Thursday, July 18, 2013

Encounters SeXStoRY

Encounters. “So, Will,” she nonchalantly nods him over to her and, of course, he follows her voice, “I have a surprise for you if you’re free tonight.” She winks at him, waits for a response. He blushes, deep brown eyes examining the floor. He’s shy and submissive, she thinks to herself, I could have a lot of fun with him. He mumbles back, his whispered words almost lost in the wind, “I’ll come by after work...” She runs home to prepare, knowing he’s home at 4:30 and that will come very soon. She knows he’s thinking of her and it makes her smile to imagine how kinky his thoughts are getting. He’s probably got a chub thinking about his ‘surprise’, she thinks, I wonder if he jerks off at work? The thought is followed by an inspiring visual of his strong hands stroking his thick cock in the stall during a break. 4:30 won’t come soon enough. But it comes, and he’s punctual; his knock is light and she can almost sense his anticipation through the door. When she opens it, he sees her like he never has before; she knows from the look on his face that she hasn’t disappointed him yet. Her boots are pointed at the toes and the heels give her six inches of height; the black leather boots rise to the top of her thighs and allow one band of lace from her stockings to show through. She is wearing her corset, laced at the back with criss-crossing ribbon and zipped up the front. Her considerable breasts flow from the top like they long to escape, her cleavage screams out to be caressed. Her curls hang down her shoulders, her eyes beckon to him. “Nice... I like this surprise.” He says it with interest, but like a man who hasn’t had this experience before; he’s trying to downplay his excitement. She can see his bulge growing as she pulls him into the house and closer to her. She smiles a crooked smile – there’s something playful about that smile, something that hints at a lot of pleasure and possibly some pain. She caresses that growing bulge, “This,” she looks down at herself, “is not your surprise; it’s the icing on the cake.” Her smile grows as she watches him thin, and she continues without waiting, “I know there’s something that you want...something that will drive you crazy...” she giggles lightly, squeezes that growing bulge in his pants, “go upstairs, I’ll meet you there.” She can see that he’s heard her, but doesn’t know how to proceed; she spanks his ass hard, and he jumps in surprise. They laugh together, and he starts up the stairs. When she joins him, he sees his surprise: a long, silver package with red and tan stripe, red Du Maurier name written across the top in scrolling letters. She rips the plastic away, shakes out a cigarette and holds it unlit between her fingertips. She walks slowly toward him, boot heels clicking with each step, until she reaches the bed. She crawls slowly up on top of him, squeezing him between her thighs, placing her knees beside either hip. She lifts the cigarette to her mouth, lets it dangle between her lips, “I know this gets you horny, Hon; hope you like what I do with it.” She slams the pack down on his bare chest and lights her smoke. The smile she gives him makes his cock jump beneath her; she can feel his head trying to poke its way between her thighs. It tickles a little and she giggles again, this time with a hint of sadism around the edges. She lets the cigarette dangle as she lights it and inhales deep; she blows her smoke gently in his face. She can see him trying not to show how excited he’s getting; his brow furrows but his eyes twinkle, his cock jumps close to her clit and makes her insides tingle. He tries to take hold of her, move her onto her back, but she won’t let him; she holds his shoulders to the bed, presses herself further into his hips. She inhales deep again, and adds one extra puff before letting the smoke slowly drift from her nose and twirl out of sight. She rotates her hips and spreads her legs a little; she can feel his precum on the inside of her thigh and it makes her want to taste it. Instead, she takes the head of his cock inside her pussy and rubs it gently from her hole to her clit while her cheeks cave on the next inhale. She picks up that silver pack, rubs it along his chest gently, “Are you ready for more of this?” He is without words, simply nods his head enthusiastically. She reaches behind his head and grasps his wrist with the other hand. While he watches her dangle that long smoke from her lips, she cuffs each wrist to immobilize. “Will you hurt me?” He asks, uncertainty in his voice. Her face changes with the question, her eyes deepen their shade of green and her brows draw into each other. Her voice becomes stern, hardly a hint of playful. “I might hurt you, Will; I know that you’ll like it, though.” Her smile is beyond flirtatious; it’s malicious and powerful now. She clenches her cigarette between her teeth, gently slaps each of his cheeks with that silver package. She blows smoke into his face, flicks her ash on his chest and, without warning, starts to back away from him. His face is a mixture of surprise and disappointment as she crawls off of him, but changes to elation as her smoky lips start to clean her juices off the head of his cock. She inhales deep, wraps her lips around his shaft and exhales through her nose. She cups his balls gently at first, then squeezes them a little harder; they react to her touch, tightening in her grip as his cock grows even harder. She takes another deep drag, and chokes on it when his cock reaches the back of her throat. He is jumping and squirming, watching the cigarette get smaller and smaller, wishing she would sit on him again. He tries to move his hands to guide her, forgetting he is helpless. She recognizes the sound of the shackles, whips her head up to see what he’s doing. “You’re not trying to get out, I hope.” She says it with authority, the same tone a patronizing mother would use with a three year old c***d, “Only bad boys try to get out. Do you know what I do to bad boys?” Will shakes his head; he has no idea what she’ll do, and isn’t sure if he wants to know. She drags deep again, deep enough to bring the ember to the filter and burn her lips. She sets it down to put itself out in the ashtray, lifts the silver package again. “Bad boys get spanked. Bare ass spanking until that sexy little ass is purple.” The way she said it left no room for negotiation, “You want that, Will?” He indicated he did not by letting his hands drop back down, “But aren’t you going to fuck me?” “You want me to fuck you? Really?” She says it as if the thought hadn’t really crossed her mind yet, “You really want my wet cunt all over that cock?” She shakes a smoke from the package until one white filter sticks out above all the others; she pulls it out with her teeth and lights it with the butt of the last one. Will shakes his head rapidly, knowing that’s exactly what he wants. “If I fuck you, Will, I want to feel that big load inside me.” She looks sternly into his eyes, “Do you know what happens to you if you don’t give me what I want?” “You’re going to spank me?” “No,” she laughs, “I’m not going to spank you, but I promise you, I won’t stop until I get what I want. Ever had someone tease that head after you’ve come?” He doesn’t know how to respond, and that doesn’t bother her. As she caves in her cheeks, lets her smoke drift between her teeth, and rubs her clit along his head again. Without proper warning, she drills him deep into her, inhaling passionately and rotating her hips. She shoves her nipple into his mouth, commanding him to suck. As her body overtakes his, her cigarette dangles from her lips, smoke fills the room and sounds of ecstasy leave his mouth. She pounds him into her, deep enough to feel him below her stomach, and just as she drags in the last of her cigarette, she feels his powerful cock jerk out a colossal, warm load. She exhales one last time into his face. She giggles, all playfulness back in her expression, as she rotates herself away from him. “That’s a good boy, Will.” She winks at him and steals back her silver package of 100’s, “a very good boy.”

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