Thursday, July 18, 2013

Showing myself to others at beach. SeXStoRY

You know by now after my "exposing at the beach" stories that I had begun to enjoy showing myself to others. We had arrived at the french island in the caribbean for a holiday at a upper scale resort. As I wrote on the first day I was shy about even being topless as I was an American and that is not the norm except in isolated places. We took a spot at the end of the beach even though most of the girls were topless and later even nude. I gradually overcame my shyness and not only went topless but nude and had several men see me up close. As I wrote they were Jean, Claude and Peter from the resort staff. They were not supposed to use the resort beach and facilities on their day off so they invited my husband and me to the locals only beach, which for the most part was nude. I was about 10 years older than them and attracted by the offer. My husband overcame his reluctance and we all went with them and Rene and Suz two girls who worked at guest services. In Part 6 I wrote about our fun time at the beach which was indeed all nude. A larger beach of white sand which stretched out for a mile....a long beach. It was a little walk from our little jeep rental parking and only used by locals and a few knowledgeable tourists. No cruse ship day trippers or since this island didn't have the huge chain all-inclusive hotels no "fly to the sun" low class idiots. As I wrote the girls were thin and had small breasts but nicely formed..classic french girls with wonderful tans. Jean and Claude were french and their like the girls for a couple of years and then would move on to another property. Jean was our waiter. Peter was a local black and ran the front desk, kind of an assistant manager and a little older. As you know we had fun at the beach and jokingly took some pictures of the group and Suz and Rene started it all by reaching up and behind them as my husband took a group photos of the 6 of us. The touched the guys cocks which were slightly aroused. My husbands average six had been pretty much at full staff for the 2 hours we were at the beach, being the first time we had been nude in public or at a beach. He told me he just let it go. The guys were more controlled as coming to this beach was nothing new to them, although my 34C's were larger than most of the girls I saw that day. Additionally the girls were shaved bald and I had only shaved for what I thought would be my bikini line, but after the first day I shaved around my labia, but left hair above that. The fun with pictures and posing evolved in a sex play but no outright sex. But the guys did get fully erect and Jean's cock which was cut did fascinate me, as I had never seen one uncut before except in pictures, as it slowly emerged from what I call its little skin tunnel. After a cooling off swim we had a discussion about the advantages or disadvantages of shaving off pubic hair. Obviously the guys had shaved some but not smooth, maybe their balls but left enough as not to scratch. The girls said they shaved daily or else it was painful during sex. This discussion had taken place as we were on the towels with basically the girls sitting on the towels with legs outstretched on their elbows. The guys were kneeling not far away. My husbands cock stood straight out, and the guys who had been joined by 3 others, one french and 2 black locals were less aroused but clearly not disinterested in what they were hearing and seeing. I was still aroused from our "fun" photos. Even though we had cooled off in the water by pussy still throbbed and my breasts tingled and contracted as we talked. I felt a silly freedom as I layed on my elbows and pullled up my knees which opened up my pussy in the direction of now 7 men including my husband, all the while acting nonchalent and oblivious to their increasing interest. I made eye contract from time to time with each of them, and then slowly dropped my eyes to their growing cock. Usually I smiled a smile just to them and as I did I swear my pussy jumped and juiced even more. It was not just the heat that made rivlets run down my thigh. Sweat dripped off my breasts to..and my nipple would relax and then tighten. Suz had joked that since my husband had taken the group picture that he missed out. I wondered how, since the girls posed with him alone and even reached up and cuddled his balls and cock, and even held it out and put their lips on the end of it, which obviously he enjoyed. The kissed the head but as we did with the other three guys we did not completely put their cocks in our mouth. All the the act of fun but the sexual tension was high. What she meant of course was during our play time I had only played with the three guys and not my husband. She jumped up and to cheers pulled my husband by his cocks gently over to where I was sitting. He grabbed my hand and put it on his cock. I craddled his balls with my other hand and definitely did more with it than I had done with the others. The girls were standing on each side of us as he stood and I reached up, all the guys could see and were rapidly getting aroused. Suz told me it deserved a kiss like I had done or he was being treated unfair. I looked up from my position and my husband moved forward, I know that take it babe. I first kissed and played as I had ..and then opened wide and in one move took it all the way, keeping my hand on his balls. I did this several times and the girls giggled and made noises like oh, oh...Suz reached for my husbands hand and put it on her breast, until now any breast contact with the guys and our breasts had been incidential to our play on the beach and water. But this was defintely not. He reached for Rene too and as he felt their small breasts I felt his cock expand and even harden more. When he gets excited even the rim of his cut cock gets enlarged. I took several more strokes and my pussy throbbed and ached, juices flowed. Suz took his hand and moved it down to her sex and stood their and spread her legs further apart...and then Rene did it....I felt his cock go to another level and knew he was about to explode. Luckily we were on a realtively uncrowed portion of the beach and other could not see as I am sure that might not have been permited, even on a nude beach. But there were 7 men behind me watching. I felt his about to cum and he pulled out and turned to Rene and sprayed her with the first explosion on the stomach and breasts, and then turned to Suz and did the same....I got the third spurt..he fell to his knees and then baack....I knew he had more and as he laid down I bent over with my butt in the air....and even spread apart my knees as I knelt. I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth as it was still hard and twitching and dribbles of cum now just slidding down his cock. His position made me lean forward and I knew my pussy was not only totally wet but now swollen,as my lips double in size at least when aroused, and completely soaked. The guys who had knelt down were within feet from me and had an excellent view of my final gulping of his cock which caused his cum to roll down my chin as I wanted it to...and then I reached back and fingered my pussy and spread open my lips. I half expected a cock in my opening...but this was a public place and the guys did nothing except look and make comments about how amazing it was.

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