Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mum inlaw SeXStoRY

Hi not so much a story but a confession. For about the last year i have been Fucking my Mum inlaw. All started when My Wife and Me went though a Bad patch and Her Mum had chat with Me one day and I said that I was though and just gonna fuck any pussy that came along and after I calmed down she firstly told me off for my disrespect to women calling them pussies then asked was I serious about an affair. After answering yes she asked me outright if I would have sex with her guess when your older you don't beat around the bush no pun intended and as she still pretty goodlooking for a woman hitting 60 I said why not. So without any messing around she stripped and after bit of work getting her wet I eventually fuckedher and once a month from then have been clearing hers and Mine pipes out even though Me and The Wife sorted our diffrences. So why the Story now well earlier tonight I finally managed to get her to fuck me Doggy-style and you all know how Great a feeling that is compared to missory postion even though her back hurt a bit she seems to enjoy it as well and I couldnt belive a woman pushing 60 had never done Doggy-style before hell in nature its the default postion. So as said earlier I had a great time and hopefully she will take to this postion and our affair will reach new level.

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