your lips enough to let me slide into your mouth. I wish I could find the words to describe the heaven that is your mouth. Before long you are swallowing me deeply into your mouth. I watch as my dick disappears into your mouth over and over again. Each time more and more disappears. I can hardly keep my eyes open to watch every inch of me disappear into your mouth. I can feel the muscles in the back of your throat grab and stroke my cock. I'm in absolute heaven as you hold your breath and keep me deep in your throat. As much as I want you to continue so I cam cum deep in your mouth, I pull you up and kiss you. It's time to enter you. You swing a leg over mine as we kiss and in one fell swoop my cock is buried deep into your pussy. The heat and moisture between your sugar walls is indescribable. We settle with me buried to the hilt to adjust to each other. You begin to raise your hips and slowly begin to ride me. Before long you are a champion in the saddle and I can feel your juices run down my balls as you continue to fuck me. Oh my god, I have never felt such a wonderful pussy squeeze and caress my hardness. It's like we were made to fit each other like a lock and a key. My hands are wrapped around the fantastic ass of yours as I rise to meet your hips. The universe stops while I'm inside you. There is nothing but the sensation of our union. I gently lift you off of me and lead you to a nearby rock that is perfect for you to bend over and place your hands on it so your ass and pussy open like a rose in bloom before me. I can see your juices as they are still running down your leg. I can't resist and kneel behind you and take a taste of your honey as it drips from its source. My tongue swirls around your pussy as it opens for me in anticipation of my cock sliding in. I take one last swipe at your pussy from clit to bottom, but I don't stop there and I twist my tongue around you swirled sphincter. I can tell that it surprised you, so again I swipe my tongue around that beautiful rosebud of yours. With each pass I can feel the muscle relax. It's almost like your rosebud is trying to catch my tongue as it darts and dives around you anus. As it relaxes to allow the tip of my tongue to slip just inside enough to allow me to poke it in and out really quickly. By the moans I'm hearing you sound as if your are loving the attention your ass is getting. After a few more swipes of my tongue I stand up to enter your from behind. By now all either of us can think of is the pleasure we are getting from my hard cock postponing in and out of your wet pussy. My balls audibly slap at you clit at the bottom of each and every stroke. I'm pounding into you with blistering speed. I drive as deep into you as any man has ever before. I lean up onto your back so I can whisper into your ear. I tell you that I want to feel your cum bathe my cock in its heat. All I et in return is a moan. I stand back up and reach around to run my finger over your clit as I plow into you like a man possessed. You cry out that your are going to cum. I redouble my efforts and I'm driving deep and hard into your pussy. I can imagine your teeth biting into your lower lip as wave after wave of mind blowing orgasms wash over you and my cock. Again I lean into you and ask what you want me to do. Even as lost as I was in the moment I was shocked and so very elated that you told me you wanted me in your ass. Oh, how I have dreamed of the day you'd let me in the most perfect ass I have ever seen. I drive into your pussy deeply and slowly to gather as much lube as I can. As I pull out you turn and see the amazement on my face as I ask if you really want me in your ass. You smile that sexy little smile of yours. And turn me so I'm now sitting on the edge of the rock with my cock reaching for the sky. You turn and tell me to hang on for the ride of my dreams. You reach behind you and spread your cheeks as you back into me. With one hand you grab my straining hard on and guide it into your ass. You pause just a second before the head of my cock slips into your heavenly behind. As we stop so you can adjust to the girth of me right after my head pops past your sphincter, I'm lost in ecstasy as I feel the tightness of the most perfect ass God ever made. I warn you that I won't last long since I've fantasized over this moment ever since I first saw a picture of you. You smile that smile again and lower yourself onto my rigid pole. It's not long before you are sliding up and down on my shaft and we're both moaning in delight. The heat of your ass gripping my cock so very tightly. You are so tight you can't have let many men sample this the ultimate of sexual pleasures. I don't know which is turning you on more, the feeling of my cock filling your ass or the absolute enjoyment that I'm taking in. Somehow we've come to a standing position where you are allowing me to take control of the speed and depth of my strokes. I can feel my balls begin to tighten and my cock swelling with my orgasm. My speed increased until once again my balls are slapping at your clit. As my load works its way from my balls and up my cock I warn you that I'm going to cum. All I hear from you is a throaty moaned "When?". As I slam into you again and out and in again and out and "Now" As I bottom out as deep as I can inside your ass. My jism jets from the head of my cock and deep into your ass. It feels to me as I blasting my cum into harder than any woman has ever made me shoot. Judging by the a****listic cry coming from you, your orgasm was the best of the many today. We fall back onto the rock for support as we both are too weak in the knees to support any weight in the aftermath of our colossal orgasm. Almost panting out of breath you turn your head slightly and we kiss deeply once again, almost as if our souls could touch through this kiss. We rest there leaning against that rock while my cock slowly softens and slips from inside you and we can both feel the trickle of cum run out of you and over my now flaccid penis. You turn again to kiss me full on and I bring a hand up to pull your lips closer into mine. When we break the kiss this time you tell me that it's my turn to surprise you next. Once again that sexy sly little smile dances across your lips and makes the entire world that much more beautiful. As you head back to the pool and swim gracefully over to the waterfall, I think to myself that I hope I can think up something that could even dare to compete with this day. Even after all that we enjoyed about each other, I wish I could be the next drop of water to caress your nakedness. I stand there watching the water fall over the rocks and splash onto your body thinking that I must be the luckiest man alive to have so thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of what is the most heavenly body ever created, yours.

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