Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lick me again SeXStoRY

I want to get licked again Getting home from a movie it was around midnight, the guy I met at the gym the one that got me so wet, we had had a few dates and a few very fun evenings well he came in for a drink. I took him to the guest room on the main floor put on some music and started to neck our tongues ended up at the back of each others mouth. He always got me so wet but this night he had fingered me all through the movie. I took his cloths off and while he was still standing I knelt down and slid his rock hard cock into my mouth. I pushed him onto the bed and let him watch me take my clothes off, I was not wearing a bra and my panties were taken off at the movie. I laid beside him circling his nipples with a finger and sliding my tongue into his mouth stopping only to suck his nipples, he was so hard, I went down and started to suck his cock and play with his balls. He pushed me away laid me on my back and started to suck my nipples I whispered PLEASE lick me. He slid down to my very wet very swollen very horny pussy and started to lick well that did not last long I ended up having a massive orgasm in about 60 seconds, he slid up and his cock entered me. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he was pounding me, hard fast and deep I think I was screaming for him to fuck me harder and he did with all his f***e I felt him swelling even more, my hands on his ass his tongue in my mouth I felt a huge load empty inside my pussy. He laid on top of me for a bit we were still playing with each others tongues, rolling ff me I touched his slippery wet cock and it started to grow again, I went down and started to suck it tasting the 2 of us mixed together, reaching down to my pussy I took some and placed it on my nipples and he sucked it off, it was the first time he tasted his own cum mixed with mine. Starting to neck again he was hard I got on top of him slid his wet hard cock into my slippery wet pussy I started to ride him, grinding my clit against the base of his cock I had another massive orgasm and he was for the first time having one at the same time. Once again laying beside him we talked about the movie, we talked about sex and I looked at him with lust and kissed him and asked him to lick me again, I new he was reluctant as many men are after Cuming inside a girl never mind 2 loads. There must have been lust and desire in my eyes, he kissed me played with my breasts and sucked my nipples and the wet all the way down and started to lick, I took both my hands and pulled his head closer to me and he kept licking, it did not take long and I was having another orgasm, while I was Cuming he slid up entered me and started to pound me with all he had, my orgasm lasted about 3 minuets and he rammed me the whole time all the way in to just about out and then all the way in again. Laying there we talked for about an hour about everything you could imagine but mostly about sex, he got up dressed and was leaving for home, I put my arms around his neck and was kissing him goodbye and I felt his cock get hard, I knelt down opened his pants and gave it a kiss, he pushed me back o the bed slid his cock in me and pounded me and rammed me like I have never been done, it lasted a long long time and by the time he finished my head was off the other end of the bed. My pussy was dripping my clit still swollen and me ready for more but he had to go. It was 5 in the morning and I was still so horny I phoned one of my BFs that gets turned on by this stuff and had known I was going out with the guy from the gym again.

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