Thursday, July 11, 2013

Friends Mom - True Story SeXStoRY

Once again I am gonna share another story from my past. It is a true story and if you read my other story, you will recall that I mentioned that it may not be super hot, but, it is still all true. To me, that is the best kind of story. When I was in college, I had a this italian buddy in my fraternity. His mom was smoking hot! Everyone of us would eye fuck her when she came to visit him at the frat house. Needless to say he didn't care for our eye googling and would typically keep her away from the house. I don't know about anyone else, but I could swear that she enjoyed the attention just by the looks and slight touching she would always do. You know, the stroke of the arm as she talks it up to find out about her boy, the shift in her hips when we line up to give her hugs. She had to know that we wanted to press up against her sweet titties. She was about 5'6" and 110 or 120 lbs soaking wet. Her tits had to be 34 full C or D's. I'm guessing but with a small frame, all women's tits look huge. Anyways, on with my story. She came by one weekend to see her son. She was always alone because she was divorced. Well she stopped by and I just woke up and walked to get our mail when I saw her. She was walking up in her tights jeans, v neck shirt with her tits bouncing around. Of course I had to say hello and invite her in. My buddy was out since he had slept over a some chicks place that he'd bangin and he may have slept in too late. Anyways, we sat down by the pool table in our living room and I made an excuse that he went out to drive another frat b*o to the airport in the morn. I stepped away and gave my b*o a little heads up at the chicks place to warn him and give myself a time frame on how long I can flirt. I ended up talking about all things under the sun and made mention that it was nice to see her around so much. I talked about my mom and how she is single and how it was hard for her to date too. I also mentioned it must be nice to come to the frat house and have all the guys waiting with thier tongues out whenever she came by. Obviously, the conversation turned to me flirting hard and just showering her with compliments. I would make mention about how sexy she was for her age and every once in awhile I would try not to look to obvious that I was getting a hard on talking about her body. I was trying to show her I was turned on without letting her know I was trying to let her see. She shifted a little when I mentioned her tits and how I think they must feel good. She said I was getting a little forward and although she was enjoying it, she mentioned it was inappropriate. So we left it at that. Later on that night, as with every weekend, we had a party. And like clockwork, my buddy took her out and away from the d***kin guys in the house. This time when they came back I was waiting outside when his mom walked to her car. I mentioned it was too early and that she really enjoy the night instead of going to her motel. She said she was tired from the drive and she wanted to go back and relax. So being that I was a little braver from the alcohol, I asked her if she would some company and a couple of beverages to wind down with at her motel. She looked at me for a moment and with a sly smile said sure. So we got back to her motel which was a couple of miles, less than 3, away. When we get there, she got changed into more comfortable clothes, i.e. a long tee. Man I was getting hard looking at her legs as she took the beers that I took from the party. She did the laying on the belly postion as we talked. I was sitting at the table and she kicked her legs up in the air as we chatted and with every kick, her ass would peek through. I finally broke down and told her that I was so horny looking at her and I had one of the biggest hardon's of my life. She looked dissappointed so I asked why. She was sad that it was one of the biggest instead of the biggest hardon I have ever had. BINGO. I stood up and showed her that it could be with her help. She told me to undress and so I tore off my clothes as fast as I could and started walking over to the bed. She stopped me and made me sit back down at the table. What the fuck! I soon learned that she wanted me to sit there and continue our conversation from earlier next to the pool table. Then she asked if I could tell her wat I would have done with her on the pool table. I started a story and began to peel off the last of my clothes. My boxers finally on the ground with me stroking my cock, she sat at the edge of the bed and took off her tee. She looked so sexy in her panties, unfortunatley they were like granny panties, but sexy none the less. She pulled them aside and started to finger fuck herself while I told her my fantasy. She eventually came listening to me and hoped I would cum too! I mentioned I wanted to cum but not like that. I wanted her to help me. She beckoned me over and layed me on the bed. She started to lick her way up my leg and sucking my cock. I was so ready to pop from this cougar going down on me but I held back because I wanted to fuck her so bad. After a bit, I turned her over and told her I wanted to taste her and buried my face in her wet juicy pussy. After making her cum again, she turned me over again and obliged part of my fantasy and titty fucked me. I told her I needed to get my condom and she told me to hurry. I went to get my rubber from my jeans and I couldn't find it. FUCK!!!! I walked back to her with my head hung low and told her the bad news. She was very dissapointed herself. I asked her if she could rub her lips on my cock ad make me cum that way and she said she would try. So i layed on the bed and she lowered herself on my the base of my cock and started the slide. It was the best pussy slide I have ever had, then, and now! After some time, she was really getting into it and mentioned she might cum again. I told her I wanted to try to cum at the same time. She got into a nice pace when we took a long stroke and in went my cock. She went for a bit then jumped off my cock feeling embarressed. She was sorry fucking me! I told her I was enjoying myslef so much that I was ok if she wanted to fuck bareback. I also mentioned that I don't have anything and that she was the first bareback pussy for me. She thought about it and said that since she done down there that she was ok with it too. She also laughed and made mention that she couldn't say the same about being the first bare cock layed in her. So there I am with my cock dripping wet with her juices. I turn her over on her back and slowly guided my dick inside her. Her faces were the sexiest everytime I would thrust inside her. After a couple of thrusts I would pull my cock out and lick her pussy. She LOVED that. She was picking up the pace and so was I. I told her I was ready to cum and she told me that she wanted me to cum deep inside her so I grabbed her legs and threw them on my shoulder and buried my cock as deep as I could and came. After I was done unloading inside of her, I layed kept her in the same positon and ate her pussy and ass. She went fucking ballistic over it. What she did say after I ate her creampie was that that was a first. She recovered and fucked 2 more times that night. The next cumshot was in her mouth, my request. The last was in her pussy, her request. I wanted to sl**p it off but she told me she didn't want her son to find us out so she kicked me out. I took the walk of shame and turned it into the walk of fame. Everytime she visited, the same happened. I would go back to her motel room and we would fuck like rabbits. The last time we fucked was his grad party and we went our seperate ways. Thanks for reading. This was all true and I hope you enjoyed it.

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