Wednesday, July 17, 2013

group lecture SeXStoRY

Mal was running late for his lecture, he had been delayed by the building planners for his new establishment. he was introduced hurriedly but knew there were many familiar faces in the audience. he had been asked to lecture back in his home town one night by a rep, an evening talk light hearted but with a little bit of learning for the new people in his discipline. he had thought at the time i wonder where all my old friends are. as he started the talk he mentioned his start here, and how callow he was, he scanned the audience and was reassured friends were present. he could see many from his time there many years ago. Suddenly he hesitated, in the front row sat Sascha, he had told her about his lecture, she had turned up to see it. Michael was obviously busy elsewhere. He continued addressing the audience about his mundane subject, he noticed Sascha move her legs into a cross legged posistion and there it was in full view only to him, she was commando and he could just make the joining of her legs at the top from where he spoke. He knew what she was doing as she had done this before, and even though he couldn't see it, the thought of her engorged lips winking at him, had his mind reeling. He coughed and tried to continue with the talk. she smiled straight at him knowing what she was doing to him, and studied his crotch for signs of life. he couldn't help bu become aroused and was wearing tight trousers, luckily he was able to retreat behind the lectern. she smiled more knowing his bulge would be obvious behind there and lowered her legs. he was able to continue but in a stilted way unlike him. he finished the lecture and answered some questions. he had managed to adjust himself so that the bulge wasn't visible, this was quite painful, but at least he wasn't flashing to his peers. he hugged and kissed all his old friends and said i just have to retire to my room to refresh, i'll see you in 20 mins or so in the bar. He walked to the lift and knew she was following. he got in and she managed to get in with him. they were alone, he just said you minx and cast off the top straps of her dress his favourite black number with the easy access to her breasts. he sucked on each nipple as the lift rose, his hand moved her dress up until his whole hand was able to rub her cunt. he gave it quite a hard rub and she was already close to cumming with the anticipation. she f***ed her hands in his pants and freed his cock so she could give it a tug. Ping, the lift stopped, they just managed to pull free when the doors opened, and tow old ladies were standing there, they left the lift, and as they walked down the corridor heard one old lady say 'did you see the bulge in his pants it was huge'. They both laughed, he tried his ekey and it wasn't working. She was rubbing his cock again, and unzipped him in the corridor. she bent down and started sucking him and her knickerless arse came into his view. the thought of being caught made this even hornier. eventually he worked out how the key worked and they fell into the room. he picked her up slammed her against the wall and thrust his cock straight into her cunt.he lifted her so she could wrap her legs around him and they just went for it. he was horny as hell and so was she. he banged hard in all the way, out all the way, both still clothed, deeper and deeper, harder and harder, faster and faster. they could feel each other building and eventually they were banging so hard it felt like the walls would shake. she screamed and he grunted and they baoth came together. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. next door a travelling salesman had to have a wank at the sound of all this, he was going to get some tonight somehow. they smoothed down their clothes and kissed gently, thanks he said, thank you she said. let's introduce you to my friends. Mal went down to the bar first, sascha following a few minutes later, she left her knickers off and could feel a drip of his juice running down her leg as she stepped out of the lift. mal was at the bar in a big group there were four girls and four guys. mal gestured her over and introduced her as a dutch colleague who he conferences with on occasion, not in the same business but helping him with his bulging problems. He introduced Bev, Leslie, Joan and Jayne, Bill, Norman, Gary, and Big Jim. he explained he was at college with all the girls and Bill while he had worked at different stages with the other guys. They chatted and drank for the next few hours with a lot of reminiscing about wild days in the past. Mal later told Sascha abot the four girls. He started same day as Joan and they were great friends still, he slept with her twice when both paraletic but fortunately it hadn't changed their friendship. Jayne he had had a fling with for four months one summer, she was quite prim and it took a lot to make her let go, but once she did she was a****listic as the others. Leslie had a husband even at the early stages and although they shared knowledge of fucking people outside the relationships they never got together. she was now divorced. Finally Bev, she had been his first regular fuck, he had fucked girls after discos and on holiday but all had been one night things. Bev wasn't a virgin either but each was the first in terms of a fucking relationship. it was very tempestuous for the four on off years they were together, they were either not talking cos of some slight, or they were fucking any and every where they could, college corridor, bosses desk, ladies loos, he gave her first public orgasm at the christmas party. she was on his lap facing away from the others kissing and he managed to frig her to conclusion, so much that she wet his pants, and he had to pretend he had spilt wine down them. she had never forgotten that night. They had gone in separate directions after college but had fucked again occasionally at reunions like this one. from the look in her eye she was on a mission to do the same tonight. Sascha fancied all the girls they were all different sizes but obviously looked after themselves with toned lithe bodies and class expensive clothing. she liked the look of the men too, Bill was into weights and had a big strong chest and arms, Norman was wiry and a biker, Gary was younger 28 and very athletic and Jim was a bluff yorkshireman with a nice trim body. at last orders Mal suggested they retire to his room, the meeting had given him a room to stay in and the hotel had upgraded it to a suite. he had brought in some wine, champagne and even a bottle of Vodka. he had expected Bev to come back, knew Joan always liked a drink and had hoped Leslie may be in the mood, now he had sascha also a plan was formulating. they all liked the room there was a lounge a huge bed and a jacuzzi and a big shower. mal opened the white and red wines and suggested a vodka chaser, they were all already tipsy and he thought this will divest them of their inhibitions. he wanted to save the champagne for later. they were loosening clothing now and mal suggested a drinking game, they each had to follow a number and if it multiplied by five they had to say rabbit and 7 duck, etc getting it wrong meant two fingers of wine. Bev was the first to spill some down her, and mal gave her the complimentary bathrobe, she went into the bathroom and put it on, when she came back out she flashed mal her pussy as she walked past him, sascha noticed and bill did also. mal smiled, right who next, myself he thought, so he reminded them of the time he fell in the lake and spent the whole night in red wet briefs, he said i've got red ones on now. the girls shouted strip strip strip. so he stripped to his undies and there was growth already which each girl in turn noticed, he wasn't ashamed and the guys knew what he was up to and made jokes. sascha sprayed him with a soda fountain and the outline of his fat cock was clearly visible. he grabbed Sascha and pushed her over the chair, her dress rose up and everyone could see her cunt. the tension raised in the room as it was obvoius mal was in the mood and his cock was now fully engorged and the end was poking out of the top of his briefs. Jim came out of the bathroom and sprayed everyone else with water from a jug he had filled up. everyone started stripping out of their clothes and Mal suggested they get in the jacuzzi. so they stripped completely and went into the jacuzzi. it wasn't huge so each girl had to sit on a mans lap. bev got Mal as was the convention, sascha didn't mind as she saw why Jim was called BIG Jim, it was at least eight inches long in its flaccid state and thick as well. Bev was already tugging at Mal under the water and Joan was letting the sprays stimulate her clit. Sascha was intrigued by Jims cock and wondered if it was one of those wet sock types that couldn't get really hard. she sat facing him so her cunt could slide on this thing and she basically frigged herself on it. as she hoped it started to swell and soon it was raising her bum in the air. she stood to allow it to rest on his belly and then continued to ride the outside of this great cock. it grew over his belly button and as she continued it actually came out of the water. Mal said 'Jim, please put that out of sight we all want some action tonight'. Sascha said i'll do that and she raised herself and plunged onto it, it took some doing but she managed to hide it from everyone. it must have been 25cms and thick as an arm, she struggled but christ it felt good. Bev was wanking mal hard now and he raised onto the edge of the jacuzzi, so she could suck him. she was still in his top three bj favourites alongside Sascha and a chinese american girl he met in Australia. she worked his cock like a pro and soon all the couples were indulging in something or other. sascha had started to ride Jim. Joan was sucking Gary, Bill had Les on the edge of the jacuzzi and was tonguing her spread legs and Jayne was riding Norman like Sascha. There were cocks and cunts everywhere we were lucky not to have somoenes eye out. Each couple moved on to fucking mal had bev in her favourite doggy style, sacha was now bobbing up and down like a cork on jims cock, the look of pain/pleasure a sight to see. Jayne had norman on the floor and was riding him reverse cowgirl so she could watch everything. Bill had Les spread legged and was fucking her hard on the floor and Joan was on the edge of the jacuzzi with her legs in the air while gary fucked her still in the jacuzzi. with sascha nd gary going for it the water was spilling everywhere onto the others, who loved the warm water covering them, they each fucked hard to a finish and sprays of sperm congealed in the warm water. bev loved sperm so she scooped some up and drank it own greedily. thay had a drink and chatted for a while. Sascha was in her element and Mal was thinking about what to do next. he went to the shower and reckoned it coulf fit five and the bed similarly. so he said right let us split into two groups. Bev, Joan and Les you join Jim and Gary in the shower, sascha and jayne you get on the bed with me, Bill and Norman. sascha like the ratio and new she would get more from being in Mals group. Bev and Joan double teamed Jims cock with pleasure, they got either side of him and he thrust through their mouths. they took turns in taking him as far as they could, meanwhile Les worked Garys cock to hardness with her head staying still while he fucked her mouth. On the bed Mal lay down and Sascha knew what that meant she went reverse cowboy and slowly guided his cock in her arse. Bill enetered her cunt and Norman stood while Jayne and Sascha took turns on sucking his cock. Jayne now stood and gave Sascha her cunt to suck whic she greedily did and watched as Norman entered her from behind. Each time he thrust her clit was pushed hard against Saschas mouth. Mal and Bill were working Sascha hard now and she was taking some punishment but loved every second she watched Normans cock sliding in and out of Jayne while she grabbed her hips and sucked on her clit greedily. Again the speed built up so that Bill was really fucking her cunt hard, each time he went in to to the balls he moved her off Mals cock so he could enojoy the feeling while watching Jayne being fucked and sucked by Norman and Sascha. harder and deeper Bill went as did Norman they both fucked their holes with abandon until they were a blur. Mal took it all in he wanted to save his come for now. In the shower Bev and Joan were 69ing while Gary and Jim fucked Les. Jim had her cunt standing up with her legs round his waist and Gary had entered her spread arse. she was loving this and soon came both Jim and gary were fucking hard in and out with the water dripping between them they gave a royal seeing to and eventually they came close to each other. Bev sucked the juices from jayne, both men stayed hard and now got on the floor of the shower and and Bev and Joan took turns 69ing and fucking and sucking each cock swapping around so each had their turn, cock cunt mouth, cock cunt mouth, cock cunt mouth for a good twenty minutes. Les went into the bedroom and sat on Mals face, he had always wanted to shag her, and here she was already senseless with abandon and riding his face hard he grabbed her hips and grind her against him she loved cunni and he used his tongue to insert in to her wide hole.Sascha was now being given the business by Bill and he came inside her with a grunt, she was screaming as was Jayne when Norman came. both pulled out allowing the cum to drip onto sascha, Jayne wanted some so she licked it off sachas tits and cunt lips. Mal now started raised sascha into doggy position so he could fuck her hard in the ass. Bill came round the front so they could spit roast her. he stayed still as Mal fucked hard, harder and deeper, faster deeper harder he kept it up while she slurped on Bills cock. eventually he was a blur of humping and she was in ectasy, he blew his load inside her and shouted to the rooftops. Meanwhile Bill pulled out of her mouth and wanked until he shot his load again all over her back. Jayne and Les then pampered her with licks and kisses all over her body hoovering up the sperm and playing with her ass and cunt Jayne started to lick her clit and les workd her arse with her tongue. the lads watched admiringly as they worked sascha up to a frenzy again. must go home now will work on this more speak soon

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