Thursday, July 18, 2013

me and two bbws SeXStoRY

i was a not sure to share this true story but what the hell I was helping my grandma at her house a couple of day's ago when she had 2 friends over. My grandmas friends named Joyce and Cheryl were fairly fat with huge tits ( Joyce with 36 double h and Cheryl with 34 double h) and pretty big asses. Since it was summer i had shorts on and no shirt at the time so apparently the 2 were watching me closely. They were both about 59 and were single now and lived with each other to help pay rent. When my grandma went inside they asked me to come over to them. When i got there they asked me if i could go over to their place and help them there. I said sure and told my grandma that i would call her when i was on my way back. When i got on their car i must have blacked out because i woke up tied and naked in their house! I was completely shocked and began to panic when Joyce and Cheryl entered the room completely naked. They stood smiling at me and said they always wanted a slave to do the work. Joyce began to suck my now hard dick and Cheryl rubbed her tits in my face. I soon exploded in an orgasm and Joyce laughed and told Cheryl to pick me up. Well Cheryl untied me and pretty much bear hugged me so i couldn't get away. They took me to a room and Cheryl slammed me on the ground and knocked the wind out of me flipped me on my stomach and put on foot on my back. Joyce sat in a chair and told me to suck her toes at first i didn't then Cheryl but bombed me and i began to suck Joyce's toes rapidly. As much as i hate to admit it i kind of like it and for a good 3 minutes i sucked her toes. They told me to refer to them as their mistresses at all time. I simply nodded, then Joyce filled over and told me to suck on her ass. I got on my knees and began to suck it while Cheryl sucked my dick and balls. I soon cummed again and briefly stopped licking Joyce. She didn't like that and shoved me over while Cheryl sat on chest. She yelled next time don't stop you fucking bitch. I soon learned what no to do and do. Cheryl had me lick her pussy for a long 10 minutes while Joyce licked my ass a little. That freaked me out but i said nothing for fear of retaliation. After a long 4 hours of constant pleasing of my mistresses they let me fuck them like crazy. I fucked Joyce's ass and cummed inside it then fucked Cheryl's pussy raw. I called my grandma and said i will be staying all night to keep helping them. I slept with both of them that night. But in the morning i was back to being a slave for about 8 hours. So i do intend to go back for more.

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