Friday, July 12, 2013


MY BEST FRIENDS DAD My best friend’s father, Robert, was the bane of all my fantasies since I could remember. Between his tall muscular body, his dirty blond hair, and his ice blue eyes he had me mesmerized for the beginning. I moved in to amy’s (best friend) house on my eighteenth birthday. My parents were going on a holiday for there honeymoon and didn’t want me to stay home on my own for two months. Knowing each other for soo long they thought it was best if I stay at amy’s house. I loved the idea. One day while amy was out with her boyfriend and her dad had left for work I decided to go skinny dipping in there massive pool. It was a warm day and and I was enjoying the heat and water, coming out of the water with my back turned to the back door I got out with my naked ass propping up into the air. Because of the quietness of the neighborhood on that day I herd the sharp intake of air. Spinning around quickly I say Robert standing there getting his eyes full of my beautiful body. Looking around for my towel I realized that it was on his side of the pool and that I’d have to walk all the way over there to get it. As if reading my mind Robert picked it up and started walking towards me. “Here you go” he said “I think it’s this you’re looking for “ “Thanks” I said taking my towel “You shouldn’t be shy of the body u have it is so beautiful.. I’ve been waiting for so long to tell you that but you were u******ed. Damn why do you have to be so sexy. Look at what you’re doing to me “ Looking down I saw what he was talking about. Under his trousers I could he that his cock was rock hard. Straining against his pants. I looking up into his face to find him looking at me like he was a lost puppy and he wonted me to take him home. He then took his hand and rubbed it over is bulging pants. Not being able to help my self I placed my hand over his hands. “What are you doing ... You don’t have to do this” he said trying to make sure this is what I wanted “I’m doing what I always wanted to do. Stroke, suck, and fuck your cock. Do u want that?” nodding his head he said yes, then slowly leaned in to give me a kiss. It was soft at first just brushing over my lips. His tongue passes on my lips trying to cox them to open. Giving in to his woo I opened my lips to his eager hot mouth. Tongues were rubbed together lips were bitten and body’s were caressed, and I was still naked. Breaking off the kiss and dropping to my knees I undid his trouser buttons and zipper. Then pulled down his pans and underwear to find the king. What a dick. Touching the head I heard a moan. Looking up at him I saw him bighting his lips and breathing heavily. “Please suck it. Suck my cock. Please.” He begged Hearing his cry I took the head of his penis and sucked sucked with skill and sucked until he was holding my head and having me deep toughing him. As he was about to cum I took him out of my mouth and began to jerk him off only holding his cock tightly in my hand and moving it as fast as I could I herd him grunt and a spray of his seeds colored my body. Pulling me up to kiss my lips that tasted of him he kissed me hard. As we kissed the sound of a car coming into the driveway brought us back to realty. Scrambling to get ourselves back to normality we went our separate ways. The end Hope u enjoyed. This was the first of many to come by princess. So subscribe , Please continue to read my stories and don’t forget to comment

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