Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Taking Tara Lipinski SeXStoRY

I have been watching Tara practicing at the national ice rink for almost 3 weeks now. I had stolen a key from an unlocked maintenance truck and used it to get access into the building through the maintenance room. After searching the office, I found a pass key and returned the first key to the truck undetected. I now had a view of the ice from the dark ceiling. Fortunate- ly, I was a defensive end (5'11, 195) in high school and am able to safely climb my way up each day. This was c***d's play compared to some of the monsters on the football field. I have a crush on Tara the world class figure skater, since she started national's 2 years ago. Her 90 pound, 4'10", lithe body could do Triple Loop Combos without equal. I dream of her athletic coltish legs wrapped around my waist as she screams for me to fuck her harder. Alas, I knew that would never be. An ugly engineering student was not part of her world. f***e would have to be my means of my seduction. I knew that every Saturday night she liked to skate after all the others had left. Her chance to gather her thoughts without coaches, fellow skaters, the media being around. At 7 PM, she would bag it up and wait for her mom to pick her up. I wanted her as mine ... forever. I slip down from my perch and head for the ice. I walk up to the low wall surrounding the ice wearing a stolen maintenance uniform. I motioned to her and said, "Miss Lipinski, could I speak to you for a moment?" She seems irritated that her solitude has been inter- rupted but she skates towards me anyway. I take in the sight of her as she approaches. Tara's red hair is tied in a ponytail. She is wearing a dark blue sweatshirt, a white pleated skirt that hangs just below her well shaped butt. Flesh colored hose and white skates complete the ensemble. I shiver as her strong young body comes closer to me. "Yes, what is it?" "My name is Harry and I want to fuck you until you're pregnant." Tara's eyes grow big; she is clearly shocked, knowing now what is about to happen. She opens her mouth to scream but never gets the chance as I slap her twice. I grab her by her hair and pull by the arm her over the wall. I pull her back into me and put one arm around her pretty little throat and my other arm across her small breasts. "Look babe, I have a gun and a knife. If you don't do as you're told, then I will hurt you real bad or even kill you. Do you understand me, Tara?" "Y-ye-yeesss mister... please, don't hurt me. My f****y has mone..." "Shut up, I don't want money. I want you." Her face shows fear, tears of fright begin to stream down her cheeks. Good, I think, I can tell she thinks that I'm just here to cop a few feels. Or that help will arrive soon. She nods her head and surrenders. Of course, she is wrong on both counts. Ten minutes later we are in the press studio where the interviews and other media shit takes place. Tara sits on the chair onstage while I man the video camera. I tell her what to say and do under penalty of pain. She smiles weakly as she says: "Hi, I'm Tara. Your country's best skater. I'm also a slut for my man. Let me show you how much of a slut I am." Tara then unlaces her skates and take them off. I have a sudden urge to rush forward to nibble and lick her small, dainty toes. But I hold myself in check, but my cock doesn't, it's growing fast. She stands up and pulls off her sweatshirt. Her 32A breasts are encased in a white lacy bra. She reaches behind her back and removes her bra letting it drop to the floor. She puts her hands under her small breasts, stifles a sob, and says, "Please lick my tits, mister." She then reaches to her back and unzips her skirt, slowly lowering it to the floor. Now she is clad in only her white undies and flesh colored pantyhose. She pauses, her eyes pleading with me to let her stop. But I give her an angry stare and she continues to strip for me. Tears streaming down her face as she slowly pushes down her white undies and pantyhose simultaneously. She looks up, and steps out of the puddle of under- wear at her feet. Then my little wonder c***d sits in the chair again, hooking her legs over the arms. Tara looks so hot as she begins to move her hands to her pussy - but then she stops. "Come on Tara Baby. Massage that pussy. Get it wet and ready for me." @ TARA'S VIEW: I am a young virgin skater who has never known a man or even a boy, never even been kissed or made love to... And besides my parents won't even let me date. My commitment to skating pushed dating and even adolescent sexual desires out of my mind. This strange man patiently shows me how he wants me to masturbate for him, since I've never done this before. The domination that this fat monster is forcing upon me is now releasing my repressed sexuality. I could feel raging sexual feelings in my crotch, my pussy moistening rapidly. I am shocked at the speed that I move my hands to my crotch. I never thought that something like this would ever happen to me, but now that it is, I feel a kind of freedom, that I've never felt before. He will hurt me if I don't do this for him, so it's not really my fault. I am so turned on at being dominated like this. He yells at me to get a move on, so I insert first one, then two fingers into my vagina and begin to massage it like he instructed me to. At his insistence I add another finger to rub my clit. My head falls back and a moan escaped my lips. I feel so good, Yet, I do this knowing that this b**st is videotaping while I do these nasty things to myself. I feel sooo embarrassed, but I can't help it ... I need to come now. Now, I get to experience what my friends, who go to regular school instead of an old boring tutor, have told me about. This is nasty but it feels so good. Yeah know? @ RAPISTS VIEW: I could tell that Tara Lipinski feels like her mind is leaving her body. She despises what I'm forcing her to do, as her young virginal body writhes and shakes - reaching an explosion of passion. She screams, "OOOO ... I'm cuumming ... OH God, YES!" Her love juices spill from her tight vagina, her strong young body goes rigid, and she momentarily blacks out from the overwhelming f***e of her orgasm. Tara Lipinski, the youngest champion skater in world history, has passed out from her first orgasm. I gently carry her warm, sweat-soaked body to the ice. It is time for the next phase. @ TARA'S VIEW: I slowly begin to awake with a warm tingly feeling in my crotch. My eyes are closed still and I enjoy the flood of electricity flowing from my pussy to the rest of my body. PUSSY?! Wait, something is wrong! I f***e my eyes open. I am lying on a white blanket. I f***e my head up. There is a large man with his face between my legs! I now know that it's his tongue that is causing me to squirm around and moan. That tongue of his is nasty... but oh it is so nice. Even though I am on ice, my body feels hot and sweaty. Oh no, I'm moving my hips, trying push my pussy into this ugly fat guy's mouth. With a mind of their own my hands move to his head, pulling tighter against my pussy. My heart is pounding out of control, I feel like a flood of water is on my thighs and crotch, and my muscles are locking up. I know that I'm about to cum again. OH THIS IS WONDERFUL! I WANT IT TO NE- HUH? He stopped! I raise my head to find out what happened. He's on his knees, staring down at me. What????? @ BACK TO THE RAPIST: I look down at her. Her face is wild ... and desperate. She scoots her lovely young body toward me while rais- ing her hips trying to get me to eat her harder. I shake my head no. She needs release. But I won't give it to her. I must break her, then she will be mine. "Tara babe, if you want to cum again, then you gotta beg me. You must beg me to fuck you. And then I'll make you come like you wouldn't believe." She instantly gets angry, her face turning red. "Go to hell you bastard! I don't need you." I smile and wait a few minutes. Then I eat her again, bring her to the brink again, but without final re- lease. After each muff dive, I tell her to beg me. Finally after the 4th time, she gives in. "P-pleease mister ... I need it." "What Tara? Say it." "Yeah know... with your thing." "No, Tara. Say it like this: Please master, fuck my virgin world class skater's pussy." "I ... well ... oh ... Pleeease master, fuck my virgin world class skater pussy." "Sure thing baby. But first, say you love me, with all your heart." "NO ... I won't ... please ... with your thingy ... oh okay ... I LOVE YOU MASTER WITH ALL MY HEART ... NOW PLEASE FUCK ME!" "Your wish is my command, baby." She is embarrassed by her begging and turns her head to the side closing her lovely eyes. She at first does not notice what I'm doing. I move the head of my meat near her face. Tara then notices the video-cam with its red-light blinking. Shocked, she knows that EVERYTHING ON THE ICE HAS BEEN TAPED. Tara's red face turns towards me and if it's possible she is even more shocked as she sees my HUGE VIRGINSLAYER, 8" long and almost 3" wide. I chuckle as she get the idea what's going to happen to her tight little cunt in just a minute, and in front of the camera to boot. "NOOOOO ... DONT DO IT ... STOP PLEASE ... OH NO ... ITS TOO BIG ... YOU'LL KILL MEEEEEEEE!" Her scream rings in my ears as I shove my K-Y slicked cock into her tiny well lubricated pussy. It's a tight fit but I apply steady pressure. My Slayer is stopped briefly by her hymen but I burst through with no real effort. She screams, yells, and sobs all at once. She beats her little fists on the ice, on my arms and chest with her, but it makes no difference. Her tight pussy actually causes me a little pain. But I ignore all of this and keep on humping. I move my lips to her chest and suck on her tiny nipples. They grow hard quickly as my lips, teeth, and tongue go to work. I'm now in a rhythm, fucking her in a slow, deep pene- tration. She's sooooo tight, I feel like I'm in one of my own erotic dreams. I feel my cock helmet smashing against her cervix. I even feel her cervix open to the battering ram that is mine. Her eyes go from shocked to angry, then to pain-filled too, and then finally that of ecstasy and astonishment. I feel her coltish legs slowly wrap around my waist, loosely unsure at first but locking tightly after a few more thrusts in and out of her stretched little pussy. Her arms reach around my neck. Moans and sobs come from her lovely fill lips. I thrust faster and faster, I can't hold out any longer -- man-juice erupts like a tidal wave. She is a moment away from coming too. Then it finally dawns on her... "NO DONT ... UGH ... I'LL GET ... UGH ... PREGNANT ... UGH ... NOOOOOOO, PLEASE NO!" Then it hits her so hard she cant breath. "OH GOSH ... UGH ... I'M CUUUUMMMIIIINNG!" I Pump my baby juice until there's no more left to pump then I collapse on top of her sweaty young body and we both lay there a long time breathing like we'd just run the 2 minute mile. It doesn't take long before she asking for more. The k**'s just been opened to the possibilities of sex, she's just been set free and wants more of it. @ She sits up in on my lap, humping up and down on my big pole, as we watch the videotape that I shot that night. It was all so easy. I only had to release the woman in her and she became mine. My hands are on her little girl breasts, my fingers squeezing her hard little nipples. She is leaning against my chest and I smell the sweetness of her red hair. There is no resistance from her now, only a desire to experience more of her own sexuality. I spurt into her once again just as she cums too. It is getting late and young Miss Tara will be missed if she isn't in bed by curfew. I put my left hand in her long, red hair and pull her head around. I stare into her bright eyes as I slip two fingers into her soaking twat. I bang her with my digits and I explain to her how our new relationship will work. She is listening, but her eyes become more unfocused as my fingers continue to work their magic touch. "Now Tara, just to be sure you understand me, I'm going to spank your world skating champion ass." I quickly turn her face down on my lap as she begs me not to spank her. She hurriedly says she will be a good girl and that her parents never spanked her before. I explain to her that the purpose of the spanking is to make sure she obeys without hesitation in the future. And that the videotapes are to ensure she comes back to me when called. I blister her tight little butt with my hand about 2 dozen times, pausing to massage her every five licks or so. After about a dozen swats, the little slut's cries turn to whimpers and then moans. Tara is trying to rub her pussy against my leg! Of course this gets me all worked up again and I throw her to the blanket face first raising her up with a tight grip on her hips I bring her up on all fours, and quickly shove my salami into her flooded, ice princess pussy doggy style. Needless to say, this puts me behind schedule. It is half an hour later and I realize that I have to let her go. I keep her sweatshirt, skirt, pantyhose, and undies. I have already wiped her pussy with her white undies. My sperm, her virginal bl**d and juices stain it. I am making her go back to her home with her pussy filled with my baby-making juice and orders NOT to take a bath until the next morning. I hope Tara's winter clothing will mask the scent of sex from her mom. I give Tara a French kiss and a pat on her tight little ass to send her on her way. EPILOGUE: I saw Tara bend over to receive her Gold Medal. She was the youngest skater to ever win a gold medal in the Olympics. She set another record: The First Pregnant Skater to compete in the Olympics. Almost every night for six weeks, I made her fuck me. Eventually she came willingly, which I really didn't expect to happen. After six weeks, she left for the Olympics both preg- nant and unhappy that I couldn't go. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with strangers. But it isn't okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with strangers!! You only have one body per lifetime, so take good care of it.

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