Friday, July 19, 2013

Sometimes you've got to be creative SeXStoRY

On my last business trip about a week ago, I was cleaning out the refrigerator in the back office. I came across a couple g****fruits that have been in there for who knows how long. They weren't quite mushy, but they were getting soft. I collected them and put them in a bag with an empty butter container and a small, half full jar of jelly and left the bag by the office door so I wouldn't forget to take it out when I left. A few of us decided to grab some dinner once the workday was over, and I grabbed my things and the bag of refrigerator trash and headed out. I was so absorbed in the conversation that I forgot to run by the dumpster and deposit the trash. In fact, I didn't notice that I still had it until I was getting out of the car at the hotel and reached for my computer bag and noticed the bag of trash. I didn't see any dumpster around the parking lot, so I figured I'd take it in and find a trash can inside somewhere. Again, I forgot that I had this trash, and took it all the way to my room. Not wanting to go out again right away, I left it on the counter, turned on theTV, and kicked off my shoes. Bored with the same old selection of shows on TV, I decided to take a shower, then work on my presentation for the morning. As I got out of the shower, I noticed the refrigerator bag on the counter, and thought I remembered seeing a trash bin in the laundry room just down the hall. For a second, I entertained the thought of grabbing the bag and dashing down the hall to throw it away and running back. What are the chances that anyone would be in the hall right at that moment anyways. I went so far as to look through the peep hole in the door, and even opened is a crack and looked up and down the hall. I didn't see anyone, or hear any movement. I started to wonder if there would be anyone else on this floor tonight at all anyways. It's a small out of the way hotel and a tuesday night, not likely to be much going on. I noticed that the thought was getting me a little excited. Putting the idea to the back of my mind, I instead got my laptop out and started working on my presentation. Once I'd finished the presentation, I started surfing the internet and found myself watching porn. Once again aroused, I started thinking about streaking through the halls again. I still hadn't dressed after my earlier shower, and it was nearly midnight. Chances of anyone being out at this time would close to none. Prudence got the better of me, and I slid some shorts on and a t-shirt and went to fill the ice bucket. Passing the laundry room and noticing a decent size trash bin, I remembered the trash bag still sitting on the counter. I decided to make this a reconnaissance mission, and determine if I could detect any other patrons on this floor. Pretending to be searching for the ice maker, I started down the hall towards the elevators listening very carefully as I went. I didn't hear anything as I went, and there were no lights showing under any of the doors. completing my circuit, I found that the ice machine on my floor was out of order. Still wanting ice, I hit the elevator and went to the third floor at the top of the hotel. Thinking that the layout would be the same as the second floor, I headed in the direction of where I thought the ice machine would be. After only a few steps, I realized that every room door was open. It didn't sound like anyone was around, so I continued, peering into the rooms as I went by. All the rooms were completely empty, no furniture, beds, chairs or anything. Further on I found out why. The rooms furthest down the hall had the carpet rolled up. I made a full circuit on the third floor making sure nobody was around, and got the thought to strip down and streak the halls on this floor, where I knew there was no one around. I picked the third room from the elevators and put the ice bucket on the floor in the closet space just inside the open door. I stood still, holding my breath for a few moments, listening for any sounds. Taking a few deep breaths, I took off my shirt and stuffed it into the ice bucket. As I pulled my shorts down, my hard boner spring out for freedom. I hadn't realized just how excited I was getting. Now fully naked, I tentatively stepped into the hall. Standing there totally naked in the middle of the hall, just feet from the elevators gave me such an arousing rush. At first, I just walked quickly to the corner and back, ready to grab my clothes and hustle them back on if I heard anything. Then I talked myself into going the full distance around the entire third floor. The decision became, if I should cross the elevators first, or go the other way and pass the elevators last before getting to the safety of the room where my clothes were. The rush was building and I chose to go the route that would cross the elevators last. When I rounded the first corner, I was shaking with excitement, and felt the warm pre cum starting to dribble out of my hard penis. Rounding the second corner, I'd calmed down a little and thought that I wasn't really in any kind of hurry, so I started walking into different rooms here and there. Finally I had reached the elevators. My cock throbbing and dripping, I approached the nearest elevator and gripping my eager dick, I smeared that penis juice across the doors. My cock came alive with the attention and my mind immediately started searching for other things to do with or to my horny muscle. The first thought was to call one of the elevators and hold my cock out for the doors to shut against it. I wondered how tight the doors would press together, against my willing penis. Without really thinking it through, I hit the button and heard the hum of the elevator rising. Suddenly, I realized that I was naked, and that there is a possibility that someone might be on the elevator when the doors open. I sprinted into the room where my clothes were and quickly jumped into my shorts. I was just pulling my t-shirt over my head when I heard the elevator doors open. I didn't hear anyone, so I peered around the corner to see the doors slowly closing. Grabbing the ice bucket, I jumped out into the hall again and just got my hand between the doors to hold the elevator. Convinced that I was still alone, I stepped into the elevator, dropped my shorts and massaged my cock back to life and waited for the doors to close again. On the first try, the doors barely touched my dick and sprang open again. I looked and saw that the elevator door was actually two doors, a door to the passenger car, and the door to the floor. The passenger car door was pretty thin and there was this plastic bar that seemed to be what caused the doors to spring open again. The door to the floor looked to be twice as thick. So I stepped back into the hall and waited for the doors to close again. This time I shuddered as the pressure of the metal doors came together on either side of my wanting penis. They came together pretty quick, and slowed at the last second, but they pressed pretty tight on my hard cock. With my dick stuck in the elevator doors, I realized that I didn't really think this through, and wondered if I could reach the call button to open the doors again. The fear subsided when I started to lean away from the doors, and my penis popped right out. By this time, I'm crazy horny, and a little disappointed in the elevator doors. It's getting time to jack off before I do something really stupid. In a moment of clarity, I remembered that I came up here for ice and collected the bucket and went to the ice machine. The second floor was quiet and still. I chose to walk the long way around to get back to my room and see if any lights were on, or TV sounds audible as I went, still dwelling on what else I wanted to do naked, and how or even where I wanted to masterbate. Opening the door to my room, the first thing I saw was the bag of trash on the counter. In a jolt of mastibratory imagination and horny desire, my mind started grasping at ideas. I grabbed the two g****fruits out of the bag, and took my pocket knife from my trousers pocket and cut a hole in one side, and thought about shoving my hard cock into it. I yanked off my shorts and put the head of my penis up to the hole and saw that I needed to make the hole bigger. As I was cutting the fruit, my eye caught on the microwave on the counter next to where I set the ice bucket down, and my plan started to come together. My erection had overtaken all thought now. I was so obsessed with thoughts of thrusting my cock into warm juicy g****fruit, my mind racing to think of any way to make this better. I placed the first g****fruit in the microwave and set it for 30 seconds. The waiting was unbearable. I began carving a hole in the other g****fruit while I waited, and as the bell rang from the microwave, I hastily switched the two and set the timer again. My anticipation was causing me to quiver. I had to test the first fruit. I placed my cock head just inside the hole I had carved into the g****fruit and my penis wanted to go further, but it was cold in the center. Again the bell from the microwave sounded and I switched the fruits again, putting the first one in for another 30 seconds. I decided to carve a hole on the opposite side of the second g****fruit while I waited, thinking that maybe it would heat through faster if it didn't have the rhine to go through. The microwave rang again, and I grabbed the fruit from inside and shoved my cock in as far as I could. This time it was hot inside and I thought I might have burned my dick head. I set the first g****fruit down and placed the second one in the microwave, set it for 30 seconds and decided that I would jack off into my g****fruits up on the third floor. I would do it in the middle of the hallway, or in the middle of one of the rooms. Maybe in the elevator. I quickly stripped out of my t-shirt, put both g****fruit in the bag and stepped into the hall completely naked. Right as the door was about to latch, I remembered my room key and thrust my hand against the door, knocking it inward and slamming it against the wall inside the room. For a second I thought the sound might have awakened someone. I stood still, listening and holding my breath. A moment passed with no sound or movement. I shot back inside my room, grabbed my card key and quietly closed the door behind me. My cock throbbing and the rush of what I was doing racing through my body, I made a full lap around the second floor before reaching the elevators, just for the hell of it. I heard the whoosh of the elevator climbing after I hit the call button, and as I was standing there absolutely naked, in the middle of the hall, I wondered why the elevator hadn't just opened. Someone must have called the elevator while I was microwaving my g****fruits. The whooshing stopped and the elevator bell sounded, I was frozen with indecision, my mind telling me to run to my room, and to hide int the laundry room at the same time. My legs weren't responding to either command. The doors started to open, and the car was empty. I let out a sigh of relief and stepped into the elevator and pressed the third floor button. As the elevator started to rise, I took one of the g****fruit out of the bag hoping it had cooled enough by now, and at the same time, hoping it was still warm enough. The doors opened and I stepped out into the hall, set the bag down and facing down the hall, I rammed my cock into the g****fruit. It was still hot, and when I pulled my dick out, there was enough juice on me, that it continued to burn. I looked around quickly for something to wipe my cock head with, only seeing the bag at my feet. The empty butter dish would do no good, but there was the half filled jelly jar. I unscrewed the lid and tried shoving my dick into the jar, but the jar was too small. By this time the heat had subsided and my erection was taking over again. I remembered cutting a hole in both sides of the other g**** fruit, and I hastily grabbed that one and gingerly touched it against my penis head. It felt warm, wet and inviting, and I pushed harder into the fruit. I hadn't cut all the way through the fruit, so I had to thrust in hard a few times to start to make more room inside. I started pushing harder and harder, thrusting my hips into the pressure my hands were putting on the fruit. In a moment, I broke through. I felt like I might explode with that feeling, but I wanted to take more time with this adventure. I slid my penis out of the g****fruit and walked down the hall a way, deciding to stand in the middle of the hall at the corner of two hallways. There I slowly started pushing my penis back through the fruit, savoring the sensation as I slid in and out. The excitement of finally masterbating made my cock electric with feeling. I started pushing harder as I thrust my dick through the fruit, going deeper, feeling it tightly gripping around the shaft of my cock. Slowly sliding it off my cock, and gently pressing my penis through again, deeper. The sensation was mind blowing. In and out, feeling the warm juicy pulp of the g****fruit caress my penis head and shaft. I reached down for the other fruit and pushing all the way through the first, I started twisting the other g****fruit around on my cock head. It was still pretty warm and the sensation intensified. Feeling the fruit grip and slide and move as I twisted it on me. I began to move faster, twisting, thrusting, groaning, shaking. I felt it coming. My back curved, my thighs tightened, I couldn't breathe. Just furiously thrusting in and out, twisting, slamming the fruit harder and harder onto my ready cock. I started to ejaculate, and I could feel the warmth of it spreading, mingling with the g****fruit, reviving the sensation. I kept going, thrusting, twisting, thrusting, deeper, harder. Feeling my cum warming my cock shaft, spilling out between the two fruits, dripping onto the carpet between my feet. Still I thrust, my hands squeezing the fruit against my cock, twisting, thrusting. Feeling the sensation all throughout my body. I could feel it building again. Angrily, I kept pushing, squeezing, twisting, thrusting, harder, faster, more, until I came again. This time as the cum shot out of my cock, it felt like all my energy went with it. I fell to my knees, still slowly twisting, savoring the feeling, not wanting to stop just yet. Sliding in and out, slower now. In and out, squeezing and twisting. Finally, I pulled the g****fruit off the end of my cock. It looked like an orange bowl of cum soup. I carefully set it down against the corner of the wall, still squeezing and slowly sliding the other g****fruit up and down my shaft. I decided that I would leave it there. Someone should see the evidence of what happened here. I pulled the other g****fruit off my penis and set it beside the first. A memorial to some of the best self pleasuring. sl**pily, I returned to my room. Walking casually, naked down the hall, into the elevator. Unconcerned if anyone might be in the hall on the second floor. I strolled through the empty second floor halls for a while, enjoying the thrill, my nakedness. At last I gave in. I went into my room and collapsed on the bed, smelling of fresh fruit, sweat and ejaculate. It was a grand night.

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