Thursday, July 18, 2013

Of Lies, Love, and Lust SeXStoRY

She could feel him, all of him probing deeply inside her. The passion was all but gone, now it was more of satisfying an a****l need in both of them, instead of an act of giving and taking between lovers. He rarely would engage in any type of foreplay, ten years of marriage had changed his disposition. She knew what she needed, and she knew what he needed and she had never strayed from that before. Things were different now. She could feel him quiver a bit with each hard thrust. Almost like a steady beat he pressed himself to her. She looked quickly at him but his eyes where closed. She wondered if he was thinking of someone else while he pressed on with this sex act. It could not be called making love, there was nothing between them anymore. She had found out about the women he would see on his frequent business trips. She only hoped he would wear a condom when he paid these whores to fuck him. Her investigator had followed him and had all the proof she needed. She whispered to him, “roll on your back, I will milk your cock.” He complied quickly, never saying a word and giving only a half hearted kiss. She crawled on top of him, feeling his hard cock and guiding it into her wet vagina. Rhythmically she started to sway back and forth, and up and down on his cock. He moaned slightly, and she know how much he had always liked sex like that. Hoping he would shoot his load soon she kept on working it. She also started thinking about her new lover. He was dark and tall, bulky in the shoulders, a real working man. His business he had always said was her pleasure and he meant it. They had started their affair soon after she had found out about all the prostitutes her husband had been visiting while away on business. As she thought of him she rode her husband faster and harder, he moaned a little more. Her climax was getting close, she could feel a little spot tingle inside and it start to get more intense with every stroke down on his cock. She stopped short of her climax on purpose, this was not something she wished to experience with her husband anymore, only with him, the new object of her desire. She rolled off of his cock, and grabbed it firmly. Stroking it frantically she could feel her husband quiver violently. She squeezed down on his balls just to the edge of pain, he started moaning thunderously. She nearly screamed,”let me see your load, baby. Blow your cream all over me.” With only a few more strokes of his cock near the head, it came fast and hot, his cock shot wildly as she squeezed his balls harder. Deep down she hoped that it hurt on some level. She was always amazed at how much spunk would come out of him when you consider how many whores he would fuck on a business trip. At least he was done, she would clean up for him and they could sl**p. She crawled back into bed, he was already fast asl**p. She faced the wall away from him and only thought about his trip in morning, he would be gone for four days. She smiled to herself and closed her eyes.

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