Thursday, July 18, 2013

Influence To Particpate in a sex act... SeXStoRY

When I reached high school, I found that I was the skinniest k** in class. Every guy there was bigger than I, even the girls were thicker than I. It was no wonder that Daniel, Bruce and Charlie had singled me out for their attacks. It got to be at least once a month they would find me and take what they wanted, fighting back was not an option. Well, only if I wanted my clock cleaned and still had to give up my butt, either way I was going to get fucked. It was on a dreary wet day as I headed home that I saw Bruce and Daniel on the corner. Just as I started to cross the street, Charlie sized me by my left elbow and said 'nope that's the wrong way today. We want to play with you some'. My heart sunk to my toes as I was guided to where Bruce and Daniel stood. Bruce ask Daniel 'where we taking him today, Charlie's or Harry's'. Daniel thought for a second and said 'let's go over to cousin Jerome, he likes boi pussy to you know'. Both started to giggle as they headed off with Charlie and I following. We walked about a half mile from the school to one of the government funded housing. We entered on of the multiple floored buildings, we climbed the stairs to the fifth landing and Daniel banged on the door as hard as he could. After awhile the door slowly opened and there stood a very tall slim black guy that obviously had just woken up. Daniel said 'damn Jerome you still in bed from last night'. And pushed past him into the living room, we all followed, me being pushed ahead of Bruce and Charlie. Jerome said in a alcohol laden breath 'it was more or less this morning when your day and I broke up the game and I came home, who's that you got with you'. 'Oh that be David', Daniel said 'we thought that you might want to try some boi pussy. Remind you of being in lock up', they all laughed except Jerome. Jerome rubbed his jaw than reached down and stroke his crotch saying 'you right in time I woke up with a boner, it beats jacking off, I tell you that. He gonna cooperate or do we have to take it'. Charlie quickly said 'we gotta take this bitch', Jerome looked at me and saw that I was scared. He smiled at me, reached his hand over and twisted my nipple, I slapped his hand away. Jerome smiled and said 'yeah this bitch gonna make my day'. Quickly Bruce and Charlie took hold of my arms, Jerome slapped me violently across the face twice saying 'I ain't got time for bull shit, bitch. You gonna get fucked by all of us and you gonna like'. Daniele was loosening my belt and working my pants down along with my underwear. Jerome roughly grabbed hold of my limp penis and balls, pulling them up causing me to stand on my tip toes. His face so close to mine it made me want to vomit as I smiled his stinking breath. 'Bitch', Jerome begin 'you been fucked before you don't need these, so act like you got good sense and you might leave here with them. Nod your damn head if you know what I mean!!!' Slowly I nodded my head grimacing from the pain in my crotch. Jerome released my man hood and slipped his hand between my thighs and poked his fingers into my anus and pulled me to him. Placing one of his knees between my thighs, Jerome pulled me up on his thigh his hand still between my legs and fingers in my butt hole. Bruce and Charlie still held my arms firmed as I cried out in pain and shock from this brutal assault. 'Lift your leg up bitch,' Jerome said. 'I..I can't', I muttered, 'I didn't ask if you could I said lift your leg up,' with that Jerome jerked his hand up violently. My feet left the floor a few inches as Jerome maneuvered his thigh under my thigh making my leg rise. Than he said to Bruce and Charlie 'let the bitch go, we going in the bed room. When I finish ya'll can get some while I rest.' Jerome walked backwards towards the bedroom his hand and fingers still in place. I had now took hold of his wrist trying to push his hand away as I struggled to resit. Once through the door Jerome effortless tossed me to the bed, I bounced across the bed and landed on the floor. As I scrambled to my feet Jerome was already half naked, his thirteen inch long cock beginning to harden. I tried to beg 'please mister, I don't know you and I ain't no bitch, you can't do this to me.' Jerome smirked 'so you know what I'm gonna do, do you. That makes it easy, get your ass on that bed and shut the fuck up.' Whimpering I moved back into the corner naked from the waist down my butt hole aching. Jerome came around the bed, I quickly crossed the bed in two steps. Jerome dashed back between me and the door. I retreated back to where I was originally. Jerome started to come around the bed again I stepped on to the bed and just as I lifted my other leg up and started to cross the bed, Jerome dived and grabbed my ankle and snatched me down to the bed. I tried to kick away from him, he quickly got between my legs and pinned me to the bed. Jerome was on my back as soon as I hit the bed, I tried to squirm from beneath him to no avail. Working his body over me better I felt his rigid cock as it poke between my buttocks. Fearing what was going to happen I tried with all my might to struggle free. Yelling as loud as I could didn't help nor cause Jerome to stop his assault. Jerome took hold of his stiff cock and guided it between my clinching buttocks to my anal opening. With a quick lunge Jerome sunk his enormously huge cock head into my dry butt hole. I screamed like a banshee as Jerome pushed more of his rigid cock shaft into my anus. I almost passed out from the pain of having my butt hole ripped open, I cried out 'YEEEAAAAAGGGHHHH'. Jerome hunched frantically sinking more of his obscene long cock into my anal canal. Jerome half whispered in my ear 'that's it keep moving just like that, I'm liking this already.' Gasping for breath I begged Jerome 'please,stop you're hurting me, let me go please let me go.' Jerome did stop hunching into me and start to grind slow and deep into my butt. TO BE CONTINUED...

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