Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rough Paradise SeXStoRY

"YAAAAS!" shouted Jessica, "We won!!". And she and her friend stayed to leave stadium. They walked along the hall of brand new stadium. Then Amy complained "It's hot here. I am so thirsty." "Okay, Amy" said Jessica, "Meet me at the exit". "I will". Amy walked to find a drink. Quite a long time. And she wondered what Jessica think where she is. She thought "If I can't find somewhat where I could drink there are still toilets (there must be) where I will drink there tap water". On a way she asked a security guy where's a WC. "That way" he answered. So she went. Then she stood in front of grey door. "There has to be!" she thought. But she overlooked the sign above them... When she opened doors she saw half naked and naked sexy football players. She entered a locker room. "Oh, sorry guys", was she apologizing "I was just searching a toilet to drink. I am leaving." and she grabbed the door-handle immediately. Then a guy grabbed her arm "You're not going anywhere. You will stay here." "Okay, as you say - I am your debtor." she answered. "Go, suck my dick!". And she grabbed her muscles and licked them thought his six-pack till she came to big, shaved dick and put it fully in her mouth. "Yeah!" the guy shouted. Rest of them were watching them and put their cocks in arms and rubbing them. "Hey Rob, why the fuck would you have her only for yourself!?" "You're damn right, Jack." Other guy agreed. They slowly came to her. Jack pulled her to lay on him. He put his hard as stone cock in Amy's juicy pussy. He was fucking her so fast. Then they changed position and Edward came under her Rob was on the top so Ed could put his dick in Amy's tiny ass. She was shouting so loudly. Then Michael came and he was banging his penis in her mouth deep throat to shut her up. As this was getting so hot all guys were near to cum she to have orgasm too, So as she said when she came she was thirsty - guys decided to fulfill her wish. So one by one they came to cum her into her mouth except Jack cummed in pussy and Ed into asshole. Such a lovely double cream-pie. As the Amy appeared at the exit Jessica asked where the fuck she was all that time. She said she was in a ROUGH PARADISE.

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