Saturday, July 20, 2013

English Pastimes (A day at the races) SeXStoRY

Well a good day out at the races never fails to get me horny,the Sport of Kings, watching horses run round a track is fascinating, I am usually lucky and win my stake back by the end of the day. But I really go for the spectacle, Ladies Day at Royal Ascot is excellent for people watching, get to wear a hat,generally be elegant and a lady for the day. Well until the Champers hits my heels. It was at such an occasion I was recruited for the Pony Club, I am the Strawberry Blonde who actually believes they have taken the word gullible out of the English Dictionary. So I will begin... Standing outside the Pimm's tent smoking with a cigarette holder, Sun was out, stilettos slowly sinking into the beloved turf, ah well. I had left Rupert inside, what a bore and his Uni chum's.The warm Sun felt good on my face, I was wearing a flouncy dress which complimented my hat, maybe a little too low cut but hey why hide my assets! I was being watched by two chaps, with camera's, they were probably something to do with the media I thought to myself. Ooh they were making a bee-line straight for me, "Hello my name is Julian and this is my friend Omar" They both smiled. I stared at Omar Tall black and handsome, he looks familiar I thought. Julian took my hand and kissed the back as gentlemen do, or did in a bygone age. "Are you a model" Omar remarked. "Me! No a hotel receptionist" I replied. I was smiling, these two tykes were trying to chat me up. "We make documentary films, you look so elegant and sexy we would love to film you" Julian explained his enthusiasm. "We would pay you"-Omar quipped in. At that moment the skies grew dark, rain! "We have a camper truck" Julian told me as he took my hand and led me away with Omar following behind. What was I doing I thought going off with two media men to a camper van! But the rain grew heavier yeah deluge time. I was glad to get inside the camper truck, it was quite luxurious Maple veneer all fitted very comfy,I perched myself on the end of a sofa seat. "your dress is very wet, Would you like to dry it" Julian enquired. Immediately before I could answer Omar had the zip down leaving gravity to do the rest. Leaving moi in my satin peach french knicks and matching satin Cami sole and tan seamed stockings. "It will dry on the radiator in no time" said Omar. When he came back from the radiator he sat next to me. "Would you smoke for us and let us film you, for two hundred! Julian asked. "I am not sure, I didn't expect to be in my undies so quickly" I replied. Omar began to rub my thigh, you are very pretty. lovely blue eyes" he was a smoocher! I took out my cigarette holder and lit a St Moritz, inhaling deeeply. the red light came on the video camera. "That's so horny" Julian whispered. As Omar stood up, couldn't help notice with my blue eyes that a pronounced bulge was in his grey pin striped trousers. Omar then manoeuvred me into poses, soon my legs were apart, my shoulder strap's down, the Champagne flowed and I was soon topless! That's when Omar stood behind me and cupped my orbs, mmmm! "If we gave you double the money would you play with your pussy for us" requested Julian. I would do anything now, my manicured fingernails worked the satin crutch over to the side my bald foo on display, as I slipped two fingers inside, mmm I was at the point of no return so horny, at this point I moved my head to the right, only to find that Omar had stood on the couch behind me, with one hell of a semi-hard on hanging from his trousers, he was huge!!! My mouth opened I wanted it, mmm so big I closed my eyes and began to suck hard. When I opened them Julian was there with his cock out, suddenly I realised where I knew these guys from.... Julian alias Ben Dover and Omar is Omar I am making a porn video wow! (They have an extensive library on here for those interested) Oh my the sex was ace! Completely spit roasted and anally gaped just as they were about to cum on my face and boobs,I heard Rupert's voice. "wake up wake up you silly tart you have passed out in the car again! Your home now! What the f..k! That was such a great dream fantasy! Guess its toytime now....

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