Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dungeon Girl's Game Pt.1 SeXStoRY

"I'm having second thoughts," Loren said with a laugh as she crawled towards the bedroom door and a long night of submitting to her roommate's desires. Dungeon Girl tugged playfully on the leash that was connected to the collar around Loren's throat. "Too late for that, baby." Already she was turning the doorknob. "Prepare to have your body violated." She winked, swung open the door and Loren's ordeal began. Everything happened very fast after that; things became kind of a blur for Loren as she felt everyone in the room focus in on the sight of her on her knees. She couldn't help blushing and looked down at the carpet, hoping not to recognize anyone even if they recognized her. She guessed there were at least 6 guys and girls waiting in here. Dungeon Girl tugged on the leash again, making Loren sway a little unsteadily before correcting herself. "Everybody, this is Loren. I own her and I declare Open Season on this slut! Fuck her, throat her, do whatever you like! Who's going first?" A cheer went through the room, a guy stepped forward and took the leash from her roommate/owner and wound her wrists together behind her back with it. Within seconds Loren had a cock in her mouth. "Let's see how this pretty blonde sucks, huh?" he growled as his penis hardened in Loren's warm, wet mouth. He knotted his fingers in her hair and controlled her lips and tongue on his sizable erection. "Let's see how deep your slut's throat is..." Loren moaned around his meat and willed herself not to gag as he worked his way in, going deeper with each thrust. At the halfway mark she began coughing spit and pulling back involuntarily, blinking away tears from the effort. "C'mon baby, you can do better than that," he grunted and pushed her face firmly down his length. "Open up your throat... you can do it..." Loren had no choice but to gag and splutter on him as the head of it poked at the back of her throat. Finally his balls met her chin and her nose pressed into his abdomen... and he held her there ruthlessly. He groaned and fucked her tight, spasming throat while she let out a garbled, degrading noise. His engorged cock didn't leave her mouth for a long time after that. He thrust back and forth while she coughed gobs of saliva all over his pulsing shaft. Her spit bubbled and streamed down his balls, dripped from her lips and chin to paint her breasts and belly. Once her throat opened there was no stopping him; he fucked Loren's mouth like it was a pussy, his balls slapping her chin and spraying spit everywhere. His cock was completely bathed in it, and all Loren could say was "Gluk-gluk-gluk-gluk" as he had his way with her pretty face. Just when his breathing began to change and she sensed he might cum, he pulled out and smothered her gasping mouth with his heavy, dripping scrotum. She kissed it wetly as he wiped his messy shaft across her face. "Yeaahh we make you pretty, Loren..." he panted, dipping his cock back in her throat to get it wet before rubbing it all over her face, "cover your pretty face with your spit..." Loren kept her eyes closed and smiled as his slippery cock rubbed from her cheeks to her forehead, gasping for breath, kissing and licking whatever parts of him she could get at. She felt soaked from all the way down her chest, felt her saliva dripping off her nipples to her thighs. Then the throatfucking began again, and she surrendered to him completely, letting him control her breathing, and managing to breathe even with him filling her mouth. She wasn't embarassed by the degrading noises her throat made as he tunneled and plunged, and didn't even struggle as Dungeon Girl knelt behind her and began inserting anal beads into her puckering ass. "Open your slut's ass," she heard him say as she gurgled helplessly on his cock. "That's where I'm going next!" She looked up at him through her spitty eyelashes, and his dark eyes bored into hers. "I'm going up your ass, Loren. I hope you're ready..." As best as she was able, Loren nodded and sucked him as hard as she could...

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