Friday, July 12, 2013

Fetish for nylon. The building site. SeXStoRY

A story set in 1968 about a randy Teddy Boy. (If homosexual content offends you please move on.) Vic dropped Jean off at the fish'n'chip shop where she worked. He gave her a quick snog and copped a feel of her tits through the green nylon blouse while he rubbed his other hand up and down her smooth silky nylon stockings. He playfully tried to undo the suspender belt and she slapped his hand. "I'll be late you randy bugger." She said."and so will you." "Just fuckin tell Bob you bin shaggin me all fuckin night." He said with a grin. Jean shook her head hopelessly at him as she closed the car door. "And tell 'im to keep 'is fuckin hands off yer fuckin ass." he called after her as she disappeared in to the fish'n'chip shop. The building site was less than ten minutes away and when he got there Vic parked the car in it's usual spot over by the old caravan. He liked to leave it there because he could keep an eye on it while he was working. He got out, locked the car and lit up a cigarette. He was trying to give it up. Jean had given up smoking ages ago but it wasn't so easy for him. He had a good technique though, where after lighting up a fag he'd take a few drags then lob some spit into the palm of his hand. He'd then extinguish the cigarette in the spit and place it behind his ear. The knowledge that it was right there ready to go somehow satisfied some of the need for it. He'd do this several times with one cigarette, making them last as long as possible, and to any casual observer it looked like he was stubbing the fag out in his bare hand. He left the sandwiches that Jean had made for him before they left, along with the brown check flask of tea, on the back seat of the car and headed over to the work site. He was doing brick laying mostly on this job and enjoyed the easy repetition of it. He didn't mind mixing cement because it was good exercise but usually this job was given to apprentice or casual workers. Today there was a young chap already working the cement mixer and Vic noticed that he was wearing a nylon MA1 jacket like his with a blue nylon shirt underneath it. The similarity between them ended there though because the lad had untidy fair hair that looked like it could do with a good cutting. Vic was very particular about his hair and again now he took the black nylon comb out of his back pocket and ran it through the Brylcreemed grooves, smoothing and slicking them back with the palm of his hand. as the lad watched him. They barely spoke. Vic didn't speak to anyone that morning, being late he thought his best bet was to keep his head down and get on with his work. When tea break came around Vic continued working through to make up for lost time and the lad carried on mixing cement for him. "That's alright, I got enough ere to be goin on wiv, fuck off n av a break." The lad trotted off towards the site hut and Vic carried on with his wall. Later that morning Vic suddenly said "Fuck this for a fuckin game 'o soldiers. I'm gonna av a cuppa tea." He went over to the car and got the brown check flask from the back seat, along with the sandwiches, and took them over to the site hut. He was the only one in there as he settled himself into one of the grimy vinyl arm chairs that was part of an old brown three piece suite. No one knew where it had come from but it was comfortable despite the grubby foam showing through the splits in the vinyl. The site hut was nothing more than a big garden shed and there weren't enough chairs for everyone, which was another reason Vic had postponed his tea break. He unscrewed the white plastic cup from the top of the flask and filled it with hot tea resting it on the arm of the vinyl chair while he ate one of the sandwiches. He thought about Jean..fucking her on the dustbin last night then licking her cunt out in the car. The fuckin nice blow job she'd given him when they got home and then fucking her in the bath before they went to bed. Then this morning.... "Fuck." he said to himself. "She is a fuckin dirty bitch." He was stroking his hard prick now through the tight polyester trousers and he quickly unzipped and pulled it out, and with legs wide apart started to wank himself. He groaned and closed his eyes, and when he opened them the young cement mixer lad was standing in the doorway. Vic froze, as if by keeping still he wouldn't be seen. But the lad slowly came towards him. "Can I give you a hand?" he said nervously. "If ya like." Vic replied as the lad knelt down between his legs and put his hand over Vic's fingers. He squeezed gently and Vic drew his hand away and began to stroke his hard nipples through his nylon shirt. The lad moved his hand up and down the hard shaft of Vic's cock pulling the foreskin back and forth over the tender purple rim. With his other hand he stroked his own hard tits just like Vic was doing through his own nylon shirt while his cock strained in his trousers. He was staring at the throbbing prick as he wanked it and then he looked up at Vic. "Harder!" said Vic."Fuckin do it harder." The lad gripped Vic's cock harder and jerked his hand furiously up and down till it shot a thin white line of spunk up into the air before landing on Vic's nylon shirt front. He bucked slightly and the next volley went straight into the lads face, and through the haze of his orgasm Vic could see that the lad was aiming the spurting prick at himself splattering his own nylon shirt front with Vic's hot cum. He closed his eyes and felt the hand leave his throbbing prick to fall back on his belly where it pumped the last drops of spunk onto his shirt and trousers. When he opened his eyes the lad was gone. When Vic got back over to the work site he approached the lad and offered him a cigarette. "Thanks." said the lad taking the cigarette and placing it behind his ear.....

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