Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Car SeXStoRY

I was looking at a few cars the other day, one car was owned by this 6ft tall guy with muscular arms and blonde hair, just my type!, anyway, I was looking at the car all the time thinking to my self 'I so want him' I popped the bonet open and bent down to look inside. I was wearing tight tracksuit bottoms which kind of showed off everything!. The guy came over stood beside me talking about the car, then I felt his hand on my back, which felt nice, he moved his hand up and down for a bit then he stood behind me and pulled down my tracksuit bottoms. He startted playing with my ass, first licking the hole and then sticking his tounge in followed by his finger, this carried on for about 10 mins, he then stood up. He startted talking about pistons moving in and out, this was closley followed by his cock entering my hole. It felt very thick (about 5 inches thick, and a good 9 inches long). He pounde my ass with his tool, first at a slow pace, and then quickening. His balls were slapping against my ass cheaks, as i felt his body tense, he whispered in my ear 'I'm gonna give you this' - he shot a good 5 spirts of cum deep in to my ass. He then stood hehind me motionless - his arms wrapped around me. After about 5 mins he pulled my tracksuit bottoms up sorted him self out and turned me around and kissed me. What a car viewing! I am getting the car on Friday afternoon, but going up Friday morning for some fun and excitement!

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