Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Stawberry Vodka SeXStoRY

Strawberry Vodka by Domino Vinke Copyright2013 The two couples left the bar early that night. Kristie had gotten sick on the dance floor. Jason, her boyfriend, was angry they had to leave so soon, and angry at her for drinking so much in so little time. Kristie matched his anger out on the sidewalk. “I’m not d***k!” Kristie insisted. “I threw up because I was dancing too much!” Her speech was not slurred and her balance suggested that she was sober. Still, Jason wasn’t convinced. “You always do this, Kris! You think you have a high tolerance and try to show off. Then you end up embarrassing yourself.” Kristie’s eyes grew cold. “No one actually saw me throw up but you,” she said. “We wouldn’t have had to leave if you hadn’t made it such a big deal.” “Guys! Guys!” their friend Dev stepped in and interrupted. “Take it easy. How about we all go to me and Jamie’s house? We can watch a movie or something.” He looked to his petite wife Jamie. “Is that okay with you, babe?” “Sure,” the young brunette answered with an easy-going shrug. Kristie crossed her arms. “Well, I still feel like drinking.” “I’ve got some strawberry vodka at the house,” Jamie offered, her smile hopeful and encouraging. Kristie looked back at her boyfriend Jason. Both looked like they still wanted to argue. Then Jason sighed and put his arm around her. “Come one, Kris,” he said. “Let’s not fight. Are you feeling better now?” “I feel fine,” she answered, reluctantly leaning her head on his shoulder. “Let’s just go.” The two couples took separate cars to Jamie and Dev’s house. Because they all lived in a small town it was only a few minutes’ drive. Jason and Kristie said nothing to each other on the way there. Once all were inside Dev and Jamie’s quaint and cozy home, Dev took it upon himself to suggest a game. “What kind of game?” Jason asked. “A drinking card game,” Dev answered with a wry smile. “Poker. Five card draw. After each hand the losers take a shot.” “I got the vodka!” Jamie sang out as she closed her fridge door. She held up the big bottle of pink liquor. The bottle seemed very huge compared to her small frame. “Let me see it,” Kristie said, walking over to Jamie and reaching for the bottle. Jamie handed it to her saying “I tried some of it the other day. It’s not bad.” Kristie unscrewed the top, sniffed it, and then took a long chug from it. Three huge glugs later she let out a loud exhale and shrugged. “It’ll work!” Jason and Dev cleared off the square dining table in the kitchen and set up the chairs. Dev ran to the bedroom saying “I’ll get the cards and matchsticks!” “I’m getting the shot glasses!” Jamie called back with visible excitement in her face. She was very short, just short of five feet tall. So, she had to stand on her tip-toes to get the glasses out of the cabinet. In less than a minute the table was set and everyone was seated around the small square table. Everyone got a shot glass. The tall bottle of strawberry vodka stood ominously in the center of the table. Dev started to deal the cards. Now, Jason was a man who did not mind losing. But he was still mad at Kristie for making an ass of herself. He also knew he was a lightweight when it came to drinking. That vodka scared him a little bit, although he would never admit it. He resolved to not lose. He would play as aggressively as he could for the simple satisfaction of beating his girlfriend at something while staying sober. The two young couples chatted, drank, and played for what seemed like an hour. By the end of his Jason had managed to only lose three hands. He was feeling tipsy, but nothing compared to the others. Jamie and Dev were good at holding their liquor, but they were laughing hard with a pleasant buzz. Kristie was sloshed and rolling on the floor, laughing herself red. When she was done laughing she tried to use her chair to get up, but soon she and her chair fell over again. Jason tried to help her up. “Let go of me, asshole!” she grumbled at her boyfriend. She slapped his hands away from her. “I don’t need YOUR help!” Jamie stood and looked over the table. “Do you want to lay down, Kristie? You can have the couch in the living room.” Kristie managed to get on her hands and knees and grunt something that sounded like “Okay”. She then began a slow, clumsy crawl into the living room. Jason rolled his eyes in embarrassment. Dev called out to her “Are you sure you don’t want any help? We have blankets.” No one got an answer from her. Kristie simply crawled onto the couch and passed out cold. For the rest of the night and most of he next morning nothing would wake her. “Finally,” Jamie thought to herself. “Let’s play a new game,” she told the two men. “Well, same game but no more alcohol or matches.” “So, what are we betting?” Dev and Jamie gave each other a knowing grin. “Clothes,” Jamie said with a bounce in her seat. “And hey, look, I’m already losing!” She raised her dainty feet to show that her shoes were off. Jason sat back in his chair and his face felt very warm all of a sudden. “I don’t know.” Jamie smiled brightly. “Oh, come on. I know you’re not the shy type, Jason! Or are you afraid you’ll lose?” Jason looked at his friend Dev. “Are you cool with this, man?” Dev shrugged and smiled. “I don’t care. I’m cool with whatever. Let’s play!” With that Jason was set at ease and the game began. Jason still maintained his pay-to-win attitude (although a part of him hoped to lose more often than he did). The slow losses went like this: -First, Jamie lost her socks followed quickly by her shirt. She was wearing a tight black laced bra with small traces of purple trim. The tops of her of her soft round breasts bulged out from above the small bra’s cups. -Dev lost his shoes and voluntarily removed his socks. -Jamie lost her jeans. She peeled them off her shapely legs, revealing a pair of blue satin panties. -Dev lost his shirt. -Jason lost his shoes. -Dev lost his pants. -Then at long last Jamie lost her bra. The two men eagerly watched as she slid one strap down her shoulder, then the other. She raised her chin and arched her back as she reached behind to unfasten the hooks. When it came undone to reveal her perfect tits that spilled forward, Jason felt all his d***kenness fade away. His cock began to stiffen and harden in his underwear. Her hoped and prayed to get in back down until it was his turn to lose his pants. -Luckily, Dev lost his pants next followed quickly by his boxers. By then, Jason had no problems keeping his cock controlled. -Then Jamie lost her panties and he had to concentrate again. Her ass looked so smooth. Dev and Jamie were now completely naked. Jason had won the game. Yet, somehow he felt like the one who had lost. “Tell you what,” Jason told them with a smirk. “So you two don’t feel left out…!” He took of all his clothes threw them on the table with the rest of theirs. Jamie looked back and forth at the two naked men in her kitchen. “So, now what are we playing for?” she asked. Both men looked at each other for a short moment before they both shrugged and grinned. “I dunno,” Dev answered. “We’ll figure it out as we go.” They played again and Jamie lost (on purpose). She looked at Jason and said “Well, you have the winning hand. You get to tell me what to do!” Jason tilted his head to Dev. “Give Dev a lap dance for…I don’t know…15 seconds.” Jamie complied and Dev scooted his chair back. He spread his knees, revealing his limp cock. Jamie placed her ass on his lap and began to slowly grind her hips, rubbing her ass cheeks lightly over the skin of her man’s dick. As the seconds ticked by she rubbed harder against his stiffening prick. 30 seconds into it Jason said “Times up!” They played again and Jamie lost (big surprise). This time Dev got to decide what she would do. “Go give Jason a lap dance, too.” Jamie locked eyes with Jason. She grinned smugly as she let out a sigh, saying “Oh. Okay.” She walked over to him. He leaned back in his chair. At first she treated him like Dev, rubbing her tender ass against his cock until it was good and hard. Jason’s heart was pounding in his chest as he tried not to moan. Then she stood up, turned around and straddled him! It took Jason utterly by surprise. She grinning mischievously as she grinded the slit of her pussy against and along the length of his hard cock and onto his balls. Up and down she slid, looking him in the eye the whole time. Her pussy hugged warm and wet against the underside of his manhood, His hands found her hips and he helped her with her motions. Just as his cockhead was in danger of slipping into her, Jamie got off him, sat back in her chair and giggled proudly. The next hand Jason lost the worst and Dev decided what he had to do. “Suck on Jamie’s nipple, the left one,” he told his friend. Jason complied without hesitation. He got up and ten knelt where Jamie was sitting. Grasping her plump tit in his hand, he put her nipple between his lips and softly began to suck. He could hear her breath seize and then grow heavy. He swirled his tongue around as he increased the suction. She began to moan. He got excited and bit down. “Ouch!” Jamie cried and laughed at the same time. “Take it easy.” “Sorry,” Jason said, a little embarrassed before returning to his seat. The next hand Jason won and Jamie lost the worst. “Go give Dev head.” he told her. Jamie exchanged a playful look with her husband before kneeling down beside his chair. She took his cock in her hand, leaned down and shoved into her sighing open mouth. Her head bobbed up and down passionately as her hand stroked him and cradled his balls. Dev’s head leaned back over the back of his chair as he enjoyed Jamie’s warm, wet suction. She breathed heavily out her nose and once again locked eyes with Jason. She was giving her man a sideways blowjob for her friend’s enjoyment. Her eyes, deep, blue and cat-like were filled with desire. Jason began to stroke his dick as he watched her suck and lick. Jamie loved that he was enjoying her show so much. She suddenly stopped and looked up at Dev. “Baby, let’s all go to the bedroom.” “Okay,” Dev answered in a slight whisper. The couple got up and walked out of the kitchen. Jamie gave Jason a “Come on” wave with her hand. He nodded and got up to follow. Quietly, the three naked friends tip-toed through the living room, passed the sl**ping, drooling body of Kristie, who did not stir as they passed her. They went into the bedroom and closed the door. Jamie and Dev were already on their bed, stirring up the sheets and blankets underneath them. Jason took a seat in the room’s only chair, and watched. The couple was in a wildly passionate 69 with Jamie on top, sucking and groaning as Dev licked her clit. On and on they went until finally Jamie said to her man “Bang me, baby. Fucking bang me!” Dev got up and put her in the doggie style position. He slipped his cock in her wet cunt and pulled her back onto it. Her lower back arched and the muscles on her upper back and shoulder’s began to tense. She tossed her brown hair wildly as she backed into his thrusts with the sound of slapping skin. Jamie moaned and groaned and cried out in ecstasy. “She’s getting awful loud, Dev,” Jason said with a laugh. “I should probably put my cock in her mouth.” “Then hurry up and get it over here!” Jamie answered with a daring smile. Jason got on the bed. He walked on his knees to her smiling face and aimed his cock right at it. Jamie’s lips surrounded his swollen member and he could feel her tongue swirl around the huge tip. He watched as his fully grown shafted disappeared in and out of her pretty face. He felt her moans and groans vibrate his glistening hard on all the way to his taint. And the whole time he was stunned by the amazement of the whole situation. Jamie’s heart leaped in sheer delight as the two men’s hands wandered over her, groping and fondling her as she took their throbbing hard cocks in her mouth and pussy. Dev began to fuck her harder. She relaxed her throat and sucked Jason deeper and deeper, all the way until suddenly Jason’s body began to tighten and jerk. He let out a gasping cry as he came down her throat and flooded her mouth with his hot warm cum. She swallowed it all and looked up at her friend with a slight mix of pride and disappointment. “Well damn, Jason. I wanted you to fuck me, too.” Jason caught his breath. “It’s cool. Just keep sucking. I’ll get hard again.” She did, and soon found that he was not lying. “Lay down,” she told Jason. Dev got out of the bed and went to his dresser. Jason lied down and let Jamie mount him. “Having fun?” Jamie asked as she lowered her pussy onto her friend’s shaft. “Time of my life,” Jason answered as he slowly thrust up into her. The two kissed passionately, their bodies close and tightly locked together. He ran his fingers through her hair as they breathed deeply into each other’s ears. His hands gripped her ass and ran down the sides of her thighs as she grinded his dick around and around with her hips. “Hey, honey? Where’s the glide at?” Dev asked. He was still at the dresser, searching through the drawers. “Bottom drawer in the back,” Jamie responded. He looked own at Jason and giggled. “So, um, there’s this thing that we’d like to try. You are kinda required to be here in order for us to do it.” She laughed again, a little embarrassed even though she was naked and fucking. Jason smiled. “I have a feeling I know what you’re getting at. It’s cool. Mmm. Wow! You’re pussy is even tighter than I remember!” “Why thank you!” she replied. She gave him another kiss. “Found it!” Dev said with a grin. He held up a small bottle of clear liquid. “Use a lot this time,” Jamie told him. “Will do, babe,” Dev answered as he undid the cap. Jamie lowered herself completely on Jason’s cock and the two held still. Dev pressed the nozzle of the bottle against Jamie’s asshole and squeezed. Jamie wrapped an arm around the back of Jason’s neck and nuzzled her head against his. “I can feel it filling up,” she said. “What was that, half the bottle?” “Yeah,” Dev answered. Make sure you save some for you,” she told him. “Always do.” After a few seconds, Dev lubed up his shaft and got behind her. “You ready, baby?” Jamie was both giddy and nervous. “I don’t know! I guess it’s now or never!” Dev pressed his cockhead against her anus. Slowly but surely it opened like a warm, wet flower as he pushed in. Jamie held tightly around Jason’s neck and took deep, slow, practiced breaths. Soon, Dev was able to push all the way in and slowly withdraw. And just as he withdrew, Jason below withdrew, as well. Then Jamie felt it, both cocks fucking into her at the same time. It was an utter mind-blowing fantasy come true for her. Both men were different heights, but their cocks were conveniently about the same size. Slowly, she raised her head and her shoulders. She found herself in both the mounting position AND the doggie style position, pinned between two men who adored her. The cocks working in and out of her made squishing wet noises as they filled her up. She felt the skin of Jason’s chest brushing her nipples as she backed up into the thrusts of her men. HER MEN! They were all hers tonight! And the feeling of their fat cocks inside took away any ability for her to make a sound. It was a feeling so new and so good she could not speak or moan or anything. It was like a constant orgasm deep inside her ass and pussy. Until at long last Dev began to fuck harder. Jamie whined as tears of joy and pleasure rolled down her cheeks. Then Dev came, filing her ass with jet after jet of hot cum. He let out a tired sigh and rolled to the side on his back. “God damn!” he exclaimed with a hardy laugh. “I need a break,” Jamie said weakly. She slowly and stiffly rolled off of Jason. She looked at Dev “And you need a shower.” “I know, I know. Just let me catch my breath.” The three friends lay in a naked heap for about a minute until Dev sat up and gave Jamie a quick peck on the lips. “Okay. I’m off.” “Take your time, baby,” she told him with a wink. Dev just smiled and answered “Sure thing.” He then got up and and left the bedroom. Jamie looked over at Jason and crawled on him, resting her chin on his chest like an affectionate cat. “So,” she said with a giddy giggle. “How’s your night going?” “Great!” Jason replied with a carefree shrug. He arched an eyebrow. “So, was that as satisfying as you hoped it would be?” “It was fucking awesome! Your dicks felt amazing! Totally a fantasy come true!” Jason ran his fingers through her brown hair, admiring her cheeky enthusiasm. “Good. Glad I could help. But, truth be told, I was hoping to cum again.” “Oh really?” she said with a twinkle in her eye. “Well, I was hoping you could go down on me. My clit could still use some more attention.” Jason smiled slyly. “I always wanted to know what your ass felt like, Jamie. I never got a chance to fuck it when we dated.” Jamie smiled and shrugged, saying yes without saying anything at all. Jason rolled her onto her back and hovered above her. He kissed her tenderly on her neck, working from one side to the other. Then he made his way down to her small swollen breasts and licked them like they were ice cream cones on a hot summer day. Then he licked out her belly button. All the while Jamie a face contorted as she was tormented by the pleasure of his tongue and mouth. When he finally began to French kiss her pussy, Jamie’s back arched and she covered her face with a pillow. Jason’s slick textured tongue glided all over her swollen clitoris, filling her legs and stomach with waves of warm pleasure. He licked and licked slowly in time with her breath. Jamie’s hips began to rise and fall as he increased his speed. Jason could feel his jaw aching from kissing her so much earlier, but he kept going! Jamie could feel the orgasm building inside her, growing and growing. “Stop!” she said. Jason’s head rose to look at her “Huh?” Jamie placed her hands on Jason’s face. “I want us to cum together. Fuck me now!” “Okay, but…” “I’ll rub my clit while you fuck my ass. Hurry up! Before Dev gets out of the shower!” “Okay! Okay!” Jason got up on his knees and scooted in closer to her. He looked down and watched Jamie begin to play with herself. The sight plus his helping hand gave his cock all the hardness it needed. “Are you ready for it?” he said lowly. “”Yes,” she said in a gasping whisper. “Say it,” “I want you to fuck my ass, Jason!” It was all he needed to hear. Jamie’s sweet asshole was still slick and it accepted Jason’s cock with out a problem. She felt her clit swell and her pussy get wetter as he penetrated her. She dipped her finger into her tight cunt and rubbed its slick wetness around her clit in fast circles. Jason shuddered as her ass gripped him in a strong knot of flesh. Without control or mercy he began to pound her ass, fucking her hard enough to jolt her small body over and over. Jamie felt the orgasm growing again, and it was too fast and intense to stop this time. With all her effort she cried out the words “Oh yes! Give it to me!” Jason felt his balls rise at the sound of her voice. His cock began to throb and twitch deep inside her. And then the two close friends came together in a brain smashing orgasm! Their hearts pounded madly as the world around them exploded into oblivion. For countless minutes they lay together, exhausted both mentally and physically. It was then that Dev came back with a towel around his waist. He looked down at the two of them and laughed. “So, I take it it Jason’s turn to take shower now?”

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