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The Villa SeXStoRY

The Villa Chapter One -- The Meeting You hear about these things in the papers, two people meet in a chat room on line and one thing leads to another. But neither of us expected it or even dreamed of it would happen to us. Over the months and years since our first meeting our circumstances changed to the stage where there was nothing stopping us. So that's what we planned, a meeting. A neutral ground was decided best so a vacation was organised. An island in the Atlantic, private villa, secluded, pool, sounded like paradise. Now all we had to do was to make it work. We managed to get flights that would land at about the same time, so our first meeting would be in the airport arrivals area and that's where it all started. I landed first only to find out that her flight had been delayed due to bad weather, luckily only 30 minutes so I organised the car and got rid of my bags. Then it was just the agonising wait. What would happen? Would we even recognise each other and worst of all, would we like each other. It could go so horribly wrong. So with fear in my heart I waited. The flight finally landed and then the longest wait in my life for you to walk through the doors. Would you even be there? Since our last communication two days before I had been out of contact with you. What if it had gone totally wrong? So many 'what if's. But then the doors opened and there you were. Just as I had imagined you. But you just looked straight through me. I know there are a lot of people waiting, but.... Then our eyes met. I mouthed and signed, "Forward slash -- hug". A smile appeared on your face, we moved towards each other and stopped about six feet apart. Nothing, then I see a small tear appear on your cheek. You drop your bags and run into my arms, we just hold each other while the world went on around us. Totally oblivious to us as we were to them. Still no words, we haven't even heard each other's voices, even after all this time. But it doesn't matter, we are together, finally, and it seems as if it is going to be all right. I pick up your bags and lead you out to the car. We get in and then we kiss, our first. Sweet, tender, hesitant. We must move on. Must go. Must get my brain in gear. We leave the airport for the 30 minute drive to the villa, thank god for Google Earth. I have done this journey so many times it's like coming home, but with more hills. We finally talk, just little things about the flight. So long, no sl**p, tired, two weeks to relax. All the usual things when you don't really know what to say. Not wanting to break the spell. Finally we arrive, its just getting dark but we can make out the villa. Stand at the end of a row of villas, obviously built by the same builder but with slight differences. But the main thing we have the best. The views, what we can see of them in the twilight are going to be fantastic. I park, find the key and open up. Between us we manage to get all of our things into the villa before night descends, it happens so quickly it amazes us. Life near the equator I suppose. We spend a little time looking around, checking out the kitchen, lounge, dining room, and halls. Both of us seemingly afraid to go to the bedrooms. But then there it is. Just how I saw it in my minds eye, only better now you are in it. We unpack, putting away things that need putting away. Still not really talking. But understanding each other. After years of talking to each other using type, speech still doesn't seem right. It's late now, the first day has ended, but ended well. I leave the bedroom, start turning the lights out through the villa. I return to the bedroom. You are still standing there, you've turned out all the lights except a small light on the bedside table, just a glow. Makes the place look so warm and inviting. You slowly undress, then I start, when we are both naked we lie on the bed. "Oh god", I think to my self, "what the hell do I do now". I freeze. I needn't have worried, you snuggle up, we just hold each other, a small tear falls from the corner of my eye. I close my eyes with the knowledge that everything will be fine. Chapter 2 – A Bit of A Splash I open my eyes, I'm staring at the ceiling, and it only seems like seconds since I closed them. But there is something wrong. The light, there is light coming in through the window. Not a lot but I can make out everything. Has it all been a dream? Am I home? No, something is different. I hold my breath. Is this real? I listen, breathing, I can definitely hear breathing. With pounding heart I turn my head and there you are, lying next to me, looking beautiful in your sl**p. I smile, and then it hits me. "Christ what happened last night," I think to myself. "Oh god, I fell asl**p. What a way to start. What shall I do? Lie here and wait for you to wake up, wake you up." I just don't know. So I chicken out and, very quietly I get up. I walk through the villa, seeing it for the first time in daylight, a lovely place, everything neat and tidy. Just as promised on the web site. I round the corner to the lounge, ahead of me is the kitchen and to the right are the patio doors leading out to the pool. I decide that outside is where I'll go to wait for you to wake up. Out I go, still naked, and head for the pool. I wander around for a bit, looking at the villa. Sun loungers chairs, table, parasol, everything we need, and the magnificent views. To hell with it, lets get wet. Down the steps into the water, slightly cool after the night, it will soon warm up. I swim around a bit and end up with my back to the side and my arms on the edge. I close my eyes and rest my head on the lip of the pool. It could have been seconds or minutes, I couldn't tell. The hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Someone is watching me. I open my eyes and you are standing on the opposite side of the pool looking down at me, with a sheepish look on your face. Your only clothing is a sarong around your waist. Apart from that completely naked. "I'm so sorry," you begin to say, "I was just so tired, I couldn't keep my eyes open." I smile back "I thought it was me, I don't remember a thing." Your smile widens as you walk to the end of the pool. Undoing the knot in the sarong as you go. You drop it on the floor just as you start down the steps. Entering the water, completely naked, you shiver a little as you enter the water. We meet in the middle; I take your face in my hands, pull you towards me and kiss you, long, deep. Our bodies get closer and closer, trying to merge into one being. You hold me around the waste and seem to pull me even closer. We come up for air and look into each other's face. "Good morning," you say. "A very good morning," I reply. Then we just hug each other, not wanting to break the spell, but someone has different ideas. You pull away a little and glance down. "Hello," you say, "nice to finally meet you." Your hands slide from around my waist, one cupping my balls the other gently encircling my hard cock. My eyes close, my head rolls back and I moan. So long, I've waited so long for that touch, and now, beyond my wildest dreams. I pull you towards me again and kiss you, long, slow. You just keep stroking me. "Stop!" I say, "or there will be an accident, and I don't want that." "Then," you say, "fuck me, here, now." You release my throbbing shaft and put your arms around my neck as I move my arms down. You lever yourself upwards, spreading your legs to go around my waist. My hands go under your thighs for support and we are there. You balanced just above my cock. I start to lower you, down, very slowly down. Contact, a slight resistance, then the head slips inside. I stop. Your eyes close, your head rolls back and I lower you, down, down all the way down my shaft. Filling you until I am all the way in. Exactly at that moment your head snaps forward, eyes wide, mussels tense and you scream "I'm Cumming." Your body shakes and convulses. On and on, slowly slowing to little shudders, then you just cling to me. We stand there, motionless, for what seems like ages. Your breath returns to normal. You pull away slightly and look into my face. You glance around and look at the steps leading down into the water. "Take me over there," you say, "lay me down and do it again. This time I promise to wait for you." I do as you request, slowly moving through the water. My hard cock still deep inside you. We get to the steps and I lay you down, not wanting to release you. You lay back and I kneel between your thighs, slowly moving backwards and forwards. The water lapping over your body with every thrust. Slowly at first then a little quicker. You start moaning as my hands move up your body, stroking your stomach. Around your breasts, gently squeezing them. Feeling the nipples harden in the palm of my hands. Oh god, I'm out of control. My hands slip from your breasts and down to the steps. I lean forward and thrust deeper, faster. "Cum my baby," you say "Cum deep inside me." I explode. My back arches as I try to get even deeper inside you. I see red, my vision fades for a second then I feel your hands on my waist, your nails digging in causing me pain, and I don't care. I look into your lovely face and you are cumming as well, we both spasm together. Holding each other until we both come down from the peak. I collapse on top of you, you hold me. Everything is going to be all right, if we don't kill each other first. Chapter 3 – Those Threads That Bind Us We crawl out of the pool and return to the bedroom, showering; taking far longer that it has a right to, just can't seem to keep my hands off you. The only clothing that seems right are the sarongs'. One each, mine around my waist, yours covering your body from your breasts to your knees, just. We go to the kitchen, for some reason we are both ravenous. Part of the deal was a small stock of food, just enough to get us through the first morning. Problem, they forgot the bread and milk. Never mind, if that is the only problem it will be a small price to pay. I remember passing a small shop when we went through the village the previous night so get dressed and go to by some bits and pieces, leaving you pottering in the kitchen. Drove the 400 yards to the shop. Small but, as it is in places like this, selling just about everything. Picked up what was required and also something for lunch, would go shopping tomorrow. I also picked up a local English speaking paper, just to see what was happening on the island and returned to the villa. We spent the day chatting about just about everything. Just wanting each others company, to hell with the rest of the world. A few dips in the pool, some clowning around, just what lovers do. In the late afternoon we got dressed and decided to have a wander around the village. A beautiful place, white washed walls with the typical green shutters and doors. Small streets just wide enough to get a car down, totally different to the wide roads from your home. Small gift shops, once again selling just about everything. We sight see until early evening and decide to eat in the local restaurant. Then back to the villa. By the time we return it's dark. The night is presently cool after the heat of the day but we decide to stay inside. I have brought out a selection of CD's as the villa comes with a player. You leaf through them and on selecting one put it on. A lovely slow instrumental. We meet in the centre of the lounge; your arms go around my neck and mine around your waist. We move our bodies as one, in time with the music. Just holding each other. "I've waited a long time for this." I say softly, you just murmur and we loose ourselves in time. We both notice at about the same time that the music has stopped. For how long we neither know nor care. You pull away, "Give me ten minutes Lover." you say. Turn and walk down the corridor towards the bedroom. Ten minutes, ten minutes! A long time, an eternity for some. Now, did you mean exactly ten minutes, approximately ten minutes? Oh god decisions, decisions. I wait, time passes, so slowly. Then there it is. I walk slowly down the corridor. At the end is a chair. There is something on it. I stop and look down. Christ, I hope her bags weren't checked. On the chair were several lengths of silk cord and a vibrator. I pick then up and open the door to the bedroom. Your there, lying on the bed. Arms above your head, touching the rails in the headboard. Your body is covered with the sarong. It's so sheer that I can see every wonderful curve of your body. You turn your head towards me and say just one word, "Anything." and smile. I move around the bed, sit on the side and put down the vibrator and all but one of the silk cords. With trembling fingers I tie your wrists to the headboard. Pick up another cord and move down your body. I gently lift up one of your legs and bend it outwards at the knee. Tie another cord just above the knee and secure it to the side of the bed. I move around to the other side and repeat the process. Lastly I fold another cord into four and lay it across your eyes. I stand up and undress. No words, none needed. The sarong is still covering your body as I collect the vibrator and return to your side. I turn it on to the slowest speed and start at your neck, gently caressing your skin. Down, still over the sheer material of the sarong, tracing lazy circles around your breasts. Seeing your nipples harden I move the tip of the vibrator closer and closer. Finally circling your nipples. One at a time, don't want to make them jealous. I continue the downward travel for the vibrator. I lean forward and take one of your nipples in my mouth and suck. A moan escapes from your lips; I move over and suck the other before returning my attention to the vibrator, which is now caressing your inner thighs. I slowly pull the sarong off your body exposing you go my gaze. With your legs so wide your pussy has opened like a flower opens to the sun. Soft, pink and very, very wet. I move the vibrator around your pussy and more gasps escape your lips. I slide it up one inner lip and down the other, causing shudders from your body. You moan when I make contact with the hood over your clit. Around and around, causing it to peak out, swelling in front of my eyes. I lean forward and lick the whole length of your slit finishing on your clit. You thrust up, pushing your pussy into my mouth. I lick and suck at your lips. Wetter and wetter. All the cords are now taught as you strain against your bonds. Then it's back to the vibrator. I slide the first inch into you causing you to scream in pleasure. Then I push, slowly, further and further inside you. Your back arches and you scream in the first of your orgasms. I don't stop, thrusting into you again and again, making you moan and twist against your bonds. You scream again as another orgasm racks your body. You shake your head, the cord lying across your eyes falls from your face and you look at me. "Fuck me, fuck me now." I discard the vibrator and move up your body. Positioning my cock at the entrance to your hot wet entrance. I push forward, all the way in, building up a slow rhythm. Backwards and forwards. You thrusting back up at me. All the time straining at the cords. "Please," you whimper, "Untie me, I want to hold you so much." I reach up and undo your hands, then down to your legs. Your arms and legs instantly wrap themselves around me, holding me tightly. Pulling me further and further into you. I fuck you hard and long. When I withdraw I'm only just inside you then plunging into your depths, again and again. I feel it building inside me, can't stop, don't want to stop. I scream as with one last thrust I come inside you bringing you over the edge again. You cling to me as I shudder uncontrollably, holding me in you, soothing me, waiting for me to stop shaking. Slowly our breathing returns to normal as I slip from you. Not wanting it to end I just hold you, feeling your heartbeat in time with mine I slide to your side and we cuddle. No words are necessary as we drift into a deep, deep sl**p. Chapter 4 -- Up on the Roof I slowly surface. Things are turning. I'm lying on my back. I lift my head and turn it towards you. You're on your side, facing me and up on one elbow, a smile on your face. Your other hand is doing things to me that sends my head reeling. "Lay back and close your eyes," you say, "It's taken me ten minutes to get him hard without waking you so just enjoy." I close my eyes, lay my head down and groan. Feeling your fingers doing wonderful things to me, my toes are now in knots. Then you stop, I feel you moving, getting off the bed, "No peaking." you say. Then I feel your hands on my ankles. Pulling my legs apart, I help. The bed moves as you climb on and move up between my thighs. I feel your hot breath on the underside of my cock, making it throb even more. Then the first touch of your mouth. So soft, so warm, so wonderful. Your tongue licks from the base to the tip, and then I feel your hair on my stomach as you tip your head over the top of my shaft. A wonderful warm feeling as you take the head in your mouth and gently suck. Closing your teeth on the flesh and lightly dragging your mouth up and off. A soft plop as my cock leaves your mouth. Then I feel your hand around my shaft and the other cupping my balls. You pull him away from my stomach and then it happens. Your mouth envelops him, down, down, all the way to the base. My mind reels, I explode deep in your mouth. No warning, just total bliss. You hold me there for what seems like ages, gently sucking the last few drops from me. Now this is what I call milking. I feel you get up from the bed and pad into the bathroom chuckling to yourself. What a way to start the day. I awake to the smell of frying bacon wafting through the villa. I get up and just follow the smell. I see you there; standing at the cooker, back to be. I come up behind you, encircling your waste with my arms and kissing the back of your neck. "Morning, again.", I say. You just push back against me and wiggle your bum. Stirrings below. "Later boy." I think to myself. We eat, dress and enter the big wide world. A day of sightseeing and the dreaded shopping. Returning to the villa mid afternoon. I decide to have a wander back to the village. Saw the village had it's own vineyard and decided to go and get a couple of bottles. I'm back in about 45 minutes, put the white wine in the fridge to chill and look for you. Nothing. I walk through the villa checking every room. Still nothing. I look through the windows out onto the pool area. All the chairs are empty. Where the hell are you. I look out the front of the villa, still no sign. Now I'm beginning to get a bit worried. I walk around the outside of the villa and head towards the pool area and just before rounding the corner I think to myself "Christ, the pool, I never checked the pool." I look around the corner at the pool, it's empty. I breathe a sigh of relief. But still no you. Then I see it, the steps going up to the roof patio. I had forgotten all about that area. I slowly climb the stairs and breath a sigh of relief, your there laying on a double recliner, face down looking at me. "What's up," you say, "You look worried." "Nothing," I reply, "Now." under my breath. "Then come over here, I need someone to put some suntan lotion on my back." I smile, oh what pleasures are given to us mortals. I come over and sit beside your naked body, picking up the lotion bottle and dribbling the contents over your back. I start at your shoulders, smoothing it in. Down your back, around your sides, feeling your breasts as I go, a small giggle from you as I continue down your back. Then on to your lovely bum. Massaging the lotion in. "Mmmm, that's nice." you say. You adjust your position slightly and open your legs, just enough for me to see that wonderful shaven pussy. I stroke it with the tips of my fingers, another giggle and then a moan as I make contact with your clit. I continue down and finish the back of your legs. "Your turn," you say, "Get undressed, that looks uncomfortable." looking at my crotch standing out like a tent pole. I undress and lie down beside you. Now it's my turn for the treatment. Do you have any idea how uncomfortable it is, laying on your front on a hard bed with an erection. You do my back with no teasing. Luckily for me he softens a bit. Then we both just lie there, side by side, enjoying the sun and our company. "Oh," I say, "While I was in the village I bumped into the owner of the restaurant we were at last night. He's an ex pat, moved here from England about fifteen years ago. It's his wife's birthday today and he has invited us to a bar-b-q tonight. Just bring a bottle. So I said yes. Hope you don't mind." "Sounds great." you say. After about half an hour, with our backs tingling we turn over. It's always more interesting applying the lotion to the front of our bodies. I start again. Your face, your neck. Well I think you can imagine the rest. "Right," you, say, "Now it's your turn." You straddle my thighs and start to apply the lotion, carefully avoiding an ever-increasing swelling until all of me is done. Now both of us are ready to just slide off the bed. "You missed a bit," I say. "No I haven't." you reply as you move your body up mine "No need." You descend on me, taking me deep inside you. A low moan escapes your lips. You say, "I've been waiting for that since you first came up here." I reach over for your sarong to cover your back, don't want you to burn. You start to ride me, very slowly, raising and lowering your self. I reach up and cup your breasts, gently squeezing your nipples between my fingers; you lean against my hands and put yours over mind, holding them to you. Your eyes close as little shudders ripple through your body. Bliss, shear bliss. I love to just watch your face, full of emotion. We continue slowly building, Cumming together, holding each other as we come down from another wonderful orgasm. We cuddle and sl**p. Chapter 5 – It's Just A Razor! We pack up and come down to start getting ready for the evenings fun. As we enter the bedroom you stop, turn and face me. A slight frown comes over your face and you say, "I have a bit of a complaint. After this mornings fun I ended up with a hair stuck between my teeth. Now I know you said that you had tried shaving in the past but stopped because you nicked yourself too much, but can I try?" I tried to look shocked, but it doesn't work. "Go on then, but please be careful." So out comes the scissors, shaving foam, razor and towel. Then you start. Within 10 minutes I'm smooth as a baby's bottom, and hard as hell. "Mmmm, nice." you say, with a gentle stroke making him twitch even more. "Now go and get ready and leave me to do what a girl has to do." As usual I'm ready in about 20 minutes so I go and sit by the pool with a glass of wine and watch the sun go down, and wait. I didn't see you come out so you clear your throat. I look around and gulp. You are standing there in the doorway, backlit. The light from inside making your hair shimmer. And as for that dress, wow. Black, silk, just above the knee. Thin straps over your shoulders and the dress touching in all the right places. I can see I'm going to have trouble with you tonight. I gulp again, you twirl, I see how low the back of the dress is and I'm still lost for words. A croke comes out of my throat meaning to be "Wow." but it doesn't do you justice. You just smile and say, "Come on or all the food will be gone, I'm starving." We arrived, and as expected, just about every eye focused on you and that dress. From admiring glances from the men, leers from the boys and frowns from some of the women. I just smiled knowing that it would be me that you would be going home with tonight. The food, as expected, was wonderful. A mixture of Spanish and English with a bit of Italian thrown in. We talk to the owners Carlos and Maria, the birthday girl. Apparently they returned to the Island after moving to the UK in their c***dhood. Later there was dancing, starting with the traditional then onto more modern. Finally what I had been waiting for, the slow stuff. I had been waiting to hold you and that dress all evening and you just nuzzled into me and we were at peace. We said our good nights and by this stage you had made friends with everyone there, nothing more or less than I expected. What a girl, and that's what I adored about you. Then the slow walk back to the villa. The birthday girl had lent you one of her traditional shawls for the walk back, wrapped around your body you look as if you had always been here. We enter the villa, locking up behind us. I take you by the hand and lead you to the bedroom. We stand facing each other, hand in hand. I kiss you gently on the lips and raise my hands to hold your face. Drinking you in and loving every minute spent with you. My hands slide down to your shoulders. Fingers gently lifting the straps, pulling them outwards and letting the dress fall to the floor. I see your reflection in the mirror behind you. You are completely naked. "Ok," I say, "Where are your panties." You giggle and say that you took them off before we started our walk back. I hold you close. You push away, you say "Someone has far too much clothing on." as you unbutton my shirt, slide it off my shoulders and then kneel in front of me. Undoing my belt, unzipping me and pulling my trousers and pants down in one swift movement. My freshly shaven cock springs to attention in front of your face. You smile up at me as you take him in both hands. Gently stroking him, running your nails up and down the shaft. Making me tremble. "Oh god," I say "Come here." as I pick you up and throw you on the bed. I dive on top of you and we roll around laughing together. The laughing dies away and I'm there, lying on top of you, between your legs and your arms around my neck. We kiss again, soft at first, then more and more passionate. I move down your body, my mouth heading towards your pussy. "No," you say "Lie down on your back." I do as you ask. You turn around, climb on top and that beautiful pussy descends on my mouth. Just at the moment my tongue flicks at your clit your mouth takes my swollen head inside. Oh god, the things you do to me. We stay that way for what seems like ages, licking stroking, touching each other. Making each other whimper with pleasure. Closer and closer we come. Knowing that neither of will last much longer I plunge my tongue into your pussy, licking franticly, your juices flow down my throat. I feel you tense as your orgasm approaches. Your mouth sucks hard on my cock and I explode as you shudder to your own climax. We lie there, gasping for air. I turn around and you turn over and push your back into me just as we used to in RLC. My arms go around you, holding you, loving you, never wanting it to end. We sl**p, long and deep, knowing we will awake, here, in each other's arms. Chapter 6 – The things that your fingers can do. The sun comes up heralding another day. We both stir. Bleary eyed over the first few days of the vacation. I lie there thinking have we really done all that in just a couple of days. Made love, so many ways, so many places. You slip out of bed heading for the bathroom. I watch you and say to myself "You'd betta believe it." I lie back and smile. What wonders has the day in store for us? First we have to get out of here; it's maid's day. So we shower, separately, saves time, then dress for the day. A light breakfast and out. Much more of the Island to see. Pushed up hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Island is volcanic. This can be seen all over by the massive vents, now dormant. No actual volcano but if it did erupt half the island would probably disappear. A rugged place to exist. But people still do. Mainly vineyards, the volcanic soil is a perfect medium for growing vines. All over the Island, the plants are huddled down behind volcanic stone walls protecting them from the ever-present wind. But the main breadwinner for the Island is us, tourists. All wanting a piece of the sun. We spend all day out, seeing various towns and villages. Camera snapping, thank god for digital. Returning to the villa via the local supermarcado. Picking up something for supper. Steak for the bar-b-q and lashings of salad. Potatoes for boiling and another couple of bottles of the local wine. I start putting things away as you pad into the bedroom. Then its back to the roof and our favourite sun bed, big enough for two. Another good thing, apart from the views, about the roof terrace is the retractable awning. Just a turn a handle and out it comes. Supported on wires attached to four concrete pillars. As much shade, as you want. We wind it all the way over. Totally covering the bed. I leave you to lie there in the cool as I go and do my manly thing and prepare the bbq and the steaks for later. About 20 minutes later, all is prepared. I make us a couple of long cool drinks, lots of ice and head back to the terrace. Slowly walking up the steps so as not to spill any. I just get my eye level to the same level as the bed and I see your feet, about 12 inches apart, knees bent outwards and your toes curling, I smile to myself. I quietly move further up. Putting the drinks down, I sit on the top step and watch. You are there, one hand teasing a nipple with a finger and thumb; the other tracing lazy figure of eight's around your clit with two fingers. I can see that both of these fingers are wet, as is the rest of your pussy, I know where they have been. Opening then hungrily swallowing the two fingers again, you moan and arch your back as you thrust your fingers in you again and again. I here you, quietly, call my name but stay silent. Just wanting to watch you. The thrill of not knowing if I should be there or not. You now move both hands to your pussy. You open your legs even wider. One hand pulls back the hood over your clit and the other, still wet with your juices, rubs hard. You moan even louder. I can't stand it. I want to come to you and sink my tongue into you but half of me wants to watch. Torn, I must make a decision. What I come up with is totally different. I slip back down the stairs, heading for the bedroom. I run through the volla, into the room. Over to your bedside table. Wrench open the door and pick up the vibrator. I return to the terrace praying you hadn't finished. I needn't have worried. You were now on your front, that beautiful bottom in the air furiously fingering yourself from underneath. No way could you stop me now. I swiftly move forward and, turning on the vibrator, plunge it into your pussy. You scream, thrusting back onto the hard plastic object. Again and again you thrust back. Screaming as wave after wave of orgasm floods over you. You fall forward. Spent, breathing so hard, trying to roll over. I help you and hold you in my arms, comferting you. Rocking back and forth until you calm. You hug me, turning your face up; we kiss, softly, lovingly. After a while you pull away slightly and say, "Did you enjoy watching me touch myself like that?" I'm stuck for words, then "You knew I was there, watching you?" "Yes" you say, "I wanted to know, I wanted to know what you thought. I love doing that when I think of you. Well?" "It was one of the most erotic experiences I have ever had." I tell you. "Mind you," you reply, "when you pushed the vibrator up inside me I was caught so unawares I thought I was going to die." Your hand slips to my waste, fondling my erection. "Come on Lover," you say, "Get undressed and join me, its lovely and cool under this awning." I get up, pass you your drink and get undressed. You look at me. I can see the cogs going round and around in your brain. "What the hell are you thinking now?" I say to myself. I lie down next to you; the smile widens on your face as you sip your drink. "What"? I say. "Nothing" you reply, "oh nothing for you to concern yourself about". I lie back, close my eyes, then you touch me, gently, stroking me back to full erection. I moan, God you're so good at that. I feel you move slightly, sliding down the bed. I smile awaiting what I know is surely coming next. What actually happens is a complete surprise. You wrap your hand around him. And kiss him on the tip. Then, gently at first, you push down. Your mouth opens slightly allowing me to just enter you. Tight. Then a strange sensation. Warm? Well that is what it should be. No cold! No both. The warmth of your lips and ... Christ, ice cube, you have a bl**dy ice cube in your mouth. Brain reels under the contradicting feelings. You take me further into your mouth; I feel the iciness of the ice cube and the warmth of your tongue. Around and around the end the cube goes, slowly melting. My cock jumping all over the place. I don't know weather to laugh or scream. In the end I just moan as your mouth warms and you suck harder and harder. Your hand sliding up and down my shaft. Oh my god, what feelings. Strange but pleasurable, very pleasurable. I approach, so close, so very close. My hips jerk. Its time. My back arches. A low groan is all I can manage as I fire my seed into the back of your throat. You hold me. Twitching, again and again. Slowly coming down. I sink to the bed. Breathing hard. My cock slips from your mouth as you move back up and cuddle. You say just three words "Revenge is sweet". The rest of the afternoon passes quietly, talking, listening to music and the occasional dip in the pool. I make a mental note to get hold of a couple of airbeds for the pool. Then it's man at his most basic, playing with fire. Still, I must say, the steaks were wonderful, finishing a wonderful day. We spend the evening just cuddling up on the couch, listening to music. Then it hits us, we both yawn, wide and deep. Look at each other, giggle, no words needed and pad off to bed. Lying there under a single sheet, your back pressed into my chest. I gently stroke your thigh and you moan slightly, stretching out a leg and hooking it over mine. My fingers move down your stomach and into the warmth of your pussy. Gently stroking you. Lazy circles around your clit. A hand moves over mine and you push my hand further down. Pushing my fingers into your now damp pussy making you moan louder and longer. "I love it when you touch me there." you whisper in my ear. Your body begins to tremble, and then your legs snap closed trapping my fingers inside you as you shudder to a climax. Within seconds your breathing shallows and you are asl**p. Moments later I follow. Chapter 7 – The Secret Cove The bed shook and I came awake with a jolt. "Come on lazy," you whispered in my ear, "I have the whole day mapped out." I lay there, slightly shocked, but with a smile on my face and a massive question mark hanging over me. "What the hell has she planned?" I thought. So up I get, all the usual morning stuff and then it's dressed and out. "Sorry," you say, "First we have to do some shopping." oh well, good things come to those who wait. So it's off to the local supermacardo and stock up with all sorts of food. "Picnic," I think, "But where?" Back we go to the villa and you usher me outside. "Go sit by the pool and read a book or something." As if I brought a book! So I wait, and wait, and wait. Then out you come. All changed, smiling, telling me to go get my swimming things on. Then it's into the car and off we go. Just about to pull out the drive and you say "No, silly, the other way." "But that's a dead end." I tell you, but you just look at me. Ok, your the boss, off we go. 5 minutes later the road runs out. "Ok," I say, "Where too now." "Straight on." you say. So off we go. Just a dirt track, but then widening out into a large flat area, ahead of us the sea. I pull up at the end of a beach, to the left a 150 foot high cliff, to the right a mile of glorious sandy beach. I'm just about to turn right when you stop me and point the other way. Ok, your still the boss, off we go. Within 30 seconds I'm face to face with the cliff. "Park here." you say, and out we get. You start unloading the car and heading down the beach. "But there is nothing here" I think to myself. She obviously knows where she's going but as you walk into the water holding things above your head I begin to wonder. "Oh by the way," you call back "Pick up one of those rocks and bring it with you." "What!" I think, "She's lost it." But I continue to follow, rock in hand. Out into the sea hugging the side of the cliff we go. Up to mid waste. Then you turn left and are gone. I hurry to the point where you disappear, slowed by the water and there you are about 10 feet in front of me. On my left there is a ledge. "Put the rock on there" you instruct. Now nothing would surprise me so I do it. Then I just follow. As we wade along the edge of the cliff I look up marvelling at the size of it, straight up. No other ledges except the one I put the rock on, no hand holds, un-climable. I look back towards you. "She's done it again," I think to myself, "Nowhere in sight." so I hurry forward again and there you are again. A gap has opened up in the cliff about 50 feet wide. Inside you're wading towards a beach. I follow and look around. Amazing, the cove is about 150 feet across, totally circular. Then it hits me; it's a larva tube. Formed during the last eruption, spewing larva out of the earth and into the sea. The side of the tube had collapsed forming the opening. After the eruption the water had rushed in, cooling the rock. Over the centuries sand had washed into the void forming this perfect little beach. I just shake my head in wonder and follow. "How the hell did you know about this place?" I ask. "Maria told me," you say, "Apparently it's a bit of a village secret." "And the rock?" I question. "A sign that The Secret Cove is occupied." you say with a smirk on your face. I'm totally stunned. "What else have you and Maria been discussing?" I think to myself. We lay out the rug and get out the food and drink. What a wonderful spread you have made. Everything perfect. The food, the location and the company. We eat just about everything you brought and after tidying away we lay back and enjoy the sunshine. So peaceful. So wonderful. We decide to explore. Amazing that so few people had found this place. Obvious by the lack of man made objects left behind, that was one other instruction from Maria, what ever you take in, you take out. It was obvious that this had always been done. We wandered around then back to the rug. You lay on your back looking up at me, and I look down at you. I dropped to my knees next to you, lean down and kiss you tenderly on the lips. Your arms come up and curl around my neck, pulling me towards you. Your swim suite is held together by half a dozen little bows. Slowly I tug at each one; as I do this the material falls apart exposing your wonderful body. In less than a minute there is a small pile of material alongside you. My eyes slid down your body, examining every last inch of you. "Now what have I told you about having too much clothing on." you say. I give no answer I just slide out of my shorts and lay beside you. The warmth of the summer's day caresses our bodies as my fingers gently caress your skin. Slowly sliding down your body, brushing over your nipples, they harden even further. Then down over your stomach, down towards your legs, they part, but I don't touch you. A slight moan of disappointment escapes your lips. My hand is otherwise engaged behind me. I slip it into my bag and pull out your vibrator. Then just before I press it to your clit I switch it on. A major groan escapes your lips and this echoes around the cove. Your eyes open wide startled by the echo. You realise what it is, and close your eyes, smile and just enjoy the sensations coursing through your body. After a few minutes of this your hand goes down to mine and you say "Stop, wait." You look around. "Ah! there it is," you say, "Come on." You get up and walk towards a strange shaped bolder. Its about the size of a table and has a flat top that is about three feet across. You dr**e across the top of the rock a towel that you picked up and then lean your back against it. "Another tip from Maria" I think to myself. We put our arms around each other and kiss long and hard. I lift you up and put you down on the edge of the rock, your legs open, inviting me in. I start to kiss your body, first your neck then down to your breasts, sucking at each nipple in turn. You slowly lay back like a human sacrifice on an altar, hands over your head. Further and further I go, down your body. Then my tongue rests on the hood over your clit. I start to flick at it and then up and down your inner lips. I lift your legs, holding them behind your knees, and open you wide. Your pussy opens to me and I plunge my tongue into you as far as I can. Your groans echo off the walls again as you scream for me to fuck you. I stand up, looking down at my sacrifice and plunge into you. Hard and fast, again and again, up to the hilt. My balls slapping at your ass as I fill you again and again. You scream that you are cumming and I increase my speed. Your legs wrap around me as you cum, bouncing up off the rock, forcing me even deeper into you. You collapse, gasping for air. Your legs let go of me and slide down my side. You lift your head and look at me. "I want you, in my mouth, now." I move around to the other side of the rock. Your head is hanging over it and I stand directly in front of you. Your hands come up and grasp my throbbing wet cock and you pull me towards you. Your mouth opens and you feed me into you. You slide your hands around to my ass. I feel your nails dig into my flesh causing me to thrust forward, pushing myself further and further into your mouth. Inch by inch I slide deeper into your mouth and your nails keeping up the pressure. I'm all the way in, so deep, my head swims, knees tremble as I explode down your throat. Thrusting again and again as each tremor wracks my body. I pull back, turn around and slide to the ground. Our heads resting against each other. Both of us gasping for air. It feels like a good five minutes before either of us can move. We help each other up and walk into the water to wash the sweat from our bodies. Then its back to the blanket and collapse in each other's arms. How long we slept I have no idea but the sun had moved on and now the cove was mainly in shadow. We dressed, you cursing under your breath for having to redo all those bows. Pack up, then a quick look round and we head back to the water. I glance at the rock that had given us so much pleasure and wonder how many of the local c***dren had been conceived there. Out through the gap and return the way we came. One last thing to do. When we pass the ledge with the rock on it I pick it up and hurl it into the ocean wondering how many rocks there are out there that have had the same fate. Chapter 8 - Just A Local Girl The morning started in its usual way, the sun came up, and so did I. Lying there, half awake, staring at the ceiling with a throbbing erection. The things you do to me in my sl**p. Lately I have been waking up like this, mainly because you love to cuddle, and hold something. This morning was no exception. You stir, slowly sliding your hand up and down my cock making him twitch. Still half asl**p you look up at me, smile and then down at him. Quick as a flash you move your head down, down, engulfing him in one swift movement. That hot mouth clamping on my throbbing cock. I feel as if I'm sucking all the air out the room as I inhale, I raise my hips thrusting into your mouth. I fall back onto the bed; you let me slip from your mouth. You get up, move towards the bathroom giggling. The things you do to me. But it works; I'm now fully awake. So, this is how the days begin. Then the usual, shower, dress, then breakfast and decide what to do for the day. Maid's day again so we check in the Local Paper I bought earlier in our stay. It's market day in the main town of the Island, so we decide to pay it a visit. A large town but very old. Narrow streets with whitewashed houses and shops. Again the green shutters and doors. Not that we can see much of that for the stalls. Hundreds of them. Selling just about everything imaginable. 'T' Shirts, baseball caps, baskets, tablecloths, carvings, and the list goes on and on. Of course there are the watch stalls. Cheep knock off's; Gucci, Rolex, Tag Hager. You name it, they sell it. And of course we just have to get a matching Rolex each. Just has to be done. We continue to walk around. More and more people come and the place gets really packed. As it's getting near to lunchtime we decide to beat the rush and eat early. That is if you call 1.00pm early. We find a small restaurant and you tell me you have seen something you want to buy so you leave me to get the order and off you go. You return several minutes later with a package under your arm and a smile on your face. When I ask what it is you just tell me I'll have to wait. "Now what's she up to." I ask myself. We are surprised how long we are at the market and it's nearly 5 o'clock before we leave. Mind you it did take us nearly an hour to find the car. No layout like Disney here. Just one dusty field after another, all covered in cars, and they all look the same. Still we get back to the villa ok but feeling pretty wiped and seemed to have picked up most of the dust on the Island at the same time So it's into the shower before having something to eat then a nice quiet night in. Or so I thought, but you have other plans. The shower went as planned and so did the meal it was afterwards that you, once again, had all laid out. You left me to tidy up and put the kitchen to rights while you disappeared. Maybe something to do with that package? I'll just have to wait. I walk into the lounge and sort through the CD's for something to put on when a voice came from behind. "Excuse me Senior, can I take your order". The accent is American with a large chunk of Spanish thrown in. I spin around and there you are, leaning against the pillar. Hair pinned back the way the local girls wear it and in a beautiful white dress. Two piece with a six-inch gap around the middle. The top is one of those off the shoulder pieces. Looked to be made of soft muslin with crocheted edges. The skirt was matching and came to just below the knee. And, finally, simple sling back shoes. The whole outfit sets of your wonderful tan to a tee. My jaw hits the ground and I just stare. I've seen this outfit before, and then I remember. A lot of the local girls were wearing it at the market. So that was what was in the package. I gulp, and then you repeat the question. "Something long and cool would be nice, maybe with something light to eat." I reply. "Please take a seat and I will bring it to you." you say, still in the accent. Then off you go into the kitchen. A couple of minutes later you return with my drink. The chair is pretty low and so is the table so you have to bend over to place the drink on the table, this you do, bending from the waist. Trouble is that your thigh is only inches from my face. I gulp and quick as a flash I have an idea. My hand slides forward and I stroke the back of one of your calves. You stand up quickly, spin around and stare at me saying "Senior! Please, someone might see. I'll bring you the rest of your order." Then off you trot back to the kitchen. I think I'm beginning to get the game. Once again you return, this time with a plate of toreia chips. Same routine but this time my hand slides further up your leg. Up the inside of your thigh, nearly to your pussy. This time you really turn on me, "Senior!" then handing me a folded piece of paper "Your bill." And you walk off around the corner. Now I'm confused. I look down and unfold 'The Bill'. Just one word is written on it 'Follow'. I smile and get up. As I turn the corner I see you, standing in the shadows. Leaning against the arched entranceway just inside the front door. I walk up to you and am just about to speak when you throw your arms around my neck and kiss me full on the lips. I act a little shocked as you release me. I look at you questioningly as you start to speak. "Senior, I have been watching you for days and can't stop thinking about you. I just had to find a way to see you alone." "So," I reply, "Now you have my undivided attention, what can I do for you." Just a two-word reply escapes your lips before you anchor them back to mine "Love me." My hands slide around your back and I pull you to me. Our mouths open and our tongues start to play. I feel you relax against me as we explore each other's bodies. Our hands sliding up and down. I gently caress your naked waste. Then down, squeezing your buttocks with both hands. Inch by inch I slowly gather up the back of your skirt until my fingers come in contact with bare flesh, no panties! My cock twitches in response to this information, I moan and you let out that little giggle that I have come to know and love. My hand moves around between us, still under your skirt and slide effortlessly between your slightly parted legs. I feel your wetness on my fingers as I begin to stroke your clit. Now it's your turn to moan. In all this time your hands have not been idle. One has also moved around between us and is sliding up and down my now throbbing shaft. Then I feel you at my zip. Down it goes and then your hand slides in. Over the top of my pants, down and grasp. "Oh my God." I think to my self, as you pull my cock out the front of my pants. Then you pull away from me slightly and look into my eyes. Smiling your head begins to descend. My fingers slip from your wet pussy as you kneel in front of me. I lean, both hands, against the pillar behind you. Then I close my eyes as I feel your hot breath on him. Blowing gently making him twitch even more. Then slowly, ever so slowly you take me in your mouth. I can here faint sucking sounds as you take him deeper and deeper into you. It only lasts moments before you rise up again. "Fuck me, now." no more sign of the Spanish accent as you put both of your arms around my neck. I lift one leg and then the other. My hands under your bottom, your legs around my waste, I slide into you, pushing you against the pillar. I thrust into you again and again. Deep into your pussy, pushing the breath out of you with each stroke. Your head buried in my neck as you cling to me. I keep up the momentum for a couple of minutes but know I won't be able to last long. I pull you away from the pillar and begin to walk into the living room, still with my cock deep inside you. Then lay you down on the rug. Both of us still fully dressed, I start to pound my cock into you again. Your legs wrapped around my waste holding me inside you. Then a change in position as you push me to one side, we roll over and there you are sitting on top of me. Looking down at me smiling as first you pull your top over your head and then your skirt. Your now completely naked, my cock still buried deep in you as you begin to ride me. My hands holding your breasts, feeling you're nipples, hard, digging into my palms. You lean forward and ride faster, pounding me. So deep, so hot, and so wet. I glance down and watch as my glistening shaft appears between thrusts. So wet. "Sod the trousers." I think as I see a damp patch spread on them. You scream as wave after wave of orgasm flood over you sending me over the top. I cum, squirting deep inside you. Pulling you to me. Holding you as we both come down to earth. Both of us panting for breath. Trying to fill our lungs. Slowing, you just lay there. Then, back with the Spanish accent. "Well Senior, is that the bill paid or my tip?" Chapter 9 -- Two's Company Another beautiful morning dawned and we lay there in each other's arms. We admit to each other, that after the previous weeks activities, we are both a little sore. So decide to have a nice relaxing day by the pool. We have enough food for a couple of breakfasts and a lunch. So will go to Carlos and Maria's restaurant for our evening meal. Shopping can wait for tomorrow. So that's how we spent the day. Just relaxing. Mind you it was difficult to keep my hands off you. Especially with the need for regular reapplications of the sun tan cream. But we managed it. Then on to the evening. We get ready and, of course, you appeared in another one of your dresses. White this time. Almost identical to that first one, you know, that black one. As your tan had developed to a wonderful golden brown so it was accentuated by the white of the dress, and of course, no tan lines to cover up. So it was off to supper, a slow stroll into the village, a wander around the shops and then in to the restaurant. Carlos was there and explained that they were about to have their meal and we were invited to join them. What I didn't realise it was a bit of a f****y affaire. So we were split up as, for some reason all the women wanted to talk to you. You looked so natural across the table, centre of attention. Chatting to all around you. Carlos and me passed a pleasant evening with idle chatter. Just passing time. Me occasionally glancing over at you. Then I noticed that Maria and you seemed to be in deep conversation. Last time I saw anything like that it didn't really register but what followed was the visit to the cove. I wonder what you two are cooking up now? A cave in the hills perhaps? I'm sure I'll find out. The evening ends, the usual pleasantries are exchanged; hand shaking, hugging, and kissing. Then we start our slow walk home. You seem very quiet until you turn to me dropping a bit of a bombshell. "You do realise that Carlos and Maria aren't married don't you?" I look at you puzzled "But their surname is the same, it's over the door of the restaurant." I reply. "Think," you say. My mind goes into overdrive but it just won't click. "They are b*****r and s****r. They were both married in England but their marriages broke up at about the same time their uncle died and left them the restaurant". Then it all became clear. Just light hugs, the occasional peck on the cheek. It was obvious when you thought about it. At this moment I heard footsteps behind us, I turn to see who it is and there is Maria closing on us. "Hello," she says as she catches up to us. "I didn't think I was going to catch you up." "Sorry," I reply, "Have we forgotten something." "Only Me." she says linking her arm in mine. Now I am shell shocked, here I am, walking down a moonlit country road with two wonderful girls, one on each arm heading towards the villa. "Just thought I'd hang out with you two for a time," she continues. "It's such a lovely night, too good to sl**p." I turn my face and look at you. You are looking straight ahead and just smiling. "Oh my God," I think to my self, "Is this really happening? No it can't be." We continue to the villa, arm in arm. When we arrive you enter first saying that you are going to open a bottle of wine and telling us to put some music on. I follow Maria into the living room still unsure of what is going to happen. My doubts are put to rest as she turns on me, wraps her arms around my neck and gives me a long passionate kiss. She breaks away from me, turns and heads for the pile of CD's on the sideboard giggling to herself. "Oh my God," I think to myself, "she even has the same giggle as you." Maria quickly flips through the small collection, selects one and puts it in the player. As I had hoped, it was a slow one, then returns to me, arms snaking around my neck and says, "Dance with me?" I gulp, my arms go around her waist and we start to sway with the music. Our lips touch gently as I hear a cough from behind us as you walk into the room. I go to pull away from her but she wont release me. I look at you as you pass, unsure of your reaction as you put down the tray with the glasses and bottle on it. I needn't have worried. You turn and, walking towards us, say "Room for a third?" All three of us are now moving as one. Arms around each other in a perfect triangle. Then you start; both of you together, mouths go to either side of my neck, gently kissing it. Moving up towards my ears then I feel two wet mouths taking an ear lobe each and gently sucking on it. My eyes roll back in my head and I moan. Then I feel two hands sliding down the front of my body. By this stage my trousers resemble a tent and that is what you both are heading for, reaching him at the same time one hand wraps around the head and the other cups my balls. I turn my head and first kiss you and then Maria. Then you two kiss, soft and gentle. Distracted by this latest move I don't realise that you have managed, between you, to unfasten my trousers and they slide to the floor. I step out of them and then it is complete mayhem. Clothing flying in all directions. Both of you giggling as you pull away and run towards the bedroom, completely naked. I just shake my head and follow like a lamb to the slaughter. I enter the bedroom what seems seconds after you go in but both of you are on the bed laying there on your sides facing each other but with your heads towards me. There is a gap between you just big enough for me. I ask if that is for me and you both smile and beckon me. I crawl up from the foot of the bed and lie between you. "I've definitely died and gone to heaven." I think to myself as both of you snuggle in. My arms around you both and a hand from each of you heading south. Your fingers stroke and caress me making him throb even more then there is that giggle again. Who it comes from I neither know nor care as both of you begin to slide down the bed. I feel your hot breath on him and then it starts. Licking, sucking, fondling, making me moan with every touch. Both of you start to turn around allowing me access to what I am about to find out are two very wet pussies. Two pussies, two hands, a perfect match. I start to stroke both of you, moving my fingers up and down your slits. Sliding my fingers inside and along your inner lips. All this in perfect unison. Then down to your clits. At this stage you have my cock between your mouths and as I first touch your clits your teeth sink into my shaft and rasp from the top to the base sending me into spasms. I feel a hand wrap around the base of my shaft and squeeze tight slowly bringing me back from the edge. Now it's my turn, I slide two fingers into both of you and start to caress your clits with my thumbs. You both push back onto my fingers as I start to finger fuck you. My thumbs rubbing over your clits as my fingers go deep inside you. Now the moans are coming from the other end of the bed. I lie back and smile, no way am I going to stop. The only thing is can I make both of you cum at the same time. As I sense you both building I squeeze you both between fingers and thumb putting pressure in that illusive G-spot. I feel you both tense as I continue to thrust upwards into you. Then two pair of legs clamp together and you both collapse screaming. Your arms wrapped around my thighs hanging on to me as you both shudder to a massive climax. We lie there for several minutes, both of you breathing hard, trying to get your breath back. Slowly you relax and up come two smiling faces. You turn to Maria and say "You are the guest, you first." You both start moving around to change position; I just lie there and wait. She straddles me and, with a softest of touches from her hand, I slide into her. Slowly descending on me all the way to the hilt. She stays still for a couple of seconds and then starts to ride me. You, in the mean time, have moved up my body and straddling my chest start to move upwards. Looking down into my face and smiling as you gently lower your pussy on my mouth. My tongue streaks out and starts to lick at your lips. Up and down, around and around. You rubbing your pussy up and down my mouth. I look up and see Maria's hands cup your breasts and gently pinch your nipples making you moan even more. I continue licking you, letting Maria ride me, not wanting it to end. Now I'm so near and this time nothing is going to stop me. I start to thrust upwards with my hips lifting Maria off the bed. You f***e your pussy even harder down onto my mouth and I sense we are all close. I come first, thrusting even harder upwards bringing Maria over the top and I push my tongue as deep into your pussy as I can and I hear a low groan and feel you start to shudder. We are there, hanging onto each other, totally spent. You both roll off me and snuggle up close. I don't even remember closing my eyes. I climb out of a deep sl**p when I feel someone moving. I open my eyes and Maria is climbing out of bed. She looks at me, puts one of her fingers to her lips, kisses it and transfers the kiss to my lips. She moves towards the bedroom door. I don't even see her go out the door before I'm asl**p again. Chapter 10 – You just relax. I don't think I've ever slept so well as that night. Can't think why. Perhaps they were both vampires and drained all my energy. Don't care; it was one hell of a night. But it's now morning and another day dawning. I look down at you nuzzled in my arms and you are looking up at me, smiling. "Penny for your thoughts." you say. "Oh, I was just wondering if you were trying to kill me," I said and gave you a big hug. "Dare I ask how you arranged that?" "Oh, easy really. Maria told me last night that she had taken a liking to you at her birthday party. She asked me last night all about us and I told her." "Everything." I said. "Everything, well just about," you replied. "But even I wasn't sure how far she wanted to go. Well, not until I came back in the living room and saw you both. But don't take it that I'm going to share you with anybody. That was strictly a one off. Ok." "Understood," I replied "But wow, what a night. I think you enjoyed it as much as I did." No reply, you just squeezed me. So, it was shopping day and after the usual it was off to the shops. We returned about midday ready for a nice relaxing afternoon. Made some lunch, sat out on the veranda and just chilled. A bottle of wine, soft music, perfect company, what more could be asked. Then it was strip off and crash by the pool. Usual trouble, sun tan cream needed to be applied. Dam, I love applying this to you. Ideas start to run through my head and I spend the next hour working out exactly how to do it. I excuse myself and leave you lying on your front with the music quietly playing beside you and go off to organise myself. I return about twenty minutes later, I could have done all I wanted to do in five, but I enjoyed watching you just lying there. I quietly come up behind you and pick up your sarong. You lift your head to look at me and I tell you to close your eyes. I use the sarong as a blindfold. "What the..." you start to say. I reply "Ask no questions and I'll tell you no lies. Come with me, I have a surprise for you." You smile as I help you up and lead you by both hands into the villa. Through the living room, and down the hall to the bedroom. Inside I help you up onto the bed. Kneeling in the centre, facing the headboard. I tell you to bend forward from the waist and don't be afraid I'll hold your shoulders so you wont topple over. Your face and upper body comes to rest on a pile of six pillows that I had prepared earlier. I turn your face to one side, lay it back down and get off the bed. Now the fun begins. I pick up the silk cords that you brought out with you. I bind first one wrist and then the other to the slats on the headboard. Then it's the turn of your ankles. Gently easing your legs apart and tying them to the sides of the bed. Now I have you but first I must ask the question "Remember the first time I used the cords and you said just one word to me. Do you remember what it was?" "Yes" you reply, "it was anything." "Do you really mean it?" I ask. "I trust you with my life, my love. Of course I mean it." I climb onto the bed. Moving up between your legs and sit down. I look down at your pussy, already moist with anticipation and with your legs open like this, open to anything I want to do. I start by sliding a thumb up and down your slit. Pushing it slightly into you. Covering my digit with your juices. Then down to your clit. Slowly circling it, watching it swell as I continue to stroke it. Then back into your pussy to collect more lubrication. I spread it around, all over your inner and outer lips. Then I move up. This time using my fingers I slowly slide my finger across the bridge between your pussy and your anus. Circling the place that I had never touched before. You start to moan, this was a relief, as I still feared rejection. So I push gently at the hole. The tip of my finger goes inside and I feel your mussels clamp onto it. I pull out again and continue to circle. With my other hand I continue to caress your pussy, gently pushing first one then two fingers into you. Then I do it in unison, one in your ass and two in your pussy. Pushing slow and deep. You let out a long moan. I stop for a few seconds waiting for your reaction and all I hear is "Please, don't stop." I continue to finger fuck you with long deep strokes. Listening to you moan makes me more and more excited. I move on to the next stage. I withdraw my finger from your ass, reach down and withdraw your vibrator from under the pillows. I turn it on and start to slide it up and down your soaking slit. Covering the plastic in your juices I move it up to your rear entrance. I push, gently at first, the vibrator into you. It just enters you and stops. So tight. I push a little harder and I hear you gasp. I stop. "No," you say, "Keep going." So I push a little harder and then it slips into you. You let out your breath and I start sliding backwards and forwards. In and out, my fingers in your pussy keeping time. Then for the final stage. I slide my fingers from you. You give a moan of disappointment before I replace them with my throbbing cock. Now I have both your holes filled. This is what I had wanted to do. Now I hold the base of the vibrator to my crotch and start to piston both shafts in and out of you. You turn your face back down to the pillow and scream as I push harder and harder into you. I can see the bonds on your wrists taught as you tense under my onslaught. Again and again I thrust into you. Again and again you scream. Your body is shaking, your back arching as you climax. I just keep going. You lift your head and scream at me to keep going and don't you dare cum. I smile close my eyes and just keep thrusting. The sensations that I feel through you. Not only the heat and softness of your pussy but the vibration through your body from your little toy. Now I know I wont last much longer and at that moment you cum again. Thrusting yourself back hard onto the vibrator and me. Now I know I can't last much longer and begin to push faster and faster. Not wanting these sensations to end but wanting to cum in you. Then it happens. I feel as if someone has grabbed hold of my heart and it was about to burst. I scream, one last thrust and grab hold of your hips. Holding myself deep inside you as I empty my balls deep into you. Then I feel your mussels clamp around me as you cum for the third time. I can't stop shaking. Holding on to you. Uncontrollable jerks as I finish emptying myself into you. I collapse on your back, unable to move. Slowly, very slowly I withdraw. Holding onto the vibrator at the same time I slip from you. I reach forward and undo your bonds. I still don't know how I had the strength. I roll one way and you the other. The pile of pillows separates us both. I start to throw them over my back. You help and get rid of two of them. Then we are there, just looking at each other. Both of us breathing hard. Unable to speak. I hold your hand and look at your wrist; it's red where the cords had been. I stroke the marks gently and look up at you. You smile. Just one word from your lips "Wow". Chapter 11 – Floating on Air The next day we both sl**p in. I have never slept so well as I have since I've been here with you. But this is ridiculous, it's gone 10am. I look down at you and you are still sound asl**p. I decide to give you a bit longer and slowly get out of bed. I wander through the villa. Looking in places that I had not realised existed. Opening cupboards and drawers just to see what is in them. Most are empty but one has a folded air bed and pump. I pull it out and take it out to the pool. A bit long winded to inflate but I have it up in about ten minutes. Then it's into the pool and attempt to get on it. I fall off three times before I manage to get on and stay on. But that's half the fun of these things. I lay back and just enjoy the morning sun drying my body. Then I start daydreaming. Thinking back to when we first met on line. All the fun times we had. Finally meeting up here and all the wonderful things we have done since then. The cords, the vibrator, that dress, the cove, Maria, all blending into one horny daydream. How long I was lying there I don't have a clue but what I do know is that He is awake. Amazing what thoughts can do. Then I nearly have a combined heart attach and fall in. You have managed to get right next to me without me realising. "Started without me have you." You whisper in my ear wrapping your hand around him at the same time. The shock soon wares off as your hand starts to move up and down my shaft. I just lay there, hands behind my head, moaning softly, as you continue to caress me. My head starts to swim as you move down my body, bend over me and take him in your mouth, just the head, and gently suck him. Still moving your hand up and down. I thrust my hips up towards you, pushing deeper into your mouth. You take him and I feel your other hand under the airbed holding my backside up. You run your tongue around the head and then back into that oh so warm mouth. You close your teeth around the base of the head and draw your head upwards. Then back down again. You repeat this again and again. So close, so very close. You sense it and suck even harder, bringing me over the top. I moan out load as I cum, thrusting upwards again and again until I'm completely spent. Then you turn the airbed over. I surface coughing and spluttering. "I'm going to get you for that." I shout at you. "Come and get Me." you reply. I climb out of the pool and chase after you. Around the pool, first one way and then the other. I'm enjoying watching your boobs bounce up and down, and as for that butt... I finally catch up with you and we collapse, laughing, on one of the sun loungers. I've pinned you down with your arms above your head and I straddle your waist. Apart from kicking your legs there is not much you can do. I lower your head to kiss you on the mouth but you turn your head away. "Ok," I think to myself, "If that's the way you want to play it." I lower my head further and take one of your nipples in my mouth and start to suck it. A low moan escapes your lips and I move back up to your face. This time you don't turn away. We kiss long and hard. "That looked fun on the air bed," you say when we come up for air, "Can I have a go?" I just smile, get up, and offer you my hand. Back into the water. This time it is a little easier getting on the bed with me holding it. You lie back and close your eyes. God you look sexy, all wet and slippery. The sun glinting off the water droplets. Only thing missing is the camera. That will have to wait. I lower my head and take the other nipple into my mouth. You moan again. I feel it harden in my mouth, and the more I suck the harder it gets. I feel you move and glance down towards your legs. They are now wide open with your lower legs hanging in the water. I slide my hand up your leg, out of the water, up your inner thigh and cup your pussy; this makes you push up against me. Two of my fingers slip inside of you and you gasp as I push them all the way in. My thumb comes in contact with your clit and you gasp even louder. Now it's my turn for some fun. I release your nipple and pull my, now very wet fingers, from your pussy. A moan of disappointment and you look up. This is replaced with a smile when you see that I am moving around to the bottom. I slide one hand underneath the airbed and lower my face towards your pussy. What a wonderful sight, swollen inner lips, juices dripping from your beautifully shaved slit and that wonderful clit standing erect. I continue to lower, pursing my lips and making contact with your clit. Gently sucking it inside my mouth, this sends you straight to the top and your moaning increases. I stop and release you. Waiting for you to come down a bit before continuing. Then it's the turn of my tongue, lapping up and down those swollen lips, stopping at the top to flick back and forth over your clit before descending again. Watching your body writhe as I continue. Bringing you back to the top, I stop again, not letting you climax. More moaning with disappointment before my fingers start sliding in and out of you. I keep doing this, a cycle of sucking, licking and probing, each time stopping just before you cum. Driving you wild, now your pleading with me to let you cum and so I do, plunging my fingers into you and clamping my lips on your clit. You explode, bucking like a mule, trying to throw a rider, I hang on, continuing to suck and thrust until you plead for me to stop. I finally let your clit slip from my mouth and slide my fingers from you. You roll over, clamping your legs together; I have to move fast to keep your head above water. I hold you as you continue to spasm. Slowly, ever so slowly coming down from that plateau. I lift you up and carry you out of the water, over towards a lounger and lay you down. "Don't ever do that to me again," you say, "I thought I was going to die." I just chuckle, wrap you in a towel and go back inside the villa to start breakfast. We decide to spend the rest of the day just lounging around the pool and what a wonderful day it was. So peaceful. The only sounds come from the local wildlife. A twitter from a bird here, a russell for from some small a****l there and the day is over, all too quickly. We decide to go a little more afield. To the next village. So it's off to the bedroom and get ready. Well, we planned to go out. Not all ideas go the way they are planned. I follow you into the bathroom; you turn on the shower, walk in and start to soap yourself down. I just watch. What a sexy sight, all that lather, soft slippery skin. He's awake. You are facing away from me as I start towards you. I slip my hands around your waste and up to your breasts, cupping them, squeezing them gently. Pulling you back towards me and bringing your bum in contact with my cock. You wiggle it against me and I purr like a kitten. I slide one hand down, down towards your pussy, cupping you, holding you, pulling you back tighter to me. One of your hands moves over mine. Pushing two of my fingers into you. "Please, here now." is all you say and you bend forward, open your legs a little further and with the hand that was covering mine, encircling my cock and guiding it into you. I slide into you alongside my fingers and start to fuck you. Long slow strokes, my fingers now rubbing your clit. You pushing back against me, riding my cock. I thrust slowly, in and out, the water cascading over your back and running down between us. My hands move up, cupping your breasts and I pull you up towards my. Your head bending back towards me I hold you and start thrusting faster. Both of us moan, wanting release. I thrust one more time as I cum deep inside you. You push back, harder and harder as you cum. Both of us slide down to the floor. You turn and we clutch at each other trying to get our breath back. Heart rates slowing as we slowly recover still being showered by the rain like water flow. We just hold each other. When we finally manage to get ourselves back to the bedroom any thought of going out to eat had gone. We dry each other. Gently wiping the droplets of water from each other's bodies caressing each other. "How many more times will I be able to do this." I think to myself. We lay down on the top of the sheets, you in my arms. I know the end is coming but I must stay firm, mustn't show emotion. Not now. Still a couple of days left to enjoy ourselves. Want to make the most of it. Got to make the most of it. The day for tears will come, but not yet. Please God, help me to be strong. Chapter 12 – So little time The next few days just disappeared as if they didn't exist. No matter what we did time flew bye. We even tried to recreate some of the things we had already done. Even a visit to the Secret Cove. But when we got to the place where we left the car last time there was already a car there. I went down to check the shelf and there was a rock on it. It was as if something was telling us our time was up. Neither of us wanted our time here to end. If we could just stay, but we knew that wasn't going to happen. Even making love wasn't the same. We both wanted to please each other so much it seemed to have the reverse effect, we were both trying too hard. We had to get our mind set out of this rut. Problem was we were running out of time, fast. Then it was over; our last full day was here. We must do something and I had an idea. "I would like to take you out and buy you something." I say. A questioning look from your face. "Something for you to wear, tonight." I continue. Still the puzzled look. "Ok," I say. "I've had a thought. This is our last full day here and I want us to go out with a bang, not a whimper. So I'm taking you out to buy you a dress, we are going to get some food, something nice, and a bottle of Champagne and tonight we are going to celebrate this holiday. Ok?" The smile I've come to know and love returns to your face. So out we go. Into the biggest town on the island, we park up and head for the main shops. The whole area had been pedestrianised. Just more room for people and there were a lot of them. One shop after another we walk past. Selling all kinds of wears. Then, there it was in front of us. A glass plated temple to everything a lady would want to wear. So in we go. Walking up and down the isles. You in the lead, me just following. We enter an area set aside to eveningwear. You turn to me, look me in the eye and say, "How much can I spend." I glance around at some of the price tags and give you an amount. You tell me to get lossed for half an hour and in you go. The thirty minutes turns into fourty five, then sixty. A sales assistant approaches me and tells me you are ready. I come in, credit card in hand to see you waiting with a couple of bags and a big smile on your face, the biggest I've seen for a couple of days. Amazing what a bit of retail therapy will do. "Not too bad." I think to my self, you only went over the top by a little and there is no way I could refuse. So off we go. We stop you outside a jewellery store and look in. You point at the necklasses. "I think that will go with the dress." I go to get my wallet out and you stop me, shaking your head, you lead me inside telling me I have spent too much already and you will pay for it. Whilst you are looking at the pendants I glance around the shop. All sorts of items, my eyes fall on a tray of rings. All gold wedding bands. You see me looking at them and pull me away. I think you know what I'm imagining. So it's out of the shop. We spend a wonderful couple of hours just wandering, window-shopping. It's amazing how many shops can be crammed into such a small area. Small streets, sometimes so small no modern day car can get down them. And nearly all for the tourist. Occasionally a real local shop, selling pots and pans, or a bakery. One we stop at and buy a pastry each. We eat them as we continue to explore. Then it's time, all shopped out. The shops start to close for the afternoon siesta. But some stay open. For us it's time to leave and head home. On the way we stop for some food for our evening meal, and of course that bottle of Champagne. We decide that whatever food we get must be able to be prepared in advance so we don't spend half the evening cooking. So we decided on local prawns in a seafood sauce on a bed of lettuce, beef stroganoff and rice, then strawberries and cream for desert. Simple but special. Then its back to the villa and prepare. A slow meandering ride back, not wanting the day to end we finally arrive at about 5pm. Unload our purchases and start to prepare the evening meal. Once that is finished it is time for us to prepare. We slowly walk to the bedroom hand in hand. When inside we undress ourselves and go into the bathroom, you turn on the shower, enter, and I follow. I start to soap you down, not wanting to miss any part of you, and I don't. I wash your hair, smelling the fragrance of the shampoo, rinse and then it's the conditioner and rinse again. Then down, soaping a large sponge, soap bubbles cascades down your body, I slowly caress, first your back, then, around to your front. Gently caressing your breasts, watching as your nipples harden. I hear you moan and I look up and see your eyes are closed. You put your hands on my shoulders as I continue the downward march. I kneel in front of you, continuing to soap you down. Across your stomach and around your back. Then back to your front. You know where I'm going next and you open your stance to allow me in. More soap, then I slide the sponge between your legs, pushing up slightly, making contact with that lovely shaven pussy that has given me so much pleasure. Wanting so much to return it all, and more. Backwards and forwards I move the sponge, bubbles everywhere. You move the direction of the spray head so the water cascades down your front, washing the soap away. Then I see it, your clit poking out, I just couldn't resist, and I lean forward and run my tongue over it. I feel you shudder as your nails dig into my shoulders urging me on. I lap at you with my tongue, drop the sponge and slide one hand around your back and the other up between your legs. Further and further up it travels, all the time my tongue working on your clit. My fingers now reach their goal. I don't stop as I slide two fingers straight up inside you. Your nails dig in even harder as I thrust up burying my fingers deep inside you. Thrusting again and again and with each thrust those nails dig in. I want you to cum so much, then it happens. I feel you tense, push against me and shudder. You scream and continue to shudder as you cum. Your arms encircle my head and you try to pull me inside you, forcing my tongue hard against your clit. Your legs start to buckle and I just manage to stop you collapsing on the floor. You shudder again and again. I just hold you as you slowly come back to earth. I stand up, your arms around my neck, mine around your waste, and him, well he's managed to slide between your legs. You lay your head on my chest and we just stand there for a couple of minutes, the water falling over our bodies, just wanting to be together. Then I feel you move away, look down as my erection slides from between your legs. You look up and into my eyes, a broad smile appears on your face. "Oh my god." I think to my self and I know what is coming. You turn me around and start with my hair, washing and then conditioning it, all this time my hands are behind my back, stroking and teasing you. So much so that you have to slap my hands away so you can concentrate. You turn me back around, bend over and retrieve the sponge from the floor. Then pour on more shower gel; give it a squeeze under the spray to get more bubbles to form. Then you start, my chest, my arms, around my back and then, down. I feel one of your hands cup my balls as the other, with the sponge, presses down on the head covering the whole of my cock in suds. My eyes roll back in my head and I have to put my arms out and lean against the wall to stop myself falling over. You wrap the sponge around my shaft and commence to 'clean' me. Oh my god, if this is cleaning, please never stop. Now I start to groan. The feelings are truly amazing, one hand gently squeezing my balls and the other with the sponge, well, use your imagination. At this rate I'm going to explode in seconds. Luckily you stop, I think you realise exactly what your doing. Then you move the showerhead and begin to rinse the subs from my body. I still can't let go of the wall, either I will fall over or it will. Not sure which. I open my eyes to see your head disappearing downwards. I smile and close my eyes again. Then I feel you. Hot, wet, and oh so wonderful. You take just the head in your mouth and start to suck me. Both your hands are still engaged in their task, one cupping the other stroking, the sponge now forgotten. My mind begins to reel. My hips begin to move back and forth. Both your hands slip from my cock and I feel them move around to my backside. Your nails press home, I thrust forward, your head doesn't move. I slide deeper and deeper into your warm, wet mouth. Oh my god, all I see is red in the back of my eyelids as I explode in your mouth. The a****l instinct in me takes over as I thrust again and again into you. Shooting again and again, emptying myself into you. My legs begin to buckle but you help support me as you continue to suck every last drop from me. My hands are now tight fists against the wall, one last spasm and its over. You let me slip from your mouth and you stand up again. I open my eyes and am greeted by your lovely face smiling at me. "Now," you say, "Get out of here and let me finish." I walk into the bedroom towelling myself dry. Still with a massive erection. The things you do to me. Chapter 13 - Our last supper. After leaving you in the bathroom I finish drying myself and dress. I leave the bedroom and finish preparing for our evening meal. We managed to find a few candles whilst we were shopping, two tall red ones. I put these in a couple of candle sticks and place on the table and light. We also have half a dozen others that I place around the room and also light. Its just getting dark now and no other lighting is necessary. I lay the rest of the table and select some soft music; it is now ready for us. Just one thing missing, you. I can hear the hair dryer running so I pour myself a glass of wine and walk out into the evening air. Peaceful and quiet. Just the sound of nature winding down for the day. I sit at the table, take a sip of the wine and put the glass down. This is where I should just sit back and relax. I sit back all right, but relax, no. My mind starts thinking of all we have done, not only here but also before we met in person. Going back all that time, right to our first meeting. I find that there is a tear in my eye and I wipe it away. Too late, the emotions are welling up inside me, I should never have sat down, I should have kept busy. Now I'm going to pay. Emotions building inside me, thoughts of what we have, of our parting tomorrow. Now the lump in the throat. The knot in the stomach. There is only one way this will end. I lean forward and place my head in my hands and the tears begin to fall. I cry like a baby, shoulders shaking, and all the pent up emotions coming out in one flood. Got to stop, can't. I vow this will not end tomorrow. I don't care how much it costs; we will be together again. The sobbing continues no matter how much I try to hold it back, but, eventually, it begins to subside as I become drained. All has gone quiet inside, oh god I must not let you see me like this. I rush inside to the kitchen. Tear off a couple of sheets of kitchen towel, soak them under the tap and hold them to my eyes. I slowly recover, drop the wet towels into the bin and tear off a couple of dry ones, I dry my face and drop them in the bin also. I hear you clear your throat and I spin around. My jaw hits the ground. In front of me about ten feet away is an angle, my angle. This time you have really surpassed your self. Your hair is bundled up, exposing your neck and naked shoulders. And that dress, I gulp. Pure white silk, halter neck with the front plunging to your waste. Nestled between your breasts is the pendant you purchased earlier in the day. Apart from your golden skin and the blue of your eyes it is the only colour on you. The lower part of the dress cascades to the floor, I can just see your bare toes peaking out. The only things missing from the vision in front of me are your wings. I find it very hard not to start crying again but I manage to control myself. I walk towards you, still at a loss for works and you ask "Well?" The only thing I can croak is "Blown away." We meet and I put your arms around you. This is where I find the back is, well, not there. I slide my hands further down. "Christ," I think to myself, "This is even lower than that black one. Immediately things start to happen down below. You feel this and pull away, glance down and say "Well, looks as if it has the right effect. Come on, I'm starving." I pull out your chair to allow you to sit down, then slide it under you, bend down and kiss your shoulder. I can't stop. I move up to your neck and then to your ear lobe, gently sucking it. You moan, now I'm having the right effect. I move away and go and get the first course. We eat and drink, talk and laugh. It's a wonderful meal, perfect in every way. Just the two of us, the way it should be. A wonderful end to a wonderful holiday, something we will both treasure in our hearts forever. But it's over. Well, not quite. The music continues, slow and sexy. I stand and offer you my hand, you take it and I lead you to the centre of the room. I take you in my arms and pull you towards me. We dance, slowly, nearly not moving at all, just wanting to hold each other. My hands caressing your back, the merest touch, feeling your body pushing against mine. Your arms around my neck, fingers running through my hair. It's having the right effect. He is waking up; not that he has really been asl**p. You feel him pushing against you. You pull away slightly and look into my eyes and smile. I know this is going to be a night that we will never forget. I sweep you up in my arms and carry you to the bedroom. You have already prepared it. Just a sheet, a couple of pillows, bedside light. I slowly let your legs slip to the floor, we are there, standing looking at each other, holding hands. I pull you towards me, take your face in my hands and gently kiss you on the lips. Your mouth opens as my tongue slips between your lips seeking out your tongue. They dance around each other, moving from mouth to mouth. Our hands undressing each other until we are completely naked, then I feel your hands, wrapped around my stiff cock, gently stroking it. Teasing it, harder and harder. Oh my god, got to stop you, too much. I pull away and lead you to the bed, laying you down and then laying beside you. My hands begin to caress your body starting at your neck. Gently, gently, sliding my fingers down your body. Touching your breasts, watching your face, I love to watch you. Your eyes close. My fingers brush over one of your nipples, instantly getting hard. Your mouth opens. I lean forward and take the nipple in my mouth, gently sucking, I hear you moan again. My hand is now caressing your other breast. That nipple hardens in my palm. I glance down and one of your hands is between your legs, the other wrapped around my cock, both hands gently caressing their appointed places. I pull back and watch you. God, this is so erotic. I want to replace your hand on your pussy and I also want to watch you. So I do both. My hand covers yours and I push my fingers into you alongside yours. My God you're so wet. Your back arches and I know you are close. I keep pushing our fingers into you. Your other hand is speeding up on my cock. Don't know who is going to cum first. You do, you explode, screaming, clamping your legs together, and trapping our hands. Your other hand squeezes my cock hard stopping me from cumming. Designed? Or just a lucky accident, I neither know nor care. Didn't want to cum yet and I haven't. You lie there gasping for air; I just look down at you smiling. I will never tire of watching you cum. So many emotions, all so wonderful. Your body twitching with aftershocks. My hand still gripped between your legs. Slowly, ever so slowly you return to earth. You open your eyes, look at me, smile, and say. "I don't know how or why you turn me on so much but, please, never, never, stop doing what you are doing to me. Now, your turn." You gently push me over on my back and you take my aching cock in your hand and start to slide your fingers up and down my shaft. It's like an electric shock when you start using your nails. Scraping the whole length, making me jerk and twitch. It's nearly too much, but I think you sense that and stop. My eyes this time are tight shut with pleasure. Then I feel your body move, sliding further down the bed. That wonderful warm feeling envelops him as you take me in your mouth. Gently sucking on him, taking me to new heights. I know I want to last longer but can't, I arch my back and then I feel you grip the base of my shaft, really hard, stopping me again. Slowly I come back down. Your lips still gently sucking my head. You continue doing this for I don't know how long, up and down, again and again. My mind is now total mush. I could be on Planet Vulcan for all I know, or care. Then it happens. I'm there, no squeeze this time, only a descending head. Further and further into your mouth you take me. My hips rise to meet you, and then I'm there. The most mind shattering orgasm I've ever had. I rip at the sheets with my hands, scream at the top of my voice, bounce, shake and cry all at once. How long it lasts I don't know but when I come down my shaft is still buried in your mouth, sucking the last of my energy from me. You definitely are a vampire. I lie there, you let my cock slip from your mouth and come back up to cuddle me. I have you in the crook of my arm. My eyes closed, heart racing, mouth open, gasping for air. Both of your hands are still playing with him. Oh you do that so well. I just lay back and enjoy your attention. After a climax like that I should have softened up by now but you keep him hard. Such a wonderful feeling. I know what is coming next as you begin to shift your body. You lift up and straddle my legs. Still caressing him you move up and then down, guiding him into you, taking him deep inside. Your head falls back and you moan as the last inch slips inside you. No movement, you just sit there, then I feel you, your mussels, squeezing him. The sensations are fantastic. I move my hands up to your breasts, gently cupping then, feeling your nipples pressing into my palms. You lean forward and I help take your weight as you slowly lift your body. Up and up until just the tip of my cock is inside you then slowly down again. Again and again you repeat this, your hands come up to cover mine as your speed increases. The feelings are getting me more and more aroused, but after cumming only a few minutes ago I'm fairly certain I will be able to last a while longer. I lower you down onto my chest and wrap my arms around your back. Now I have you in my control. I bend my knees and, slowly, start to thrust up into you. Holding you to me, watching the expressions on your face, changing with every thrust. Gazing into each other's eyes. I see your eyes begin to water. I pull you close and our lips meet. Mouths opening, tongues entwining, eye closing, becoming one. We stay like this for what seems ages, me slowly thrusting into you. I feel your mussels clamping and releasing around my shaft. Then I feel you stiffen again, another climax is on its way. You start to shake; I continue my movements, wanting you to cum. You shake, your head snaps back and you cry out as your orgasm overcomes you. I can feel your juices trickling down my shaft, oh so wet. Then you slump forward, exhausted. Breathing hard. I stop my movements and just lie there with all the wonderful sensations of your climax above me. You lift up, looking down at me, eyes bright, no more tears. Then that smile of yours, something is up. You stand up, still straddling me, turn around and back down; my cock slips straight back inside you, oh what a wonderful sensation. Then you slowly lower yourself backwards until you are lying on my chest. My legs still slightly bent, yours outside mine. My hands caressing the front of your body, neck, sides, stomach finishing cupping your breasts. Holding them, feeling their warmth and smoothness against my palms. At the same time your hands are sliding down between your legs. You start to caress my shaft as I begin to thrust up into you again. The feeling of your hot wet pussy around my shaft and your fingers sliding up and down it are all too much. I quicken my pace knowing it won't be long now. Your back arches, my cock goes even deeper into you and I'm there, no, we are there. Both of us cumming together, thrusting, stroking, shaking, crying, it's all too much for both of us. We just lie there together; roll sideways and I just hold you. Darkness overcomes us and we sl**p. Chapter 14 – The end? Our last day. The sun comes up, just as it has always done. Bathing the world in its glow. But here nothing can seem to warm us. We both know this is the end of a wonderful vacation. The things we have done and experienced will live in our memories forever. The people remembered, never to be forgotten. Why did this day ever have to come? Why can't we just stay here, together? I'm sure the world won't notice two more people missing. Reality kicks in. Although neither of us has had a good night we realise it had to come and we must go on. Life goes on and there is nothing to say that we won't meet again. Besides it's only 4,000 miles. A mere drop in the ocean. We make a pact; we will meet again, somehow. Quiet and sombre, we pack and load the car. With just one backward glance we drive away. Off to the airport and home. Two very empty homes. Hardly a word is exchanged in the drive away from the villa. Memories flooding back into our minds, all mixed up but all in perfect clarity. Neither of us will forget this. Then, there is the sign for the car returns. In, drop off. All so final. So sad. Then it's up to the departure lounge. The place is pretty full; f****y's waiting, lines forming, all preparing to check in. We head towards our desk. Having to make a long detour because of the length of one of the lines we pass close to some of the shops and nearly fall over a billboard outside a newsagent. We manage to get passed and I glance back. Puzzled? I think what is it? Strange. Then it hits me. It's like being kicked in the chest by a mule. I start to shake; my legs go weak as I slowly slide to the floor. Unable to move, eyes fixed. Then there you are. Kneeling in front of me. Holding my face in your hands. Tears are running down your face and you are shouting at me, but I can here nothing, my mind is numb. I have to make you understand. I reach for my back pocket and start to pull out my wallet. It nearly falls from my shaking hands. I open it, and what seems to me to happen in slow motion, I start to empty the contents on the floor. One item at a time. Bank notes, till receipts, a scrap of paper with a telephone number on. More and more drop to the floor. Then it's empty. My head is screaming at me, this can't happen, not now. I pull open the leather fold and look down inside. Crumpled in the bottom is one last piece of paper. I reach in, take hold, and with fingers hardly able to move I pull it out. The wallet drops to the floor as I hold the paper with both hands, I start to flatten it out, and this is made more difficult due to the fact that you are now shaking me. I pull away from you and flatten it out. It's about the size of the palm of my hand. I examine it and breath out, close my eyes and start to slide further down to the floor. You hold me up, how I don't know; I must be just a dead weight. Then it hits me, you've got to know. I grab your wrist and twist it over, palm up. I must be hurting you. I f***e your fingers open and lay the piece of paper in your hand. Then with one hand I f***e your face around whilst with the other I point a shaking finger at the billboard. You look, puzzled. Then down to your hand. Your face snaps back to the billboard then down again. Your turn. You collapse in my arms. By this time we had a small crowd around us. We could hear whispers. "Lucky sod." "See what he's got." "Now why couldn't that have happened to us?" "What's he going to do with that much?" All the voices melding into one as we both read the billboard again. Euro Lottery. One Winner. Ticket purchased on Island. Number below. And there at the bottom a number. 20,010,875 Euros. Above this a group of six numbers corresponding to the numbers on the ticket in my hand. I keep saying over and over to myself "Over twenty million euros and it's all ours." I had purchased the ticket that first morning when I went out to buy the bread and milk. The only reason I bought it is because the shop had no change, and it was from our money that we set aside for food. I had totally forgotten about the ticket. The only reason I had even thought about it is I had used a couple of birth dates. We both managed to help each other up and just clung to each other, not daring to speak. I break away. Pick up our bags and head for the terminal doors, you follow not sure what to do. Then out, out into the morning air. The blue sky above and in front of us the hills of the Island. I stop, take a deep breath and turn to you. Smiling into that lovely face, streaked with tears and say "I wonder how much they want for The Villa?"

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