Friday, July 19, 2013

Mick meets Lou ( Wendys babysitter ) part 1 SeXStoRY

We have arranged to meet in Cardiff for our very special first time .. First though to be totally comfortable we go to a restaurant you know well , we fall straight into the chat --cheeky funny --and somtimes very suggestive !! We have a booth seat facing the street so we can also people watch as we talk --- suddenly you grab my arm --what ?? You jump up and run outside -- i see you put your arm around a beautiful young blonde girl --then lead her back into the restaurant --- she is sobbing -- her beautiful face is covered in her tears --- Mick meet Lou -- our baby sitter --- i have heard so much about Lou from you but god she is beautiful !! Lou has just been dumped by her boyfriend you say .. She has on a rain coat as it is wet and windy outside and really cold too ,, you sit her down next to me and then slide in after her ... The waiter has taken her coat -- WOW --what a fantastic body she has too --- she has a tight fitting Angora wool dress -- hugging her every curve like a second skin !! -- the dress finishes just above the knee and is complemented by knee length Black leather boots .... You hug her to you and whisper a few kind words in her ear --- i ask the waiter for another glass as we already have a bottle of wine open -- Lou gulps it down --- slow down girl i say --things aren't that bad -- he must be a right knob to finish with you !! You have known for a while that he is aplayer as he goes to the same club in the town -- you know of at least 3 girls he has been with while going out with Lou -but you have never said anything as you didn't want to upset her ---- but now you do and her mood changes immediately -- she has already moved on !!! Then as though i have just walked in -- Lou says to you --who is this --- you smile at her and say -- this is Mick -- My lover !!! Lou gasped -- and you say please don't let this out as it will cause all sorts of problems for me !! You are leaning into her stroking her thigh -- the dress is riding up her smooth firm thighs --- Never-- she promises !!! you look her inthe eye and kiss her lips very gently --- thank you you say ... i also kiss her cheek and thank her ... Then she asks you so many questions about us -- you say we met on line and have been having an affair for a long time -- its just that we have finally made time to meet and enjoy each other .. Your hand now has disappeared up her dress --- her hot thighs open voluntarily --- again you lean into her -- and kiss her sweet lips --- her mouth opens and you slide your tongue past her lips and your tongues play --- she sighs -- contentment !! Her panties are soaked as your finger run over the gussett --- along the material to the elastic in the leg you pull it to the side your fingers drag across her soaking lips --- your heart is racing -- you have wanted this for so long --- and now she is very willing for you to have her !!! all of her !!! i also lean into her and fondle her firm round breasts -- i feel her nipples so hard in her bra --- i tease them by rolling and pinching them -- she gasps as your finger finds her clit -- gently you stroke and play her pussy to tiny orgasms --- you remove your hand -- but instead you put all of your fingers through the gussett and rip off her panties !!!!!!!!!!!!!! you show me the creamy cum soaked panties and continue .... she smile and really spreads her legs wide -- i too have my hand under her dress -- and slide up to join your fingers stroking her mound ... you enter her with 1 finger --so do i -- then 2 --so do i her pussy is so tight on our fingers -- she is slurping and gushing as we gently finger fuck her ... You are kissing so passionately now -- i tap your head and say lets take Lou back to the hotel --- you smile ---- i pay the bill and we get our coats and rush to the waiting taxi ----- as we jump in Lou once again is in the middle --- this time i turn her head and kiss her full --- she resonds immediately --- your hands are inside her dress --- sticky very sticky cum all over her smooth mound ---- she is loving every second as much as we are !!! The taxi drops us at the Hotel -- we run inside --you holding my hand and Lou holding your other ----- We stop and wait for the lift --- it arrives --we get in ---- i'm behind Lou --- you infront ..... i open her coat and hold both breasts -- nipples trying to burst through !! you kneel infront of her -- raising her dress !! You now see the most perfect tight little slit ever -- wet --very wet hands ahve gone to her ass now -- massaging her open .... her head is back on my shoulder now ---- i say Wend forgive me my love but Lou has to have my cock also !!! you spread her lips --- a small triclkle of her thick creamy cum runs out onto her thigh ... you lick it up --- her first taste !! she tastes so perfect !!!! You apply your tongue to her mound ,teasing and playing her clit ---- your hand reaches through her spread thighs --- you grab my cock -- its throbbing -- hard !!!! you undo my fly and reach in --- grabbing me you pull my shaft out ---- the very first time you have held me or seem me !!! you lick your lips !! and smile --- you hold me tight really tight swelling my knob even more --- pre cum glistens ---- you wipe my cock along her open gash --- gathering her cum on my cock --- when you have taken me the full length of her cunt you lick every last drop of cum from me --- then wipe her again ---- and again each time tasting her sex on my cock !!!! i say please Wend don't do it --you doit again and i will cum !! please !!!!!!!!!! The lift stops -- we freeze incase someone is the otherside of the doors ----- No --- phew !!--- you stand up and we run down the corridor like k**s ---- you quickly open the door we fall into the room -- the door is closed ..................... we take coats of quickly but as i start to lift Lou's dress you stop me --- NO MICK !!! --- give us a little while we need to prepare ourselves for you !!!! it s our first time and everything must be perfect !!!! .. I sit on the bed you and Lou disappear into the bathroom ---- i only have my jeans on !! -- 20 mins later you appear ..... WOWWWWWWWWWWW... Lou has all white matching silk panties --bra white hold up stockings -- you have a basque -- hallf cup which is just supporting you firm round tits ---- your nipples are huge --- so hard and erect -- they look as tho they may well pop...... you stand infront of me saying nothing just smiling ----Then you say what dop you think Mick i have your early christmas present ---- you push me back onto the bed --- Lou watches smiling as you undo my jeans -- pulling them down my thighs ---- no underwear you say --- Never wear any and laugh !!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmm you say .. Lou sits next to me --- i stroke her thigh ---- you lean forward and hold my shaft tight just above my sac ----- squeezing as hard as you can !!! my knob feels like it will burst but you see what you want --- my pre cum appears in my little eye ----- Lou leans forward and pushes her tongue into my eye shen she sucks my pre cum out --- you kiss she her -- shariing my love juice !!!! i am so turned on watching you kiss --knowing your sharing my juice !! She is really nervous at having a total stranger in her mouth --- but within seconds of you breaking the kiss she is back down onme sucking for all she is worth ---- when she gets into her rythm she has an amazing mouth -- sucks like she has been doing it for years!!!! Lou is now kneelin up sucking me -- you are behind her --- you see her damp patch in the gussett and glide your finger over the wet silky material -- her body shivers !!!! she likes that --a lot !!!!!!!! you kiss the cheeks of her ass ---- she smells wonderful ---- your fingers find their way into the gussett ....You pull the soaking --silk panties to one side --- her perfect rose bud asshole is so tight and really is perfect !! you see her thick creamy cum has dribbled round to her asshole --- you taste her --- then you rim her very gently taking all of her pussy juices and savouring every lick and taste mmmmmmmm I have to take out my cock as she is now sucking me like a real pro --- fuck she has a great mouth but no way is she having my big load --No -- thats for You ... you now have her legs spread wide -- your fingers are probing her dripping pussy and your tongue is now so deep inside her tender little asshole -- her muscles are really relaxing now so you can actually remove your tongue frominside her and her asshole satys open for a few seconds --- perfect her training is coming along just as you want --- we are certainly in no rush tonight --we have the rest of the afternoon -- the evening -- all night and all day tomorrow to bring young Lou into our little private world ..... We are going to tech her things that aren't written --they can only be passed on by experts -- and we really are experts --- everything we do with Lou today she will use in later life --and have expectations of future lovers that they must meet to completely fulfill her needs ---- Right now she is being rimmed for the very first time and is getting sensations she has never known -- such wonderful orgasms are washing over her as you take her from one to the next and the next and on and on ---- i have removed her bra and have slid under her body --- i have her wonderful firm round breast dangle in my face --- each nipple inturn is sucked -- again with the sensations you are giving her bum hole --drives her over the top so many times ...... the nipple buds are fully erect and hard ----- i slide further under her --i watch your fingers playing with her clit and plunge deep inside her welcoming pussy ...... her cumis splashing me as your finger fuck her ------ i pull out your fingers ---- you feel my mouth go to her dripping slit -- while you continue to ready her asshole for more pleasures to come I have her clit in my mouth you have your tongue now 3 inches deep inside her ------ more cum hits me in the face ----- she has my cock in he rmouth again ---- ican't stand much more ---- i have to move --- fuck i want her cunt but NO i can't !!!!! i f***e her off my cock as i cum from under her ...... You stop licking her for a brief second to ask if all is OK ---- babe she sucks like a pump its amazing !!! i need to cum ---- i know i said i could last for hours but i never planned on being sucked by 2 beautiful women !!! You say well you had better get inside me then because there is no way i am stopping licking her now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 You slap Lou's arse --- lis down on your back you tell her --- pull up your lgs as tight as you can ---- she does so immediately ---- both her holes are gaping for you !!!!you look at me and say --- fuck my pussy first Mick i want all your love juices deep inside my womb --- i want to pretend you are making me pregnant --- i would love to have your baby !! i Kiss you --- then you break the kiss and put your mouth to Lous tight pussy --- you think this will be well spread by tomorrow afternnon ----- You feel me wipe my erection along your gaping slit -- gathering your cum as a lubricant ----- you really don't need any lube --but it gives you a wonderful sensation !!!!! I fed in just the knob --- your lips grab my cock --- fuck its as though your pussy is milking my cock --- so strong are your pussy muscles for sure i am going to be shooting inside you with in minutes !! i gently rub just my tip inside and out leaving you open and then back in --- literally a 3 inch fuck -- but your pussy is throbbing woith sensation and its wonderful ---- you move your mouth for 1 second --- give me your full length Mick --PLEASE ----- i glide all the way to my balls ---- its too late we both erupt in a huge mutual orgasm --- washing each others glans with our cum ---- the orgasm is so strong you collapse into Lous pussy --- i collapse onto the bed beside you !!! you roll onto my chest ----- Mick --- i love you that was amazing --no one has ever made love to me like you just have --- thank you ----- you kiss me so passionately ---- Lou is watching -- she is totally amazed --- what she has just witnessed is pure !!! so pure --- and act of love -- not just fucking but real love making !!!!!! she is stroking your back and legs and ass as we coontinue kissing --- she feels part of us ---- but we really do have something words can never explain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i reach down to your ass -- i hold you tight into me -- your nipples are super sensitive -- each time you move on my chest --- you get sensations in your pussy telling you all is well -- all is very well -thankyou very much !!! we kiss for an eternity --- Lou lies next to me --- you open your eyes and see her smiling at you ----you break the kiss ---- Lou says ------- should love making be this intense and passionate all the time Wend ----- yes it should baby -- with the right person ( you look at me and smile ) it will always be this hot and passionate ------ then you peck me on the lips --- you sit up on my cock --not inside just underneath you -- your basque is half undone your stockings still inplace --- i put my hands behind my head --- i say Lou -- you this this lady -- you have known her so much longer than me -- but in the short time i have known her she has really made me appreciate what a special lady she is ---- i would do anything for her ------ again you roll forward and kiss me ---- i lift my thighs and you fall onto me --- but this time as you sit back my still very hard cock enters you ---- Lou hasn't even realised as you just siit on me tightening your pussy muscles and again milking me !!!! you are sitting on my cock and your head is resting on my chest --- Lou kisses you ---- Wendy -- i love you so much she says !!!!--- i think i have for few years but now i really know -- i really do love you ------- you kiss ----- as she says those words to you i feel your muscles tighten and release yet another load of your love juices !!!!!!!on my cock My cock is swimming im my cum and your cum ---- so full is your beautiful pussy ................................. once again i am now thrusting into you --- i hold your ass cheeks ---- you break the kiss with lou ---- she watches as you also begin to ride me --- she moves behiind you and cups your breasts --- rolling and squeezing your huge nipples ------ within seconds you cum again on me ----- your fanny farts are so loud she laughs i pull you off my cock for a second --pulling you forward ------ she sees our cum rumnning from your gapping pussy --- without heitation she is cleaning you --- slurping and drinking our cum -----we kiss again ---the kisses are a sexual as our penetration --- such is the passion --------- Lou eats you for ages ----- then slowly she guides you back down onto me ----- as you ride me she once again sits behind you cupping both breasts -- playing and teasing your nipples ......... You slide off my cock to such a loud slurping noise --- you tell Lou to lie on her side --- then for me to position myself behind her ---- you lie infront of her ----- you take my cock and rub me along he super soaking pussy ----- you enter me into her a litle at a time you take me deeper and deeper --- with each stroke you make he climax ---- finally i am fully inside her ---- my balls are against her bum hole -----your mouth is all over her clit and my cock as i pull out to once again penetrate her ---each time you take me fully in your mouth sucking me clean -- then placing me back inside her ----- we make love like this for a full hour guiding her through so many orgasms --- she thinks it is the best feeling ever and wants so much more ................... We give her more of what she wants --------- you are sucking my balls also -- you know now that i am ready !!! you remove my cock --- you replace her pussy with your mouth ------ i cum -- you suck - again i pulse -- you suck finally once more i pulse inside your mouth !!!!!!!----- you move up the bed -- lLou also had a massive orgasm and had her eyes closed --- you touch her -- she opens her eyes --- you open your mouth and show her my cum !!!!!! no explanation needed ----- she kisses you so tenderly ----- you swap my cum from mouth to mouth for 5 mins --- then you break and you both show me my own cum in your mouths !!!!! you look at each other and then both swallow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get up from the bed -- where are you going you both ask ---- first to shower --- then we eat !!!! then we come back and make love all night ...... You look at your watch ----- we have been making love for 8 hours straight ---- 8 wonderful hours ----- Lou is in the bathroom and you say to me ---- today has been so perfect --- thankyou !!! Its not over yet Wend we are going to make it even more special when we come back ................................... to be continued !!! My thanks to Missy and Lou xxxxxxxxxxx

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