Wednesday, July 17, 2013

in love with a prostitute SeXStoRY

I meet Pam about 12 yrs ago when she moved from upstate ny too greenville sc. We dated for about 3 months and i broke it off WHY u ask. We meet the second day after she got here,the next night i picked her up from work took her too a motel and she sucked my cock and we fucked. That tells me she a hoe,only hoes meet men and fuck right away. Ya see Pam is also white im black. Most white women that fuck black guys are hoes yep sorry too say it but its true. The ones that fuck right away are hoes too their heart. I was right about her she been in sc for 12 yrs without counting i would say this hoe been with at least 200 guys all black. greenville rock hill chester charlotte. She been pregnant 5 times that i no of,probaly more than that. 200 is a small number for a hoe like her its probaly closer too 400. She told me she had fucked 50 in her home town so when a woman tell u a number u have too tripple it. Because no whore will tell u how many men they fucked. Anyway after breaking up every so often this hoe would pop up after getting played by another dude. Yep even hoes fall in love. She would show up and try too destroy my relationships get healed up and move on. As luck would have it she got with the wrong guy and started smoking crack. Thats when the prostitution started. She would show up wanting money and suck my cock. This has been going on for at least 10 yrs,every now and then we fall out and dont see each other for a while but eventaully she pop up,and we start all over again with the tricking.When i get mad at her about something and call her a hooker she get mad. According too her its just 2 friends helpng each other out. We dont go out or anything just sex and pay. I give her 20 bucks and if i dont have any money she want do it so what do u call that. Anyway we talk on the phone everyday mostly about her problems. She live with a black guy thats on crack really bad but she claims too be clean now. Anyway she finaly got a job and is now in the process of moving into her own house,she kept throwing hints about how she gon drop everybody thats negative in her life. Even tho i gave her money for gas and smokes sometime and lisen too all her problems im one of those people. I was suprised too feel so rejected and hurt over this hooker slach fake friend but i was.Theres a old saying, what make u laugh sometime can also make u cry.Its only been a week and miss her, i miss the great blowjobs. I dont miss her big pussy which i never entered without a condom never. Yep poor c***d got a big pussy like a cow. She was wondering why one dude she dated was buying bigger an bigger dildo's so he could watch her use them while he jacked off. I didnt have the heart too tell her because her pussy was too big for him and he wanted too see how big of a cock she could take lol. Pam would suck an fuck any where any time. In day light on the side of the road she would wanna fuck. She would suck my cock while im driving an didnt care who saw her. She would say they dont no me. One time she was talking and jacking on my cock it got good and i came in her hand she said she had never saw a cock cum before. From that point on she gave head an jacked me off just too watch me cum. Im sure she was doing lots of other guys the same way. I dont no if its love or rejection im feeling they both feel the same. After all i have a lady.

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