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Stacy ch. 5 SeXStoRY

Forty minutes after the phone call, my army buddies arrived with both Miranda and Emma in tow. We were soon all out by the pool in our swimming costumes. Miranda looked stunning in her tiny red bikini and Emma was elegant in her more modest black one. "Hey Jack," Miranda said, taking her first plastic glass of beer from Mitch. "How old is Stacy now?" Stacy was a topic of conversation I would have preferred to have avoided around Emma. There was just something about her that made me uneasy; almost as if I was an open book to her. "Eighteen," I said in an off-hand tone of voice, hoping to sound disinterested. "Does she still compete?" Damn. "Yeah, she does. She has a competition sometime in the middle of this week. Wednesday, maybe." Emma was lying on one of our sunloungers and turned her head my way. "She competes? What at?" I didn't know whether not being able to see her eyes behind her dark sunglasses was a good thing or a bad one. "Gymnastics. Stace is pretty good." "Oh? I used to compete in the gymkhana when I was her age." Trying to deflect the conversation into other areas, I plastered on a look of interest. "Really? Did you have your own horse then?" She smiled and it was dazzling, making a warmth spread in my chest. Jeez, she was beautiful! "Actually, I had several. Daddy owns a couple of stud farms and likes to spoil me." Liam perched on the bottom edge of her lounger and nudged her knee, "Tell them what Daddy bought for you this week." She scowled at him. "Stop bragging honey. It's vulgar." He shrugged his shoulders. "How can I be bragging if it is you who got the sports car and it wasn't even your birthday?" "I told you he likes to spoil me. I'm still his little girl to his eyes and he was in a good mood." "Hell," I said, still not being used to just how immensely wealthy Emma's f****y were. "I wish my folks could afford to spoil me like that. What put him in such a good mood?" She used one hand to pull her sunglasses down her nose a little so that she could peer over them and look me directly in the eye. She held my gaze for a moment longer than was comfortable before pushing her sunglasses back up her nose, "I have no idea." "Fuck me!" Cooper hissed, staring past us, so I twisted my head around to see what he was staring slack jawed at. It was like a tide of nubile teenage flesh flowing out of the house. Stacy had said that if my friends were coming over she was inviting hers, but I wasn't expecting this. The noise of their chattering, giggling and laughing was considerable but I barely heard it as the lithe, sylph-like bodies strolled into the sunlight clad in the wispiest bikinis imaginable. Slim legs; firm, toned stomachs; small breasts; flowing hair and pearl white smiles flooded the patio and bunched around the near end of the pool. There were about eight of them, but it was almost impossible to snag my eyes away from all the bare skin to be sure. "This is my dumb-ass b*****r and his friends; ignore them if you can," Stacy chirped over the constant buzz of their talking. The brat looked glorious in her tiny yellow bikini. True, she had almost no womanly curves on her c***d-like body, but she did move with the sensual grace that made her a natural gymnast. Her long blonde ponytail curled over her left shoulder and she squinted in the bright sunshine as she stared defiantly at me. "Can't you and the pep squad do something indoors? We're trying to have an adult party here and could do without a bunch of vapoured k**s," I told her. "We're not k**s," she reminded me. Like I needed that with all the flesh on show! "As for vapoured, I think the word you meant was vapid. However, 'cause they don't print dictionaries with centrefolds and staples, I can understand you getting it wrong." "Fuck off, Stacy." She grinned because it was clear her barbs were getting to me. She really did love to pit her wits against others, and usually won. The bitch. "Your verbal flexibility astounds me as always, Jack, but we have as much right to use the pool as you do; although granted your sweaty gorilla mates do need to wash off more than us." She made a show of pinching her nose and wafting a hand in front of it. "Fine, but don't think you're getting any of our beer," I sulked. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught Cooper in the act of handing a plastic cup full to a very pretty young thing with hair so blonde it was nearly white. "Hey!" He turned to me and shrugged. "I paid my share of the money, One-shot, so if I want to give this cutie some, I will." "Yeah, don't be such a tight ass, Jack," Miranda added. "Don't you start Miranda, 'cause sure as shit you didn't put up any money for the keg." "No," she admitted, "but Mitch did and we share everything, don't we honey?" He looked like he wanted to agree with me, but knew it was best not to put Miranda in a mood if he was hoping to get laid, so nodded. Traitor. "Sod it!" I snapped and stalked over to sit beside Emma. The gymnast team dissolved into girlish giggles, laughter and bubbling chat as they all spoke at once. It didn't help my mood to see how beautiful they all were, with slim, athletic figures that had only just crossed into adulthood. It was like a fantasy come to life. There was a couple of sweet blondes, a girl with raven hair so dark it seemed to be tinted with blue highlights, and even a delicious redhead who had a nose dappled with the cutest freckles imaginable. All this young flesh was barely contained in ribbons that pretended to be bikinis and I had to tear my eyes away. "Let them enjoy themselves, Jack," Emma said, soothingly. "It's not long since we were that young and a beer was the ultimate way to show how grown up we were." "Emmie," Tank-boy chuckled, "One-shot ain't ever grown up." I couldn't help but smile at that. "This, coming from you? Thanks, Liam." I sighed and leant back against the small, three brick high border to one of mom's flowerbeds. "It's just that the beer will not go as far with eight others drinking it." "And that's a problem?" Emma asked, removing her sunglasses with a look of concern. "Huh? No," I replied, a little too quickly. "One-shot gets rather possessive about his beer," Cooper told them, dropping his bulk beside me. "He's an alcoholic." "What?!" I gasped. "No I'm fuckin' not! I just like a drink, that's all. What's wrong with that?" "Nuthin', man, nuthin'!" Cooper hastily said, holding up a placating hand defensively. Not liking the direction of the conversation, I drained my glass and got up to refill it. Stacy's mates were clustered all over the patio, each holding their large plastic glass of beer as if it were gold. I pushed between the redhead and the ash blonde to get to the keg. "Calm down a bit, One-shot," Mitch suggested from nearby. I sagged a little and nodded; I was being unreasonable but it was a common reaction when I crossed paths with the brat and old habits die hard. I twisted the tap and let the beer fill my glass as I shot a sideways glance at Stacy. The brat was ignoring me and chatting to Kimberly who looked amazing in her tiny pale blue string swimsuit. My eyes roamed over her small breasts, not as tiny as Stacy's but still small for a girl her age, and I was sure I could see a nipple between the netting of her bra's cup. That stirred me and I dropped my gaze lower to examine her bikini bottoms. They too were woven with a mesh that allowed the briefest glimpses of the flesh beneath and, like my k** s****r, she also seemed to be completely shaven. It was probably something to do with the skin-tight leotards they wore when they competed that would have looked strange with even a small mat of pussy hair bulging them out. A sweet, bubbly giggle and a snickered laugh to my right made me glance at the redhead and her pal. They were pointing at me and obviously amused. Even as I tracked my eyes to where they pointed, the other girls turned to stare, and everybody saw the beer overflowing my glass and splashing down onto the ground. "Hey, One-shot!" Liam shouted. "Go easy, would ya?" I scowled and flipped off the tap, lifting my glass and sucking some of the frothing nectar to stop it spilling. Kimberly slid to my side. "Hey, Jack," she purred. "Uh, hey," I returned. What was it with this girl that seemed to short circuit my power of speech? I honestly did try to make eye contact, but I missed by at least a foot. She didn't appear to mind, and possibly even stuck her little titties out a bit more for my inspection. "Why do your friends call you One-shot?" There was no way I was going to answer that and for a small second I was relieved when the brat intervened. Yeah, stupid of me, I know. Her voice dripped with venom as she flashed me a beautiful smile while she played to her audience. "Oh, go easy on him, would you? He's already standing up and drinking; if you make him use up brain power to talk as well, he'll fall over." All the girls giggled, but the redhead was in the middle of a gulp of beer and it came blasting out in a spray as she nearly choked with laughter. "Way to go Amber. Very classy," Kim congratulated her. The girl looked mortified and her face pinked up as she smoothed the back of her hand over her lips to brush off the beer. "So?" the sex kitten said, turning her attention back to me. "Why do they call you One-shot?" "Tell 'em Jack, I dare you!" Liam hooted. Kim seemed to take a little pity on my obvious discomfort because she turned to our reed thin joker and folded her arms over her small breasts. "How about we start with why they call you Tank-boy?" "That's easy," Stacy sniped before he could answer. "He has the brain power of a goldfish." To his credit, Liam thought that was as funny as the girls did. Unfortunately, it didn't distract Kim. "So, tell me why," she persisted, batting her eyelids at me as she did so. Before I could even open my mouth, the brat chirped up again. "Are you serious? He still thinks that it's an amazing coincidence that Mom and Dad named him Jack when that is what everybody else calls him too!" "Drop dead!" I fired back amid all the laughing. Stacy just screwed up her face and stuck her tongue out at me. Cooper was the only one who didn't join in; he had be sliced by Stacy's sharp tongue once too often to take pleasure in her doing it to others. Foolishly, he even tried to defend me from her. "Why don't you lay off him?" It was a bit like seeing an accident coming and not being able to do anything about it. She swivelled her gaze around to him and frowned as she looked him up and down, "And why don't you shut up and go back to your hobby of collecting?" "What are you talking about you little git? I don't collect anything!" "Oh, really? In that case, why do you have so many chins?" "Woohooo!" Tank-boy whooped, raising his hand before Stacy. "You got him there, babe! Gimme five!" Stacy grinned from ear to ear and spanked his palm with a loud slap. Coop was nearly purple and idiotically tried to even the score. "What makes you think you're smarter than me? Just because you go to college? I'll have you know I went to college too!" "Really? Who did you get to sign for the package you were delivering?" That did it. I strode forward, grabbed the brat by her shoulder and frog-marched her back over near the house. When we were far enough away from the group for our whispers to be private, I hissed, "Knock if off! What the Hell is wrong with you? Can't you even try to be nice to my pals?" She pouted, "I didn't invite them, you did!" "So?" "So I thought with Mom and Dad out of the way that you and I could have spent the time in better ways than getting pissed!" Ah. That cooled my anger toward her. "We will, Stace, I promise. Behave yourself this afternoon and I'll wrap things up early so that we can do stuff." Her pout was softened by a sheepish shrug. "I thought you were going to make a night of it, so I invited Kim to stay." "Oh. Oh well, I am sure that we can still sneak some alone time together. When she is asl**p, perhaps." "Okay," she grumbled, still not too happy. "Now play nice," I warned, spanking her little butt as we went back to the group. ++++++++++ Gradually the sun travelled across the sky and we got d***k while watching the girls shriek and frolic in the pool. At one point Miranda had Kimberly seated on her shoulders, while Emma had Stacy and the two teenagers were wrestling to see who could overthrow the other. The other girls had divided into pairs also and a huge free-for-all had developed. Teenage girl-flesh glistened in the water as they all thrashed and whooped. Us guys were sat on the flagstones of the patio, our backs against the house wall as we drank and watched the show. I can't speak for them, but mentally I fucked each and every one of those teasing nymphs. Images of gliding my cock into smooth, bare young cunt filled my mind. I daydreamed of reaming the redhead's ass while duelling tongues with Kimberly. "Did Stacy tell Emma that Kimberly was staying the night?" Liam asked me. "Yeah, apparently she is." He groaned and punched me playfully on the upper arm, "Are you gonna fuck her, One-shot?" I did have an image to keep up so I just leered back at him. He whooped and laughed, "I knew it! You dirty dog, you!" There was a shriek from the pool as Stacy and Emma toppled over, eliciting cheers from Kim and Miranda. Slipping a leg over Miranda's head, Kim slid down her body, belly to belly. For a moment, it looked as though the girls were going to kiss each other, then Stacy leapt over to them and sent them all crashing beneath the surface in a huge splash. ++++++++++ Later, when I wandered out of the house after a visit to the bathroom, I found everybody sat in a rough group around one edge of the pool. "Yeah, once," Sophie, the raven-haired cutie mumbled, dropping her gaze as the rest all chuckled and laughed. "What are you doing?" I asked, crossing my legs as I sat on the flagstones beside Emma's sunlounger. "We're playing truth or dare," Stacy laughed, wiping her eyes as she saucily nudged Sophie. "Your turn, Soph." The black-haired teen flicked her eyes about the group and settled on Cooper. "Truth or dare?" Amid jeers and gentle ribbing, Cooper beamed a huge smile at the attention. "Dare." Miranda leant over from her sunlounger and whispered into Sophie's ear, who nodded. "I dare you to moon everybody." "Oh, puh-leeease!" Stacy groaned. "If he's thick skinned enough to show his face, his ass is not gonna be a problem." Cooper scowled, stood up, yanked his shorts down and wiggled his expansive butt in my k** s****r's face. "Kiss this you stroppy cow!" Everybody howled with laughter, causing Stacy to frown. When Coop finally pulled his shorts back up and sat down to chug his beer, she waved a hand at him. "Enough already. Put your pants back on and put your ass away. Oh, you have. That must be your face, sorry." It was petulant and somewhat c***dish, which made me realise just how broad the age gap between me and my little s****r was. I wasn't sure whether I felt ancient, or uncomfortable about how young she really was. "Your turn Cooper," Miranda told him, obviously in charge of this little game. "Okay," he grinned evilly. "Stacy, truth or dare?" She narrowed her eyes at him, sure that he would demand something humiliating if she chose dare, so she said, "Truth." "Are you a virgin?" The shocked intakes of breath from her young teammates reinf***ed the age gap. Personally, I thought it was a mild 'let-off' question, but the reaction of her friends reminded me that for them it was horrendously embarrassing. Stacy's lovely brow wrinkled and her grin dropped from her face. "I meant dare," she said, quickly. "Okay," Coop nodded, looking far too happy. "French kiss er... Amber for a full minute." "Ew! Gross!" the little redhead gasped, wrinkling her face in disgust. If looks could kill, I'm sure Cooper would have been stabbed to death by Stacy's glare. She took a deep breath and then crawled on hands and knees across the circle to Amber. The redhead seemed amazed that Stacy was going to do it, and looked wildly about for support. Finding none, she screwed her eyes up, tilted her head and waited for the kiss in the same way someone waits for a blow they know is about to land. Stacy cast a glance at me and then closed her eyes and began to kiss Amber. "Use your tongue!" Cooper instructed when it was obvious that she wasn't. Amber flinched when Stace made a show of wriggling her tongue into her friend's mouth and swirling it around. "Oh yeah!" Liam growled, watching the two teen girls snogging. "Oh fuck, yeah!" It was a very arousing sight. My k** s****r's long blonde ponytail grazed up and down her bare back in time with the bobs and twists of her head as she turned her face left and right, thrusting her tongue deep into her friend's mouth. The whoops from the guys, and the gasps of utter disbelief from her teammates, got louder when Amber stopped squirming in disgust and very obviously began to return the kiss, meeting Stacy's tongue with her own. I felt a twinge of lust watching this act between my s****r and her semi-reluctant pal because my own lips and tongue remembered how good it felt to have Stacy probing them. When my s****r finally sat back on her haunches, breaking the kiss, she exchanged a telling look with Amber and then blew a raspberry to Coop as she moved back to her place in the circle. "My turn," she said amid a s**tter of applause. "Mitch, truth or dare?" "Truth." "Which girl here do you fancy the most?" He glanced around the young gymnasts, studying each one; Amber, with her lovely red hair and freckles; Kimberly, with a brunette ponytail almost as long as Stacy's; Sophie with her raven hair trimmed into a short page-boy bob; Jennifer with the long ash blonde hair that was nearly white; Lucy, the shy brunette who seemed to try and hide every time someone looked at her; Sara the very posh blonde who insisted we pronounced her name "Sar Ra" and Ronnie, who hated to be called Veronica and had her dyed black hair cut in exactly the same style as Sophie. "Does it have to be just one?" Mitch said, flashing his handsome smile that made the teenagers melt and giggle nervously. Miranda gave him a poke in the ribs with her foot and they exchanged a smouldering look for a moment. I could tell from my time with her that it was not a look of rebuke, but more of a 'go on, you know what to say' type glance. "Sarah," he finally said, looking at the willowy blonde. She blushed as her friends all squealed with delight, but still muttered, "Sara!" Mitch winked at her and she blushed even deeper. "Your turn, Mitchell," Miranda pointed out when he settled back to drink his beer. "Oh. Okay, Emma, truth or dare?" "Truth." "Tell us about the most exciting time you had sex." The gym team howled with delight, but Emma didn't seem to mind. She sat forward as if bringing us all into a deep, dark secret. "It was in the living room at my home, one evening. We had been watching the television with my mother, but she fell asl**p. So, I climbed onto his lap and we did it right there on the sofa, beside her." The whole group burst into shocked gasps and thrilled giggles while Emma just slid a glance over to me before continuing. "It was fantastic! We had to be so quiet and keep the movements impossibly slow so as not to bounce her around. It was the most wonderful orgasm I have ever had, trembling like a leaf, biting down on his shoulder so as not to gasp out when I came. After that, I climbed off and we watched the rest of the film, cuddling until mother woke up." "Wow!" Amber sighed. "Weren't you worried about getting caught by her mother?" she asked Liam. He shrugged with an almost hurt look on his face. "It wasn't with me. Must have been a boyfriend before I came along." "Oh," the little redhead said, obviously sorry to have brought it up. "Well?" Stacy said. "Was your boyfriend scared of being caught?" "Sure, we both were. That was part of the thrill. If mother had found out what we were doing, it would have ruined everything for us and we both would have been in so much trouble." Again, she hit me with a knowing look. "Okay Em, your turn," Miranda said. "Lucy, truth or dare?" The small brunette winced and dropped her head to hide her face behind her hair as she seemed to try to make herself unnoticeable. "Ask her truth, Emma," Stacy said. "There's no way she'll do a dare, she's too chicken and it'll just be a waste of time." The young girl threw Stacy a hurt pout and then set her tiny mouth into a firm line. "Dare." "Are you sure?" Emma asked. With big, wide eyes, the girl nodded even though she looked like sure was the last thing she was. "Okay," Emma smiled, getting a devilish grin on her face. She lifted her hand, unhooked one of her little diamond stud earrings and slid closer to Liam. Reaching down, she pulled his swimming trunks forward and dipped her hand into them before pulling it back out and letting the elastic waist snap back. "Get me back my earring." All the young girls screamed, clapped, and hollered in joy as Lucy paled. Liam cast a questioning eyebrow toward Emma but she just smiled and nodded at him. I felt a huge pang of jealousy at that moment. It wasn't fair that Liam had ended up with someone as wonderful as Emma! "Go on, Rabbit!" Ronnie goaded, using the groups nickname for Lucy. The other girls joined in, clapping and chanting. “Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!" Faced with such peer pressure, the shy girl caved in and crawled across the circle to Liam, careful not to make eye contact with him. He shuffled his legs around so that his trunks were not as bunched up and she could get easier access. It was obvious that Lucy really didn't want to do this, but after making such a show of picking dare she couldn't back out, and so hesitantly reached forward and used one hand to pluck the front of his swimming trunks forward. Holding them open, she slowly dipped her other hand inside, turning her face away and screwing it up as if she were fishing in a jar of spiders. "Careful you don't grab his thing!" Sara squealed in laughter. Even as she spoke, Lucy jerked back as if she had received and electric shock and shrieked, "Arrrgghh! I touched it! I touched it!" All the girls howled, some shouting "Slut!" while others chanted, "Do it again! Do it again!" Finally, urged onward, Lucy reached back inside his swimming costume. Liam had a grin from ear to ear as the teenager fumbled around hunting the tiny earring. "What is it like?" Jennifer asked, moving to peer over Lucy's shoulder. "Hairy and kinda warm," Lucy told her. "It's thick and soft, with a bag with two lumps in it underneath." "Those are his balls, dumb-ass!" Kimberly laughed. "Ew! Gross!" Lucy gasped. We could all see his swimming trunks bulging and moving as her hand dipped and searched around. After a moment, she sat back. "I can't find it!" "Try again," Emma told her. "Hold his cock out of the way." "Yeah, Rabbit, hold his cock outta the way!" one of the girls sniggered. "Yuck!" she pouted, but reached back inside anyway. Liam sighed and it was obvious she had hold of him. "Urgh!" she gasped. "It's moving!" "That's normal, honey," Emma told her. "He's just getting hard, that's all. Don't worry about it and find my earring." "Okay," the girl winced, looking dubious but proceeding. Liam seemed like he was in heaven as she kept searching for a few more minutes before she gave up and sat back again. "It's not there!" "Isn't it?" Emma chuckled. She opened her hand and the little diamond stud was still in her palm. "Oh, you're right! Silly me." The whole group descended into gales of laughter and Lucy sprang away from Liam to return to her original seat like a scalded cat. Emma leant over to Liam and whispered, "Enjoy your treat, honey?" He reached up and dragged her head down for a kiss. Lucy tapped Kimberly on the shoulder. "Truth or dare, Kimmy?" The little treasure glanced from Liam to me and fixed her gaze on my swimming trunks. "Dare," she said, blatantly hoping for something similar to what Lucy had just done. "I dare you to stand up, take your bikini off and run all the way around the swimming pool," Lucy said with a look of triumph on her face. "What?! No way!" "Chicken!" Lucy taunted. The other girls joined in and began to make 'buck-buck-buck' noises. I felt I should say something to help her but I also desperately wanted to see her naked, so I kept quiet. Kim finally gave in and stood up, causing the jeers to turn to applause. Her face was scarlet but she seemed to find a way to make what she was about to do easier for herself - she kept her eyes fastened on me! Reaching behind her back, she untied the string tethers and let her top drop free. "Yeah!" Liam growled as her small, firm, perfect tits were revealed. Cooper whooped and clapped, licking his lips as he did so. "Go Kimmy!" Sophie called. "That's K to the I to the M to the M Y! Go Kimmy! Go... go... go Kimmy!" Her eyes boring into mine, she watched me swallow as I let my gaze roam over her wonderful breasts. Fucking hell she was fine! The pert little mounds were high on her narrow chest, sitting like little apples above the pattern of her ribs. I was surprised to see that her nipples were puckered up and very hard. She paused to allow me a long, long look and I felt a stirring of my cock as I dreamed of sucking in one of those tiny buds and giving it a good tonguing. With a nervous little smile, she hooked her thumbs into the string ties on the side of her bikini bottoms and dragged them down. Mitch was sat almost directly behind her and so he got a wonderful view of her ass and pussy as she stepped out of the swimsuit before straightening. Then it was me who got the best view. And what a view it was! Her flat belly descended in a gentle slope down to her bare, smooth pussy. Her shaven slit was small and her lips were pressed together, giving just a glimpse of the pink slit between. I expected her to take off running instantly, but she didn't. Instead, she coyly put her hands behind her back and stood there, nibbling at her lip as she watched my reaction. "Wooooo Kim!" the girls chanted. When my gaze finally lifted so that our eyes met, she batted hers slowly, seductively. I gave her a huge grin, nodding my definite approval. It caused her to break into a lovely smile before giggling and racing around the edge of the pool. She sprinted past the diving board, arms outstretched, shrieking, "Yeeeehaw!" as she went. The roars of laughter and shrieks of amazement got deafening! When she made it back to us, she cupped a hand over her breasts and spread her fingers over her pussy to hide herself, seemingly suddenly modest, but had a look of triumph on her face and her eyes sparkled with delight at all the attention. "You da girl, Kim!" Liam laughed, putting on a deep voice. She snatched up her bikini and turned to face me as she sorted it out and put it on, giving me another show. While she hooked the top around her precious little titties, I drank in the sight of that hairless, small cunt once more. How I ached to fuck her! "You get to choose now," Miranda told her when she wiggled her bottoms back into place. "Jack, truth or dare?" the breathless teen asked me. "Truth," I grinned, swigging at my beer. "Tell my why they call you One-shot." Dammit. "I'd rather not," I told her, glancing sideways at Stacy. She frowned, her barely visible blonde eyebrows knitting together as she narrowed her eyes at me. "I'll tell you," Cooper offered, diverting the attention of the girls. He seemed to love being the focus for so many nubile teenagers and looked like he was holding court. "Jack, Mitch and I were on a twenty-four hour pass off the base," he started. "Where was Liam?" Jennifer asked, then blushed when heads swivelled to her. "He wasn't there; he was out on an exercise with his tank. Anyway, Jack, Mitch and I had been hitting the bars all evening when those two pulled a group of girls..." "A group?!" Jenn asked, astonished. Sophie turned and hissed a "Shhhh!" at her. "Yeah, a group. Four of 'em. Seems that they had a thing for guys with muscles like Mitch and One-shot. After a lot more beer, and some rather intimate dancing, we all ended up in a motel room." He leant forward and grinned at the young gymnasts, "And let me tell you, these girls were hot and ready for anything!" Deliberately pausing to let the idea sink in, Cooper took a long chug of his beer. "They were insatiable! They would screw one of us and then swap over to try the next." He got a dreamy expression on his face, "Fuck it was a good night! So, I got to screw two of the girls, but Mitch and Jack were competing with each other. Mitch worked his way through three of these hot honeys before being too exhausted to continue. I'm not talking about just sticking our dicks in one for a while then moving on. No, we gave each one a long hard pounding before squirting the ol' love soup down their throat." "Urrrgh! Gross!" the teens cringed at Coop's choice of words. "One of these girls was a real goer. Penny, or Polly, somethin' like that." "Poppy," I reminded him, reluctantly. "Oh yeah, Poppy. Well, she was the sort that looked like a choirgirl but fucked like it was going out o' fashion. She rode me to breaking point, then fucked Mitch until he was a breathless heap, too. Jack had just done his third girl and, as usual, wanted to beat Mitch by going one better, so he took her on." He turned and raised his glass to me in a salute of admiration. "He'd already pumped a gallon of cum into each of the others, but he sure likes a challenge does our Jack." "How do... mphf!" Jenn had started to ask something, but Sophie and Ronnie both clapped their hands over her mouth so that she didn't interrupt the story. Stacy was glaring at me; I think she must have believed my version of being given the nickname because of my proficiency with a rifle. "This nympho rode Jack at a gallop," Cooper continued. "She was so wonderfully nasty and let him use every hole she had. Give him his due, Jack really pounded her, but he had done three in a row straight before her. When he came, he pulled out of her ass, stuck his cock on her tongue and grunted like this." He started to play act the scene, miming the motions and making a face while he 'Oooo Ooooed' like a chimp. "Hey!" I spluttered. "I don't do that!" He laughed, "You did that time, buddy." I looked to Mitch for support, but he was smirking behind his glass of beer. "So this hot little honey was expecting a mouthful, but Jack was all dried up. He just managed to squeeze out about a single dollop and then collapsed. Poppy was furious. There she was, half his size, on her knees before him and yelling, "One shot?! One shot?! Is that all I get?" When all the giggling and laughing had died to a lower level, a little voice could be heard. "Did he say that Jack pulled out of her ass? What does that mean? Was he doin' her bow-wow?" She had been whispering, but the lull in the laughter made it audible. Everybody turned to look at Rabbit. Miranda giggled. "Oh, I wish I was still that innocent." "You were never that innocent," Tank-boy quipped, but froze when she glared at him. Miranda turned back to Lucy and Sophie. "Doing her in the ass doesn't me having sex doggy style, sweetie. It means instead of being in her pussy, he was in her butt." "Hunh?" Lucy just didn't seem to understand. "Oh for heaven's sake, Rabbit!" Kim sighed. "His cock was not in her vagina, it was in her anus, her butt, her asshole. Get it?" "But it couldn't be," Lucy said, shaking her head. "I mean, it's such a tiny hole and a guy's thing is far too fat." "Touched one penis and now she's an expert," Stacy chuckled to the others, who giggled back. "That's one more penis than you, Stace," Lucy said, defiantly. My s****r turned to glance at me and then quickly looked away. "So? I've seen them in blue movies." I felt a prickle in the back of my neck and craned my head around to look up at Emma. She was perched on the sunlounger's edge, watching me. "Your butthole expands, doofus," Ronnie told Lucy. "What, enough for something like that?" Miranda gave a bubbly laugh and turned back to Tank-boy. "Gee, Liam, what the hell are you packing to give her such an impressive outlook?" "Do guys like putting it up there?" Lucy persisted. "Not all, no, but a fair few, sugar," Miranda explained, settling into her tutoring role. "Each guy is different and they all have their own kink. You just gotta find out what it is. Satisfy it and the guy is yours for as long as you want him. Fuck a guy right and he'll never stray." She seemed to hear her own words and so scowled at me. "Usually," she added. "So every boy has something like that?" Amber asked. The beautiful little redhead had been so quiet she had slipped my notice for a while. I couldn't look at her without getting an 'ah' feeling - her freckles and red curls were impossibly cute! Miranda nodded. "Yeah. Some like big tits, some like long legs, some like sexual kinks." "Sexual kinks? Like what?" "Varies. Anything from getting his cock sucked to being like Jack here." That got Stacy's attention. "What do you mean?" "Your b*****r has a definite weakness, Stacy. He can't get enough ass. He loves it and if his current squeeze doesn't let him do it, he goes looking for one who will." Again her eyes narrowed at me, "Even if it's her s****r." "I thought you and I were alright about that?" I asked. She sighed. "We are, I suppose. Can't deny me my right to have a dig now and then though, can you?" "I suppose not," I admitted, gulping down some more beer. "If Jack likes to put his whatsit you know where, what is your boyfriend's special thing?" Sophie asked her. "Oh, he likes a girl who swallows," she grinned. That made them a perfect match because Miranda really liked cum in her mouth. Really liked it. "EW!" Amber giggled, wrinkling her nose in disgust. "You mean you let him todger sneeze in your mouth? Yuck!" Emma and Miranda exchange a smile. "Ah, to be young and pure again." "What is Liam's thing?" "Me," said Emma with a smile, ruffling his hair. "Okay, and Cooper's?" "Hamburgers!" Tank-boy yelled. "Anyway, we got sidetracked," Miranda said, pleasantly changing the subject before Cooper lost his sense of humour. "It was Jack's truth or dare." "Seeing as how Cooper took great delight in using my turn to tell you my secrets, I suppose he can take it now, too." "Thanks man," he said, not getting my jibe. He turned to Stacy and said, "Truth or dare?" "You've picked on me once already, you big, dumb ox." "I know. So?" She rolled her eyes exaggeratedly and sighed as if she was humouring a c***d. "Dare." "Straddle Mitch's lap and snog his face off." "You have a real thing for watching me kiss people, don't you?" she pointed out. He grinned and shrugged so she wrinkled her face in disgust. "Urgh. The whale gets his jollies from perving on me. I think I'm going to chuck." "Go on Stace," Sara encouraged, giving my s****r a nudge with her elbow. "Mitchell's hot," she added in a hushed tone. "If you think so, Beamer, you do it." I couldn't remember whether Sara got the Beamer nickname because she smiled a lot, or because she was the team's beam specialist. Stacy had mentioned it one time when Sara slept over, but I never did take much notice of what the brat said. Or at least I never used to; not before last Tuesday, anyway. The whole world was different now. Mitch raised his eyebrows invitingly at the young blonde, but she blushed and shook her head. "It'shh your dare, you do it," Ronnie slurred, gesturing with her glass until some beer slopped out. Stacy frowned at her but go up and walked to where Mitchell sat, resting his back against Miranda's legs. She was sat on her sunlounger and now didn't look quite as happy with the game as she had, but she didn't say anything. Stacy stood over Mitch, one leg on either side of his groin before sitting in his lap and grasping hold of her wrist behind his head. She turned for one last look at the group, her eyes lingering on me before twisting back and planting a gentle kiss on him. He gave her a long, deep, hungry open-mouthed tonguing, his hands wandering all over her back as he did so. The teens went wild, yelling and howling in encouragement. I flinched and looked away, a hot pang of jealousy making me want to go over there a slam my fist into his face. The little plastic cup of beer crumpled as my hands tightened into balls, mirroring my thoughts. A gentle hand dropped to rest on my shoulder and patted it comfortingly. I twisted round to stare up at Emma, but she was deliberately looking away. She held my shoulder until a round of applause rippled around the edge of the pool and Stacy got up from Mitch. I felt a fiery pang of hot temper once more when I noticed his trunks looked a little swollen. The bastard wanted to fuck my s****r! I'd put him in hospital before I let him touch her again. "Stacy and Mitchell up a tree, k i s s i n g..." Ronnie sung. "Get stuffed," Stacy laughed, returning to her place in the circle. "Get stuffed yourself, you superior bitch!" Ronnie spat, her anger coming out of nowhere. Stacy was stunned for a second before her face darkened. "What's your c***dhood trauma, Ronnie? Are you just bitter because you fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down, or is it because Sophie won't let you do her?" "You're one to talk, Shtacy. Hands up everybody who has just swapped spit with half the people here. What nobody? Guess it's just you then Stacy." My s****r narrowed her eyes at the raven-haired girl. "I think you've had too much beer Veronica. Your brain cell is clinging desperately to the life raft and doesn't have time to monitor what your mouth is saying." Ronnie blew a raspberry at her. "Phooey! You're just a hypocrite Harrison! You like to get your digs in at me about Sophie, but you didn't seem too bothered about kissing Amber. And don't think we all don't know what you and Kim do, either!" "You shut your mouth and take that back!" "Make me!" In seconds, the two girls were tearing and pulling at one another, rolling over the patio with shrieks and handfuls of hair. Gymnasts spilled left and right to get out of the way as Stacy and Ronnie tried to claw each others eyes out. "Do something, Jack!" Emma gasped. "Why? They'll sort it out in a minute or two." Quick, hot-tempered brawls were commonplace in the barracks and it was usually over faster than it began. It was also a big mistake to get between two friends who were going at it. "Jack!" she complained, pointing at the two tussling teenagers. Her disappointment at me showed on her face and I couldn't stand it so I strode over to the two little wildcats and yanked them apart. "That's enough," I warned. Stacy was seething and struggled wildly to get by me, but even with one hand I had no trouble holding her back. It was a good job because my other hand was gripped onto Ronnie's shoulder and she was thrashing about just as much as the brat. Stacy thumped me over and over as she tried to break free but didn't take her eyes off Ronnie. "I'm gonna rip your hair out by its dyed black roots you freak!" she spat. "Stuck up little cow!" Ronnie shot back, grabbing my wrist and trying unsuccessfully to twist free. "I said that's enough!" I shouted, loud enough to stun Veronica into stillness. Unfortunately it didn't work on the brat though, and the little firebrand hit on a new way to get me to release her - she sunk her teeth into my forearm. "ARGH! You little...!" Responding to the pain, I acted without thought. Releasing Ronnie I brought my other hand around and grabbed hold of the brat's waist. With a heave, I lifted her off her feet and sent her sailing backward into the swimming pool. She shrieked and got a lungful of water as she disappeared beneath the surface in a surprisingly big splash for such a little girl. When she came up coughing and spluttering, her friends were hysterical with laughter at the both of us. I frowned and twisted my arm to study the teeth marks in it as she stood chest deep in the water coughing and snorting the chlorinated fluid from her nose. "That's it," I snapped. "The party's over." ++++++++++ It was nearly midnight and I couldn't get to sl**p so I slipped out of bed in just my boxer shorts and went down to the kitchen. Stacy's door was shut and I hadn't heard a peep out of her and Kimberly for over an hour. While taking the carton of orange juice out of the fridge, I was surprised by the ringing of the telephone in the front room. "Hello?" She had one of those voices that purred and could make a shopping list sound sexy. "Have you calmed down yet?" "Emma?" "Ahuh. You okay?" "Yeah. Why are you calling?" "I thought you might want to talk." "Not really." She didn't speak for a moment and I could hear movement down the line and then a little thud. "Em?" "Yes?" "Oh. I thought you'd gone for a second there." "No. Just getting more comfortable." "How?" "I'm getting ready for bed and dropped the phone when I took my panties off. Just a sec... That's better." It was totally unexpected. Now my mind was assailed by a dozen quick fantasies of what she must look like; was she in a sexy nightie or naked? Was her room refined and classy, or a hark back to girlhood and smothered with teddy bears? "Jack?" she giggled. "Now who's disappeared?" "Sorry. You're at home then?" "Yeah. How is your arm?" I chuckled. "Fine. The brat likes to make and impression, in every sense of the word." "I think she has definitely done that, hasn't she?" Her voice had that hint of knowledge in it and I instantly felt uncomfortable. "It's getting on, Emma. I should go." She sighed. "Okay, Jack. But if you ever need to talk... WHEN you need to talk, I'll listen, okay? Things are not always as bad as they seem." "I gotta go, Emma," I repeated. "How about I pick you up tomorrow and we go out for a bite to eat? I'm going to give Daddy's new toy a spin and see how fast it is. Wanna come?" "Wouldn't you rather it was just you and Tank-boy?" "Liam's not coming, he's busy. I'll pick you up about four?" "Is that such a good idea?" "Jack," she admonished, putting on a schoolmarm tone. "We don't always do what's right, do we? Sometimes we just have to do what feels good at the time and then live with the consequences. Don't you find that?" "Maybe." "I've only known you a couple of days, but I am a very swift judge of character. You and I have so much in common. We both have similar outlooks, similar needs, similar... secrets. I'd like to explore just how similar we are." "Look, Liam's a friend of mine. I won't do anything to change that." Her chuckle was as musical as it was exciting. "I'm not asking you to sl**p with me, you dope. I just think that we could be close friends. Very close. And like I said, we have similar things going on in our lives and sometimes it is good to have someone who knows what that's all about to be able to talk to." I teetered on the edge of asking her outright how she knew about Stacy and I, but I couldn't take the risk that my guilty conscience was misinterpreting what she was talking about. It was possible that she fancied me, and knew I fancied her, and that was the 'secret' she was hinting at. Maybe. "I'm not sure, Emma." I heard a male voice in the background, which she answered, "Ah-huh. I'm just on the phone, Daddy. Jack? I'll call round tomorrow and you can decide then, okay? sl**p tight." "Bye Emma." Now I was confused. Should I go with her? There was no doubt that every male hormone in my body was screaming YES! but it could be dangerous. If I slipped up and told her about how I felt for Stacy and she wasn't on the same wavelength, then things could go very wrong indeed. ++++++++++ Wandering back into the kitchen, I sat down at the table and sipped at the orange juice. "Urgh! Why do men always drink from the carton instead of getting a glass?" A quick glance to the doorway revealed Stacy stood there in her cut-off tee shirt and tiny panties. Damn she was beautiful! Her small body may have been young-girl in nature, lacking the curves a woman of her age usually had, but it radiated allure and sensuality. She leant casually against the jamb, her arms crossed over her flat chest as she looked at me from under the curtain of her blonde fringe. Her attractiveness was Kryptonite to the anger I had at her for her earlier behaviour. As much as I wanted to keep it, I could feel my resistance crumbling already. It was the shine in her baby-blue eyes, or maybe the skimpiness of her pink panties with white elastic edges and a teddy bear motif over her pussy. "Go away," I snarled. As usual, she took no notice of me. "Oh, come on, Jack. You're not really still angry with me, are you?" "Yes." She sighed and shoved herself away from the door, moving toward me with feline grace. "Look, this is silly. Can't we kiss and make up?" A sexy, seductive look crossed her face and she floated around the bottom of the table, trailing her fingertips on its edge. "Wouldn't you rather fuck your little s****r than shout at her?" "No," I grumped, knowing I had lost this argument the moment she entered the kitchen. She just giggled, "Oh, really? Not even if I said I'd do anything?" That got my attention. "Anything?" "Anything," she purred, gliding to my side. When I turned my face to her, it came level with the tiny mounds on the front of her chest. They barely made lumps in her tee shirt, but even so, they made my cock lurch in my boxer shorts. I could see that her nipples were sticking out proud and tenting the black cotton shirt. "You're horny tonight, brat. Why?" Her tiny hand fastened on my wrist and, with a feather-light touch, she lifted it to allow her to slip side-saddle onto my lap. She hardly weighed anything. The sweet scent of her hair filled the air around me like orange blossoms. "Do I need a reason to want my b*****r's hot, hard cock inside me?" she whispered, stroking a finger along my forearm over her teeth marks. "You have a dirty mouth, Stacy," I chuckled, enjoying the way her small buttocks trapped my thickening shaft between us. Her head tilted back, lips opening with a sigh. "Kiss it, then." Our lips mashed together in a hot, urgent kiss that was deep and lustful. The taste of cherries filled my mouth from her lip balm as I swirled my tongue around hers. Twisting her small body on my lap, she bent her knee up to her breasts with amazing ease and suppleness, folding it close to her so she could slide it around me and drop it so that she was straddling my lap and we were face to face. Her eager little mouth never left mine while she did so. "Stacy, you are a very bad girl," I whispered, stealing kisses as I spoke. "Wanna spank me, then?" "I might." She dropped her chin a little so that she had to gaze at me through the curtain of her golden fringe in a very appealing little girl pout. "I love you, Jack. I just want to make you happy. Anything you want me to do, I'll do." "I know." There was not the slightest doubt in my mind that she was mine completely. This beautiful young girl had given her heart to me and her body followed. We looked deep into each others eyes, sharing our love, our bond. While we did, my hand slid down her back and into her panties to cup her small buttocks. A naughty glint appeared in her eye, "I'll do it for you Jack. You know... what Miranda wouldn't." I was sure that even as my cock lurched my heart skipped a beat. She placed a soft kiss on my cheek. "I told you I would that first night, and that was before I knew how special it was for you. So, I just want you to know that nothing is too dirty or kinky for you to ask of me. Don't hold back, I won't be shocked or refuse to do it." Her eyes sparkled, "Well, okay, I may be shocked, but I'll still do it." She cupped my face with both her small hands and then looked deep into my eyes to make sure I knew just how serious she was. "Now fuck your little s****r's ass, would you?" "Oh, Jesus Stacy!" I moaned, my mouth covering hers with a hungry passion. She began to slide her hips back and forth on my lap, rubbing her pink panties over my bulging boxer shorts. Our faces twisted and turned, mouths brushing, lips moulding, tongues delving. "You want that, don't you?" she breathed, her little tongue flicking across mine. "You want to bend your little s****r over and shove your hot cock up her tight, virgin asshole, don't you?" "Yes," I gasped. Then a smile crossed my face, "But not until I've sucked your pussy until you cum all over my tongue." A dirty grin spread across her face, "I get to cum first? I'm liking the sound of this already." My eyes flit from hers to the darkened doorway that led to the hall. "What about Kimberly? Won't she notice you are missing or something?" "Oh, don't worry about Kimmy," she said with a giggle. "She's sl**ping like an angel." "What if she wakes up?" "I doubt that she will; she was very tired. We ah... had a workout before bedtime." "Preparing for your competition next week?" "Something like that," she chuckled. "Now what else are you going to do to your little s****r?" I lifted a hand and grasped her small tit, massaging it, making the cotton of her tee-shirt rub over her stiff nipple. It earned me the pleasure of her panty-covered cunt grinding on my cock again. "I'm going to shove my cock into you and fuck you hard." The corner of her lip curled in a wry grin as she ducked forward for a quick peck on my lips. "You should know by now how I want you to talk, Jack. Even a dumb-ass squaddie learns eventually." I let that slide because I knew it was only playful teasing. Yeah, I knew by now what was required of me. "What I'm gonna do, little s*s," I murmured, emphasising my words with simultaneous squeezes on her tit and butt. "Is shove my cock into your tight little cunt. Your older b*****r is going to fuck your hot, wet snatch, little s****r. Do you want your b*****r's cock in your cunt? Would you like me to fill your little pussy with my hard meat?" "Oh, Jack!" she sighed, her eyes glazing over with lust. "Yes, I'd like that. I want you to fuck your little s****r." She was writhing her hips against me more rapidly now. With each grind, she squashed the teddy bear’s face between my cock and her clit. "Ohhh, yessss Jack. I want you to fuck me with my big b*****r's hot, hard cock. Ram it in my tight pussy, shove it in my virgin ass, slide it into my mouth!" "I will," I promised. "But I want to taste you first." With ease, I lifted her c***d-like frame and sat her on the table's edge, rucking the red and white cloth that covered it. She nibbled her lip and put both her hands out behind her to hold her upper body up so that she could watch me. I slid my lips to her ear and nuzzled her throat just below it. Her cascading hair felt soft and silky on the side of my face as I sucked at her neck and left it wet. Nibbling her gently, I worked my way downward, over her shoulder and onto her chest. I planted little kisses on her black tee shirt, moving inexorably to the tiny mounds of her breasts. When I reached those little bumps, I covered them with my mouth, feeling her stiff nipples poking through the cotton top. "Mmmm!" she moaned, giving her hips a wiggle of delight. "I love your little tits, Stacy," I whispered, chewing gently. "Oh yeah, I love your little baby tits. Small peaches that make my mouth water and my cock hard. You have fucking great tits, Stacy!" "Uhhh!" she grunted as my teeth closed on a very stiff nipple and she clasped the back of my head to hold me tight against her. "Do you really, Jack? They're not too small, then?" "No, s*s, they're absolutely perfect." I mouthed those sweet buds for a while longer, swapping between them before continuing lower. I rucked up the bottom of her tee shirt to let my lips taste the skin of her belly and pushed my tongue into her navel, swirling it around the little crevice and then treating it to fluttering licks before moving on. When I reached the white elastic top to her skimpy panties, I thrust my tongue beneath its rim and drew a long trail along, just like licking an envelope. "Ooo Ooo ooouuurrgghh!" she giggled, squirming because it tickled. I let the band of her panties slip back into place and nuzzled down their soft front. The face of the teddy bear was directly over her clit and so I mouthed and kissed him hungrily. "Oh God, Jack!" she gasped. Her tiny hips began to give little thrusts against my mouth as she whispered, "Oh yeah! Kiss your s****r's panties! Lick them. Suck them. Oh! Mmmmm, that's it, kiss teddy." I drew my stiff tongue back and forth over the gusset of her knickers, dragging the cotton about and making the teddy bear dance. It wasn't only my saliva that was dampening the fabric and her scent was getting stronger and stronger as her little cunt juiced its lust for her b*****r. The girlish honey was making the pink cotton darken in a definite patch below the teddy bear's feet. Stacy suddenly put her small hand on my forehead and pushed my face away. I gave her a questioning glance, but she was too busy lifting her hips to slide her panties down her legs. With eagerness, she drew one slim limb from them and then let them dangle from her left thigh as she settled back and spread her legs wider. "That's better. Now suck my pussy, Jack. Tongue your little s****r's love hole and taste her properly!" Her bare, shaven slit was flushed with arousal and her quim was swollen lustfully. Her lips were gaping slightly and juice sparkled like diamonds in that tight cave. My eyes took in the sight of her little clit poking from underneath its hood even as my nostrils drank in her musky aroma. "Fuck my cunt with your tongue, b*****r," she urged, using one hand to spread her lips wider in anticipation. I didn't need any further invitation and ducked my face to that young heaven. Her flesh was hot on my mouth, but soft as I parted it with a long, dragging lick from the bottom of her slit to the top. She arched against me and I couldn't resist giving her the thrills she wanted, so I looked up into her eyes, "Mmmm, my little s****r tastes good!" "Oh!" she grunted, pleasure, desire and delicious excitement shining on her beautiful face. "Mmm mmm, yes ma'am," I continued, lapping between words. "My s****r's pussy is just the sweetest thing there is. This tiny little cunt that belongs to my baby s****r is the hottest little fuckhole I have ever had." "Oh yeah!" she gasped, grinding her sexflesh onto my lips to worm my tongue deeper. I did what she wanted and probed into that tight, silken sheath as far as I could. The crinkled inner flesh was soft and oozing sticky juice over my tongue. Sighing, I worked her cunt both inside and out for a long time. She sagged back onto her elbows, often letting her head fall back before snapping it upright to watch some more. "Holy fuck Jack! You're soooo good at that." I hooked my hands around her slim little thighs and pulled them further apart to feast deeper. All the time I was swapping constantly from soft, gentle dabs to fast fluttering licks and full, sloppy, sucking kisses. Her hips could not keep still and I even had to hold them down to stop them writhing so much. Her gasps, grunts, moans and whimpers were drowning out the slurping noises I was making. When I finally thought she was getting there, I thrust two stiffened fingers all the way up her pussy. She bucked and grasped a painful handful of my hair as she rode my face. I drew the alphabet over her clit with my tongue - a trick taught to my by Cooper's s****r Cindy - while my hand pumped my fingers back and forth in her grasping cunt. At one point, I was kicked sharply in the side by one of her heels as her whole body spasmed in delight. "OH GOD! OH FUCK! I'M GONNA... I'M GONNNAAAA..." I fastened my lips over her clit and sucked it firmly while churning my fingers in her soaking snatch. "JAAAAACCCCKKKKK!" She bucked into orgasm, convulsing and twitching as she slammed my face tightly against her humping cunt and tightened her grip even more. The brat was going to rip out a chunk of my hair if she wasn't careful! I slathered my tongue all over her sexflesh as she juddered and then went limp as she relaxed into the aftermath of her cum. Her legs fell open and she let go of my head to she lie there, dazed and gasping. After a few moments, she mumbled something but I didn't catch it. "Huh?" "I said I love you, you muscle-bound dope." I grinned and sat back on my chair, looking at this extraordinarily beautiful teenager spread out on the table like a nubile banquet. The fact that the nymph was my s****r only made the sight so much more powerful. "I'm not done yet, turn over," I told her. She lay still, her little chest heaving up and down while she wiped a stray wisp of hair from her forehead and blew out a gust of breath. "Jeez, that was amazing. That is definitely going on my list of things to have you do again." "You have a list?" She struggled up onto her elbows with her eyes sparkling at me, "Oh hell yes. It's a long list, too." I playfully swatted her inner thigh. "That's great Stace, and we'll do them I promise, but for now do like I say and turn over." She gave a puzzled frown, but complied without hesitation. The tablecloth slid about as she rolled over and folded her hands like a pillow beneath her cheek. I dragged her a little more toward me so that her legs dipped down and hung either side of me and the chair. Now I had a close up view of her tight, firm butt. It was very small and lean, with two curving red indentations where her panties had dug into the smooth cheeks. I stroked it softly, feeling the warmth of her flawless skin. "You have a great ass, s*s," I mumbled, caressing it. "Are you going to fuck it, now?" There was a hint of nervousness in her voice. "Soon. But first..." I dipped my face forward and grazed my lips over the soft skin. I pecked little kisses here and there, swapping from cheek to cheek, being slow and gentle all the time. Gradually the little kisses turned to licks and sucks. My hands gently squeezed and moulded the little pert globes while my mouth worked all over. At one point, I rubbed my cheek against her buttock and got a girlish giggle in return. "Do you like your s****r's ass, b*****r?" "Ahuh. It's a fantastic ass." She wiggled it a little and I gave a low, a****l growl. "Oh yeahhhh." Stacy lifted her head to glance over her shoulder at me and smiled, "So this is your thing, huh?" I smiled, spanked her butt and laughed at her gasp of shock. "No, you're my thing. My s****r, my pain in the neck, my sweet lover, my fucktoy, my brat." Her blue eyes sparkled and she nodded before dropping her face back down to the pillow of her hands, "I am." My hands were still moulding and squeezing her butt cheeks, pulling them apart and squashing them together. I looked down into her crease and stared at her little pink ring. It was so small, puckered and virgin. Without hesitation, I leant forward and licked it. Stacy jerked. "Jack!" I ignored her and began to lick across her asshole with firmer, dragging sweeps of my tongue. Her initial shock that I would do something like that was blown away by the thrills it generated. "I can't believe your doing that!" she gasped, panting. "That is so dirrrty!" "Dirty? A b*****r licking his little s****r's asshole? You mean it's not something everybody does?" I teased. She closed her eyes, softly repeating my words, "A b*****r licking his little s****r's asshole... Oh, I like that. Mmmmm. A b*****r sticking his tongue in his s****r's ass." I curled my tongue into a stiff roll and dabbed it right into the centre of her crinkled little taboo hole. "Oh yeahhhhh," she groaned. I spread her buttocks as wide as I could and churned my tongue against her puckered hole. "Oh God Jack! Oh! Oh, yes! Oh, that feels soooo uhunh, kinky. Oh, Jack, Jack, Jack. Oh, God Yes!" I swirled my tongue around and around, pressing firmer so that her little rosebud blossomed allowing me further access. "Oh, fuck that's good! So dirty, so kinky, so nasty, so fucking gooood!" she gasped, her little hips gyrating in my grasp, trying to wiggle me deeper. I had to let out a little laugh. "Kinky? This coming from a girl who likes to fuck her own b*****r while spouting the most ridiculous dirty talk?" She lifted her face off the table for a moment to look back at me with slightly glassy eyes. "Funny, ha ha. Now shut up and carry on doing what you were doing!" The neediness in her voice gave me a little thrill and I couldn't resist teasing her further. "Do what some more?" "Ohhhwwww! Lick me some more, Jack." She seemed to think she could get around me if she was cute so she looked over her shoulder with an innocent little girl expression on her face. "Please, Jack." Her small butt quivered as she bounced it slightly to attract my attention. It did! Her tiny buttocks shook and her saliva slicked pink asshole hooked my gaze. She was lovely! But I wanted her to get as excited as possible before I finally slid my cock into that tight ring so I used a ploy I knew was certain to get her there. "What is it my little s****r wants me to do?" She gasped and dropped her face back to rest upon the table. "Oh, Jack. Stick your tongue in your little s****r's butt! I want to feel my b*****r licking my forbidden hole. Squirm your tongue into your little s****r's butthole. If you do, I'll let you fuck it!" A wide grin appeared on my face as I spanked her small ass hard. She yelped and shot me a hot, passionate glance. "Hey! What's that for?" "Because you're forgetting something, Stacy." I patted her bottom and then slid my hand around to cup her sodden pussy. "All this belongs to me anyway. I can fuck your cunt; I can fuck your ass; I can fuck your mouth... whenever I wish. Can't I?" "Yes," she whimpered, lust making her voice tremble. "Yes what?" I persisted, stroking her skin in circles. "Yes, you can. You can fuck my mouth, my cunt and my ass as often as you want!" "Good girl," I murmured, dipping my face back between her spread buttocks and probing with my tongue. "Oh God!" she hissed, her hands clutching at the edges of the table so tightly that her knuckles were turning white. "Lick it! Oh, yes! Lick your little s****r's asshole. Ohhh! Ahuh! Ooohhh!" I lapped at her tight little rosebud, licking and probing, covering the quivering little hole in my spit. Her skin was getting so hot and slick with her sweat that my fingers slid a bit, her buttocks squeezing together as her thighs shook with delight. Adjusting my grip, I spread her cheeks wide again and formed my tongue into a point, pressing it into the centre of her taboo gateway once more. The crinkled ring of muscle pulsed in time with her panting breathing as I fastened my lips in a circle around it. She was ready, she was ripe, she was willing. Desperate, even. "Oh do it Jack! Push it into your little s****r's asshole! Fuck my ass with your tongue! Please!" With small stabbing dabs I did what she wanted; I fucked my tongue into her butt. Her reaction was just amazing. She was far more responsive than any other girl I had done this to. Her legs quivered, her bottom shook, her hands were grasping and writhing on the table's edges and she was grinding her forehead back and forth on the tablecloth. Through it all, she was a babble of whimpers, moans, gasps, giggles and filthy talk. "Fuck that tongue into me, big b*****r! Squirm it deep inside your little s****r! God, Jack I LOVE you! This is so wonderful! Lick it! Ohhhh! Ah! Fuck! Yes, that's it you fucking dirty... Oh! GOD!" Her hips heaved up and I felt something swish across my chin. Ducking back for a second, I glanced down to see that she had thrust one hand under her body to rub her clit in rough circles, her fingers flashing around as she gasped and rolled. I knew she was almost ready. I straightened my index finger and pushed it inside her wet cunt. Her greedy flesh sucked it deep into a maelstrom of churning lust. Fuck, she was turned on! Not needing to be slow or gentle, I thrust my stiff digit in and out of her hot little box quickly, watching the puffy, slick lips wrap possessively onto my finger and try to claim it. Just when she began to thrust her hips back onto my hand, I pulled my finger from that grasping delight because it was now wet enough for my purposes. I let the soft pad trail up the sensitive inch of her perineum to her asshole, which was still glistening with my saliva. I was careful to make sure that only the pad of my finger touched her crinkled sphincter and it flexed at my caress. Gently, I rubbed a slow circle all around the hole, spiralling gradually inward until I was at her very centre. Using the same motion I used to squeeze the trigger on my rifle, I pressed forward and her asshole just blossomed to claim me. Her hips had been moving in their own restless motion, but she became perfectly still now. I heard her breath judder out from her in a hitching gasp as I slid my finger further in. The tight grip of her sphincter reluctantly admitted my probing finger, letting it slide deeper and deeper. Although I was going slow to make it easy for her, I seemed to get through the inch or so of her flesh and into the warm void of her rectum very quickly. Smiling broadly, I gently slid it deeper. "Oh Jack! You've got your finger in my butt! You've got your finger up your little s****r's butt! Damn, it feels good! Strange... but good. Dirty. Ungh! Oh!" "I'm gonna have something more than my finger up your butt in a minute," I grunted, lust lending a hard, aggressive edge to my words. "I don't care. Do it, Jack. Shove your cock up my ass." I intended to, but she wasn't quite ready yet even though my finger was all the way in her ass now. Slowly, I drew it back until it was nearly released and then slid it all the way forward again. Feeling her virgin asshole glide up my finger in a tight ring was intense. I pumped it for a couple of moments, staring down at the unbelievably erotic sight of her pale pink sphincter being invaded by me and worked rhythmically. "Oh, do it, big b*****r," she moaned, slipping back into her favourite dirty talk. "Fuck me. Fuck my asshole. Shove my b*****r's cock into my ass!" I slipped my finger from her butthole and watched the crinkled muscle iris shut. Quickly I stiffened my middle finger alongside my index finger and pressed the pads of both against the pulsing ring. When I pressed gently inward, I heard her give a sharp intake of breath. "Blow out, Stace," I whispered, looking up her small back. She obediently blew her held breath out in a long jet and I felt her asshole relax, admitting my fingers. "Oh, fuck!" she mumbled, wincing a little. I only had the two fingers in as far as the first knuckle, but it was enough; it had done the job and got her used to opening for something larger that just the one. "That's my dirty little s****r," I told her. "My darling little s*s letting her b*****r fingerfuck her asshole." "Yes!" she gasped. "Can you feel your b*****r's fingers sliding in, Stacy?" "Oh yes!" I began to pump them slowly and gently. Her thigh muscles tightened and her buttocks flexed underneath my hands. "Oh God, Jack. This is amazing. Ungh. Hsss. It feels so weird! Jesus! I can't believe I'm letting my b*****r play with my asshole. I'm such a slut, such a dirty slut." I chuckled and leant forward to leave a kiss on her left buttock as my hand slowly fed my two stiff fingers in and out of her butthole. "Think you can try my cock, now?" She raised her head to glance back at me. "I'll try. I'll do anything for you." Grinning like a loon at her words, I withdrew my fingers from her puckered hole and gave the slightly gaping little delight another wet tonguing. Gathering my saliva, I spat a big, wet glob into the closing hole and stood up. My cock was as hard as an iron bar as I pulled my Calvin Klein boxer shorts down and smeared my oozing pre-cum down the shaft. To make the hot length slicker I dribbled more saliva onto it until it was gleaming and wet. "Ready s*s? Ready to get buttfucked by your b*****r?" She wriggled her ass nearer to my cock. "Yes. Be gentle, okay?" "At first, sure," I nodded. "Spread your ass for me, Stace." Taking her hands from under her face, she reached back and grasped a buttock in each one, pulling them as wide as she could. I felt my cock lurch with lust at the sight and took a moment to commit it to memory. My sweet little s****r, bent over the kitchen table, spreading her ass for her first ever buttfuck and all to please her b*****r. Wow. Stacy must have wondered what the delay was because she glanced back again and fluttered her tongue out at me, "Go on, it's okay. Stick your cock in my ass. Feed that hot thing into your little s****r. Fuck her asshole, Jack. Fuck it slow and gentle, then she'll let you pound it until you spurt your i****tuous cum into it." I groaned and took hold of her tiny waist with one hand as my other nuzzled my cockhead up against her asshole. The tight, virgin, puckered ring flexed at the touch and I moaned as she gasped. Slowly, I pressed against it. Her body resisted the pressure going in an unnatural direction and I had to press harder. Still she resisted. "Relax honey," I murmured. "Breathe out, Stace." She did as I told her and I felt her sphincter soften a little and so I pressed inward again. "Oh God!" she gasped, feeling my helmet glide in, parting her virgin flesh and claiming it for my own. "OW! Ungh! Oh Jack. It… ungh... feels so big!" I paused with just my cockhead in her clutching ring. She shuddered a little, gasping and panting. "Okay, okay," she sighed, sliding back against me. My cock was taken in by her ass and I felt that wonderful 'pop' as my glans made it through to the other side and her asshole slide onto my shaft, hooking me inside. "Oh fuck, that's tight!" I gasped. "Tell me about it!" she said, with a mixed wince and chuckle. "You okay?" "Ungh! Yeah, just do it slow for a bit." I settled both hands onto her narrow waist, which was so small that my thumbs were pressed side by side, and held her firm as I began to give tiny thrusts. Each one was only about an inch deep, getting her used to me and working myself slowly deeper and deeper. "Oh Jesus Stacy! That feels so good! So damn good!" "Yeah," she agreed. "I feel so strange and full. Good though." "Oh!" I moaned, now gliding about half my cock length back and forth through the tight gate of her sphincter. "So tight! So fucking tight!" I repeated like an idiot, lost in how amazing it felt. "Do you… ow... like it Jack? Do you like my asshole? Do you like fucking your s****r's butt?" "Yes! Oh God yes!" I gritted my teeth and gave a long slow slide forward, sinking my whole cock up her ass for the first time. "Oh!" she gasped, tightening her grip on the tablecloth. "Ahh. Have you done it? Are you there?" "Yeah, baby," I whispered, holding still and stroking one hand all along her prominent spine. "I'm in. All the way. You've been a good girl and taken all my cock." "I have, haven't I?" she giggled, incredulously. Her small buttocks filled the curve of my hips and I stirred my cock in a gentle circle inside her. "Yep. All the way." I grinned and playfully spanked her ass. "Now you're mine forever." She twisted around to look intently into my eyes. "I am, but then I was already." I smiled and leant over her back to place a tender kiss on the sweat soaked nape of her neck. "I love you, little s*s." She smiled in return and reached back to wrap a hand around my neck. "And I you. Now, be a good b*****r and fuck me like you want to. I'm yours, so use me." I groaned at her willing words and straightened back up, returning my grasp to her waist. She settled down again and wiggled her hips as I drew my cock back from the depths of her rectum and shoved deep once more. "Oh. Hsss. That's it, Jack. Fuck your little s****r's butt. Fuck her like you've always wanted to fuck a woman. Use me to satisfy your deepest fantasies and fill me with your cum." I dropped another mouthful of spit onto my shaft to grease it further and began to thrust quicker back and forth. My rhythm was mounting and was now about half the speed of a full-fledged fuck. She felt better than any other girl I had ever had. Her tiny hole clung to my hot shaft as I reamed it and she grunted each time I bottomed out. "Go on, Jack, faster. I can take it," she urged. I took her at her word and began to fuck her like I wanted to. My rampant flesh stretched her little hole over and over as I plunged home. "Ooo!" she whimpered, humping her butt back at me. Not only was my little s****r letting me fuck her asshole, she was actually beginning to enjoy it! In the middle of the kitchen, I fucked my hard cock in and out of my s****r's asshole and marvelled at how powerful and intense my feelings for her were. I tightened my hold on her waist and began to drag her harder onto each thrust. Stacy grunted and moaned, taking the fucking like she was born to it. Her tiny c***d-like body was now glistening all over with sweat from the effort and her long blonde hair was matted to her skin. All the time she kept up her usual dirty commentary. "Oh yes Jack! Fuck it up me! Fuck it deep up my ass!" Enjoying myself beyond belief, I gripped her small round buttocks hard and kneaded them as I thrust in and out of her tight butthole. My large hands squeezed the lovely globes together as I drew my cock back out until her little pink sphincter was grasping just its helmet, then I pulled her buttocks wide to give me the best view as I rammed my steel-hard length back in. Stacy grunted and bucked as my meat speared deep, filling her tiny asshole. Her small pink, puckered ring encircled my shaft, holding tight as I slid through it. "Oh God Jack! Oh fuck! Ow. Oh, yes! Fuck your little s****r's asshole. Fuck it hard! Yeah, ahuh, like that! Impale me with my b*****r's hard cock! Fuck, yeah! Ohhhhhh!" "Do you like it Stace? Do you like it when I fuck my cock up your ass?" "Ungh! Hell yes! It's so dirty! It's so kinky! I love it!" She gave a sucking hiss of discomfort when I buried myself to the hilt as hard as I could and both her hands screwed up into balls, dragging the tablecloth with them. "Oh this is so kinky! I've got my b*****r's cock up my butt. Oh. Ungh huh! Oof! That's it! Fuck your little s****r like a piece of meat! Fuck yes! Oh, ohh ohhh. Godddddd!" I let go of one butt cheek and leant over her back as I f***ed my stiff length as deep up her tight anal canal as I could. She bucked and moaned, which turned into a gasp of delight when I curled my hand in her hair and yanked her head toward me. She whimpered in pleasure as her body arched and I loomed over her upturned face for a hungry, rough kiss. Her little tongue darted into my mouth, as eager as my own to explore and taste. While I devoured her mouth, I kept slamming my cock in and out of that heavenly, vice-like ass. Her small buttocks did little to cushion the blows of my groin pounding into her teenage body. Each slam home made her jerk and threatened to snatch her sweet mouth away from mine, so I let go of her hair and grasped her throat to hold her to me. I could feel her asshole blossoming around my plundering hot shaft, getting used to it and welcoming me. Between flickering probes in her mouth with my tongue, I snarled, "Feel good, little s****r? Does it feel good to be used by your b*****r for a fucktoy? Oh. Your ass is so fucking tight! Jesus Stacy!" In response to my words, she did two things. Firstly, she tried to get my tongue all the way down her throat, and secondly, she began to give little squeezes with her asshole around my cock, testing how much control over it she had. I groaned and hammered her little butt as hard and as fast as I could. It became impossible for us to continue kissing because of the f***e of my pounding, so I straightened up and let go of her throat. Stacy immediately dropped her face back to the table, pressing a cheek against it and moaning. "Oh fuck me, Jack! Fuck me like this forever! Your cock feels so good! So wonderful! My big b*****r's hard cock! OW! Ungh! Shove it deep, Jack. Shove it deep in your little s****r's virgin asshole! Oh yeah! Ram my b*****r's cock up me! Ooof! Oh my god! This is so fucking dirty! Ah! It hurts, but a good hurt, you know?" She twisted around so that her face lay the other way and I could see her close her eyes. Her next words were quiet, not for my benefit, but I heard them anyway. "Oh I am such a bad, bad, bad, bad girl! I can't believe I'm being... ooof! Ow! ...fucked up the ass. And by my b*****r, no less! Oh god! I am such a dirty, dirty slut!" She stopped and glanced back over her shoulder at me, flashing a breathtakingly beautiful, happy smile. "I love you sooooo much Jack!" I wrapped my hand around her tiny, little-girl waist and gasped as I fucked my cock back and forth through her asshole's tight grip. "I love you too Stacy. Oh fuck I love you. This is amazing! I've never had a piece of ass as good, or as tight, as yours!" Her head bounced under the impact of me rooting my stalk as deep in her butt as I could, and she giggled. "I'm glad you like it." I swallowed and glanced down at her butt. My cock was glistening with all my pre-cum and spit that had greased her back passage and it looked fantastic spearing in and out of her little pink ring. That circle of heaven gripped me like it never wanted me to leave and I didn't want to either. "What does it look like, Jack? What does a b*****r's cock in his s****r's ass look like?" She was twisting to try and see better, but the humps I was throwing into her kept knocking her forward. "It looks like home," I said. "Ow. Wow your cock feels so big up there!" she gasped, almost to herself. I jerked my hips back all the way and was rewarded by the wonderful feeling of my cockhead popping back out of her tight ring. She gave a little mew of surprise, which turned into an "Ungh!" when I reversed course and shoved it back. Her asshole sucked me in and held on firmly, but again I withdrew completely, making the hot little hole give up its prize, reluctantly. "Oh, damn, that feels good!" she moaned. "Doesn't it just?" I quickly shoved my bulbous glans back and forth through her flexing butthole, loving the way it grasped and popped as I did so. Stacy quivered and shook, groaning and gasping. I pulled my cock out of her ass and watched as her used little hole gaped before slowly sliding shut. I reached down, stiffened two fingers and shoved them into that wonderful muscle ring, twisting them wildly as I did so. "Jaaaaccckkkk!" she squealed in a high-pitched cry that was both accusing and pleasure-filled. "What are you doing?" I didn't answer, but pulled my fingers from her ass and thrust them both into her sopping young cunt. Her hips circled and bucked back against me, eager for more of this treatment. While rooting about in her pussy, I turned my hand and pushed my thumb up her ass at the same time. She froze. Squeezing ever so gently, my two fingers and my thumb rubbed together, separated by only a thin wall of flesh. "OOOOOhhhhhhh!" she moaned. I took them out and roughly shoved my hot meat back inside her butt. Her asshole blossomed to let me in and lovingly slid all the way down my shaft until her cheeks bumped into my groin and nestled there. I reached out and hooked hold of her throat once more, dragging her upright until her back was flush to my chest and her eager mouth twisted up for more hot kisses. Her tiny budding breasts poked their stiff nipples into my muscular forearm as she heaved from the exertion. I devoured her sweet mouth, leaving my cock fully up her twitching backside for a moment's respite. I was very close to cumming and wanted that feeling to last as long as possible. "Am I a good fuck, Jack?" she breathed into my mouth between kisses. "Ahuh," I confirmed, holding her tightly. "I want to be the best fuck you've ever had so that you need never look for another girl again." "You are, and I won't," I told her, leaving the kiss to look down into her eyes. She was twisted awkwardly, but still smiled up at me before turning back forward and planting a kiss on my hand that held her. "Now fill me with your hot spunk." What could I say to a request like that? Letting go of her, I took hold of both her hips again as she bent back down. I took one last look at that amazing little crinkled pink hole surrounding my cock before starting to thrust in and out of it in the final strokes toward my orgasm. Stacy was a good girl and met me hump for hump as I fucked my stiff flesh into her. "Do it!" she begged. "Cum in me! I want lots of hot, b*****r cum up my ass!" Her body was jerking under the roughness of my hard humping, her face sliding back and forth on the table as she pressed her cheek against it. Sweat rolled off us both in rivulets. "Bury that fucking thing deep in me, Jack! Plug your little s****r with it! Oh! Ohhhhh... Oh, that's it! I'm going to... I'm almost... Oh! Ahhhhh! Oh yes! Fuck it! Fuck my asshole! Shove your big b*****r cock in me and fill me with cum! Oh yeah! Fill me with your i****tuous big b*****r cum!" Her words were driving me insane. My rigid cock was flashing in and out of her butt as fast as I was able to pump it and her small buttocks quivered as I bounced my hips off them. Wet slapping flesh echoed around the room. Her moans and my grunts mixed with the sounds, even over our harsh, ragged breathing. "Oooohhhhhhh! Jaaccccckkkkk! I'm going to pop! I'm going to... Oh! I'm cummmiiiiinnnnnggg!" Even buried in her ass, I felt her cunt heave and roll. Grasping spasms lanced through her pussy flesh, making the walls buck and twitch. Her rosebud snatched at my plunging cock, wrapping its tight puckered ring firmly around me as she mewled. I had to grab her waist and yank her back fully onto my cock to stop her orgasm shoving me out. "Oh fuck yeah!" I cried, the waves of her ecstasy washing over my hot buried flesh and sweeping away my last shred of self control. With a roar of triumph, I pinned her down onto the table and felt my cum jet out into her bowels in a raging torrent. Rope after thick, creamy rope of hot cum flew into my little s****r's ass. My balls clenched and jerked, firing my seed deep into her small body. She was gasping and moaning as my staff twitched and spat inside her tiny ass. Each mighty pulse that fountained my cum out into her bowels spasmed through her gripping asshole and punctuated the act like words could not. "Oh Jack!" she moaned in ecstasy as my seed gushed inside her. I gritted my teeth against the orgasm because it was so intense it was almost painful and started to pump her ass in savage strokes. She whimpered and took all I had to give. Gradually my thrusts slowed to gentle strokes and then, when I was buried deep, I finally stopped. Weakly, I collapsed on top of her. Her ponytail matted in the sweat of my chest as the top of her head nestled under my chin. Dancing colours and shimmering waves washed in front of my eyes. The room swam from the intensity of the pleasure that was coursing through my veins. For a second, I thought I saw a shape move in the darkness of the hallway. The movement drew my gaze but there was nobody there. "Oh, Jack! That was the most wonderful thing!" my s****r gasped in a hushed, awestruck voice from beneath me. I realised that my bulk must be crushing her so I straightened up. My cock was still buried in her ass and I couldn't resist spreading her buttocks to watch as I drew it out. I had to give it a firm pull to make her small body release me, feeling once more that delicious pop of her ring going over my cockhead. In a wonderful sight that made me groan, a trail of cum dribbled out before her puckered rose closed. I collapsed down into the chair behind me as Stacy twisted around to climb into my lap. She was weak and tired, laying her head against my chest while we both tried to regain our breathing and strength. "I love you Jack," she whispered. I smiled, my hand brushing her long blonde hair as I kissed the top of her head. "I love you too, you infuriating little brat."

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