Tuesday, July 16, 2013

(Mature)School Disco Sex SeXStoRY

I don't normally attend works office parties but when they decided to have a school disco themed party i thought this might be fun.The chance to see some of the women in schoolgirl outfits was too good to miss.(I even said to someone afterwards,when asked if i wanted tickets to the next party,that they are not my cup of tea.She said 'You came to the school disco'.To which i replied'I did.But that was only because i wanted to see you in a schoolgirl outfit').I put on some small and stupidly tight shorts,a plain shirt and my old school tie.When i got there i took in the sights.One of the women,who i had been flirting with was there.Kelly was a shortish married woman in her forties with a sizeable butt but even larger breasts.She was wearing a white blouse which was tied at the waist and showed off her breasts magnificently.She had a short black skirt on that just about covered her ass.To finish off the sexy look she had on what i like to call'Fuck-me boots'.These were knee length black boots and there is nothing better than fucking a women whilst she is wearing them.Towards the end of the evening they gave out prizes for the best outfit.Amazingly i won and the female winner was Kelly.We were asked to dance together when they played the first slow song,as if we were the prom king and queen.Fortunately after a few minutes others joined us on the dancefloor.As we danced i wasn't sure where to place my hands but kelly helped me out by moving them to her butt cheeks..The song ended but instead of letting me go she pulled me closer to her.She told me that she was enjoying this dance then whispered that i obviously was as she could feel my by now hard cock that was straining to get out of my shorts.I was a little bit embarassed but she put me at ease by giving my cock a squeeze.When the next song finished she said she needed to go out for some air as it was very warm in here.As she went to go outside she grabbed my hand and led me with her.When we got outside she took me around to the back of the building.There was a doorway into which she dragged me.She pulled me close and gave me a passionate kiss then unzipped my shorts and released my cock.She bent down and took my cock in her mouth giving me a very sensual blowjob.After ten minutes of this she stood up and said would you like to fuck me now.I pushed up her skirt,eased her panties to one side and slid my stiff cock into her by now very wet pussy.She gasped as i slid in and gripped my waist tight as i began to rhythmically fuck her.As i got into a steady rhythm i grabbed her butt and lifted her up into the air whilst she was still impaled on my cock.She wrapped her black boot covered legs around me an i told her to 'ride my cock.ride my cock hard'.As she rode up and down on my cock i untied her blouse and let her big breasts free. 'lick my boobs.that really gets me going' I licked my tongue around her nipples in a slow motion and could tell how much she was enjoying it.As she became more excited she said to me 'bite my nipples'bite them hard' As i did this i felt her begin to shake and she shouted out 'oh god.oh shit.Fucking hell i'm coming.' I pulled her down onto my cock just as she came.I could feel her pussy juices flowing down my cock as she continued to shake in a violent orgasm.As the orgasm eased she told me to carry her to the bench that was nearby.I laid her on the bench and she told me to 'fuck me,fuck me hard.fuck me and don't stop until you come'. I lifted her legs in the air and placed them on my shoulders,grabbed the heels of her boots and proceeded to thrust my cock deep into her soking wett pussy. 'Fuck me.oh god fuck me.fuck me hard'.As i continued to thrust into her she grabbed her breasts and began to play with them then she took one of my hands and placed it on her breast. 'play with my tits as you fuck me'. By now i was close to coming and i told her so.She told me to 'pull me in closer.i want to feel that cock of yours deep inside me when i come'. I pulled her close pushing my cock right into her pussy and gave to hard thrusts before coming.I could feel my come splashing against the back walls of her pussy as i filled her pussy up.She gave a loud moan as i did this before we both collapsed.As i eased my cock out of her pussy this removed what was effectively a cork and my come mixed with her pussy juices began to drip out of her pussy.I offered to clean her pussy with my tongue but she said no.'My husband was turned on by the sight of me in my schoolgirls outfit so will probably want to fuck me when i get in.It will turn me on knowing my husband is sticking his cock in my wet pussy.He will think that i am just really turned,which i still am,but he won't know that that it is another mans come that he can feel'. We left the party after that and i thought to my self what an amazing fuck i had just had but as she was married surely never to be repeated.Little did i know that she would be up for more.Maybe if there is enough interest i will share that sexcapade.

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