Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Me, her, and my best friend SeXStoRY

I have had enough twisted sexual experiences to write a hard cover volume, most are from my teen years. This experience however only happened a few years ago I was still with my first wife Cindy. Cindy was a freak, we did everything, light bondage, fisting, if we were having anal she would would make me pull out and cum in her mouth, god she was great. One night we were down town in the quad citys nightlife district lol, its pretty small, with my best bud Pete. Me and Cindy had been grinding all night long, and trying to get Pete to find some hot piece to grind on himself , the bars close at 2 there, and we were wasted! Pete still had no ass though . We went back to his place since it was 40 miles closer than ours. None of us were ready to crash yet so we were dancing and drinkin in his front room, it was time for another round so I went to the kitchen , when I came back Pete was grinding on Cindy! She had talked about threesomes for years, so I wasn't angry, she gave me a look that said please can we? Who am I to pass up this fantasy opportunity so I gave her a nod. My buddy still pressing his crotch into my wifes silk dress hadn't noticed my return, so I said more drinks! He turned and had a pretty good sized chubby goin on. Before he could get too embarrassed I put a drink in their hands and said to the best of friends, sharing the best of times, and sharing anything and everything along the way! As I said the last of my toast Cindy had grabbed Pete right on his bulging jeans his eyes popped a bit. As she stared undoing his belt I slid her dress up revealing her lack of panties I saw the folds at the base of her butt were quite wet, so I reached forward from behind her and instantly ended up with 2 fingers in her soaking wet pussy. As she got Pete's pants down I slipped her dress the rest of the way off, then unfastened her halter bra to release her beautiful 46DDD breast, she wasted no time and went right to work. His cock was just a little shorter then mine, so she could get most all of it in her mouth and down her throat. While she was on her knees working I undressed myself I had a raging boner already leaking precum shit I thought I'm gonna POP fast. Cindy had Pete go to the couch and sit then she told me to fuck her dripping cunt! She never used that word unless she is super horny! So I did! Wow she was hot and wet that night, she always was but that night wow! As I pumped her hot snatch she bobbed eagerly on Pete's peter! Cindy had a very shallow pussy, lucky me since I have a very average cock, so I had no problem getting her off everytime in fact if I went to long from behind I would bruise her cervix! She was getting ready to cum I could feel her pussy contractions on my throbbing cock, I was ready too, so I had to start doing some math in my head to make sure she went first! She started bucking on my prick so hard she was hurting my swollen balls then her muffled screams on my buds cock and her hot wet release on me let me know she had cum, did I mentioned she was squirter too?After I was sure Cindy was finished with her climax I stared pumping her pussy deep I could feel the mouth of her cervix on the head of my cock. I couldn't hold back any more my balls were so tight it hurt, my cock started spasms in her hot dripping cunt, I sprayed the top of her pussy with my scalding hot cum, thick jet after spurt filled her pussy, she was out of breath she had let Pete out of her mouth for a minute, as she did a huge glob of her saliva trailed down and coated his balls. I said sorry Pete I creamed her, my cock was finally done filling Cindy with spunk, as I slowly pulled out she reached her hand down, she said I can't be makin a mess on the man's carpet as she covered her jizz filled hole. That's cool he said I sat on the sofa, he got up, he took Cindy by the hand he grabbed a blanket of the chair layed it down , layed her down, then layed into her cum filled pussy! He started real slow I sat there and couldn't believe my best friend was balls deep in my wife! I also couldn't believe how Fucking hot it was making me! His prick was almost exactly the same size as mine, so I had no doubt he would find her small pussy as wonderful as I did his cock worked in and out, pushing my cum out of her sperm bank a little on each thrust in, my thick wad dribbled down her ass crack Cindy was quite flexible for a bigger woman and she loved to grab her ankles and put her feet almost to her ears, and that's just what she was doing. Pete was building speed Fucking my wifes hot pussy my cum was now making a whipped creamy foam mess all over his cock and balls and her cunt. My Dick was hard as steel again I got up and laid beside Cindy and pressed my hard on to the side of her face, she got the message, she started sucking my cock noisily, and hard too! She said can I have both of you? To Pete! So he got up, she covered her pussy again, I got under her as she lowered her self back down I slid into whipped cream pussy with ease, she was in full straddling pose, the hand she had covered her twat with was full of creampie she brought it to her mouth, and slurped it up licking her fingers. clean. As she slid her pulsing pussy up and down my shaft I felt the pressure of Pete, he had jammed her in the ass! It was something strait out of a porno! While I was fucking her sloppy cunt my buddy started hammering her unsuspecting ass, but it was well lubricated with the jizz from her pussy , she was hitting me in the face with her huge heavy tits I grabbed one and popped her big nipple in my mouth . Pete was going to town Cindy's ass, he started grunting, I knew he was getting ready to cum in her ass. Are you cumming she ask , ah shit! He grunted he was he kept pumping as he filled her ass with jizz ! After he was done he pulled out and ran the bathroom to wash up. His cum ran out of Cindy's ass right on my balls , she was close to orgasm again, so I kept fucking her cunt hard as I could, her hips started bucking wildly as she came again, she soaked me and the blanket. We got up, my Dick still hard we went to wash. Later we were watching something on the tv, my dick still hard Cindy got back on her knees and started sucking my cock again. Pete had a hard on already too! So he got in position and started plowing her pussy from behind, he said to her, wow your still all juiced up and ready to go! I loved the view of her tits swinging while Pete fucked her doggie style. She was sucking my cock feverishly now, she was getting ready to cum for the third time, I was getting read to shoot load number two myself. She took my cock all the way her throat, and licked my tight balls, it was all I could stand I jerked as I started spurting hot sperm down her throat, she backed it off a little so just the head of my exploding cock was in her mouth, and slurped with a hunger that only my semen would satisfy, she was bucking and moaning as she swallowed my cum, she came again . Holy fuck she squirts my buddy yelled as I'm sure his balls got soaked by her juice... She was finished cumming and swallowing my jizz, I decided since Pete was still fucking her juicy pussy I would try something new, I got off the sofa, and had them back up a little. bit then I got into a 69 with her while Pete was still pounding her. She took my spent dick back into her mouth sucking it deep, she loved when I was soft cause she could put my dick and balls in her mouth all at once! As I started to eat her pussy my buddy says, dude Brad, what are you doing? I said man its cool just roll with it, we both love pussy, its all good . He said Alrighty but my balls keep hitting your forhead! He was right, they were! I didn't care I kept licking the juices from her clit, and pussy lips it was great, while I was down there I even stated licking his balls when my tongue was on the up stroke. He didn't mind a bit. After a while Pete cried out, Cindy can I nut in your pussy? Yes I'm fixed cum in me, cum in me! Pete said to me, dude look out I'm gonna cum! I kept on eating. I watched his balls crawl up as started filling her pussy with his hot spunk, Cindy, had me on the edge of giving her another mouth full of cum too, though by now I would be lucky to have a spoonful left in my balls. As his orgasm slowed, mine started. I fucked Cindy's waiting mouth wildly as I gave her every last drop of semen I had left. A drip of of Pete's cum dripping from her pussy got in my mouth as I kept eating her, it was much stronger tasting then mine, which I had feasted on from her pussy, nearly everytime I came in her pussy, much more bitter but I just kept eating, she was getting ready to cum again . Pete pulled out, as he did his wad ran out of her slit and into my mouth, she was bucking on my face wildly as she came again her juices mixed with his, and I slurped them all down. We all slept a while after that, a couple of hours later I woke up to see her smiling at me, I kissed her passionately and told her I loved her, we made love again. It was a wonderful night. My buddy sheepish for a few days at work after that, and we never had a threesome together again, but what a night we three friends shared.

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