Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Barbara & Vikky pt2 SeXStoRY

One day, after ue were some months into our relationship I received a perturbing phonecall. It was Vikky in tears after one of her new guys had dumped her. I listened disinterestedly, just happy inside to consider which colour thong I should buy Barbara for an upcoming dressup session, and how she'd look in some clich├ęd transparent platform heels, like so many lap, slutty and ludicrous, especially with a thick cock hanging down! Or perhaps a female executive role...pinstripe suit, short skirt and hard-on! I was getting steadily turned on... 'Are you listening to me?' sobbed Vikky. 'Oh, of course' I uttered. But then, with a sudden rush frustration at Vikky's self-centered, big-headed attitude, not to mention her thinly-disguised plan to somehow get me back, no doubt due to boredom...something chemical clicked inside. Eureka! 'When are you in? This evening? Do you mind if I bring a good friend? You'll love her. No, there's nothing going on, I mean, she's old enough to be my Auntie! But you will like her, and it'll cheer you up, no end.' I hung up the phone. Even if nothing happened, the mere proximity of them both together would keep my imagination fertile for weeks! - - - I had of course described Vikky in detail to Barbara, who now smiled and shook her head at my callous plans, which, let's face it, were pretty obvious. We were strolling along the road near Vikky's, Barbara enjoying the attention from men who whistled at her trim form and large bosom, her blonde curls shining in the afternoon sunlight. She was adorned in tight denim jeans, red stilettoes and a pink peasant blouse strung ridiculously 'secure', the tie dangling loosely parallel with her tit-crease. We knocked on the door, which was promptly answered by Vikky. To say she was 'dolled-up' was understatement of the year. She had her golden blonde hair piled high, demure make up, and a long black satin dress leaving very little to the imagination...except a rather visible thong line, which admired as we followed her into her living room. I exchanged glances with Barbara, who simply raised an eyebrow, glanced at Vikky's pert ass as she clipped along on her gold spikes, and back at me, winking one of her liquid blue eyes, darkly framed with fluttering, lush, mascara-caked eyelashes. We sat and discussed life in general, and I eventually felt at home with my two girls. Vikky took in every detail of Barbara's form, and I noticed some lingering glances at her chest, much to my satisfaction...Vikky, though spectacularly endowed in the posterior and leg departments was lacking in the bust area. This had always been an issue with us, and I couldn't help but speculate that this was on her mind, seeing Barbara's huge proportions, and witnessing her mood in general. Jealous? Definitely. The afternoon had now retreated, swamped by a humid, sultry evening. Vikky leaned over and pushed her window open as much as she could, affording us both a glimpse at her angelic rear, and her miniscule thong-line. She fanned herself as she returned to her seat and topped up our glasses...I calculated that we were on the fourth bottle of wine. Barbara was visibly content, teasing the cool of her glass against her cheek, listening to Vikky's conversation. Vikky resumed her seat, then pseudo-casually spread her legs and pulled her dress up to her thighs. 'Phew! It's so waaaarm!!!', she exclaimed, fanning her face. Although not in the direct view of Barbara, I was privvy to an exclusive display of Vikky's creamy thighs, and the two questions which had plagued me all afternoon were explicitly revealed: her thong was a sheer black, and yes, she still shaved. Very closely. This was easy to tell as the black fabric of her thong was just over a centimeter wide, barely enough to cover her pussy-lips. She was gleamingly shaved. At about this time, it also occurred to me that Vikky was notoriously unable to hold her liquor, and after so many was the time for play. 'Barbara, have you seen Vikky's necklace? It's stunning.' I prompted. Barbara sat up. She took my cue. Now she tottered over to Vikky, saying 'Oooh, let me see...doesn't it suit you?' Barbara was now sitting on the arm of the chair, reaching down to inspect Vikky's necklace. I admired Barbara's cleavage for the umpteenth time that day. The fact that I maintained the view of Vikky's crotch was, in my mind, an xxx double feature. Vikky smiled happily up at Barbara, who continued to chat, to cajole, and to pamper. Barbara stroked her hair and asked if Vikky would mind if Barbara could 'play', to arrange her hair, an option Vikky accepted, laying her head on Barbara's knee, as the older lady let her hair down, to brush, stroke and arrange it. I helped things by filling Vikky's glass and offering it to her, which she gratefully accepted, draining it in three passes. 'Aren't you beautiful?' murmered Barbara. Vikky merely sighed in response. 'Oh, she is, Barbara. Look at those legs!' Barbara then took this prompt to gradually slide to the floor next to Vikky, stroking her calves, then slightly above the knee. Vikky murmured softly with pleasure. 'I think you need a massage, starting with the foot. Have you ever had one?' 'Oh yes!' exclaimed Vikky. Although unsure which part of the question with which she agreed, we knew she was hot. Judging by the bulge in Barbara's jeans, she wasn't the only one. Barbara knelt on the floor and made flimsy, unconvincing passes over Vikky's right foot, and made no attempt to relieve her of her spike heels. Vikky moaned softly regardless. After a few passes, no time at all, Barbara was sliding her hands over Vikky's knees, towards her toned thighs...still no sign of obstruction from her. I rose and went to the kitchen to find more wine: this was going to be an interesting afternoon. How interesting, and how spontaneously things would happen, remained to be seen... Whilst in the kitchen hunting for the corkscrew, the phone rang. I answered, to detect a strange voice, male, on the other end. I assumed it was an 'ex' (although aware it may have been a work colleague, of course) and hastily made some flimsy excuses on behalf of Vikky. Then, with a second thought, I decided to 'go and check' to see if she indeed WAS home...and left the phone off the hook, wondering how sensitive it was, in regard to picking up sound... Nothing could prepare me for the spectacle that followed. As d***k as I was, and how hot I'd been, this was something that surprised even me. Vikky was now sitting up straight, and Barbara stood next to the chair with one slender leg up on the arm, her face a study of absorption as she looked down at Vikky, who sucked long and greedily on her cock whilst also wanking it steadily back and forth, and who returned her gaze, eye to eye. I was so amazed to see Barbara's cock glistening with Vikky's saliva...that was my first impression. Vikky's legs were wide open now, and whilst one manicured hand slowly wanked Barbara's big cock as she sucked, the other deftly and daintily rubbed her clit, her thong pulled right over to one side. I was amazed, and a little heat of jealousy arose, I must admit. For Barbara, for Vikky, I wasn't sure. But it was forgotten when Barbara looked at me, smiled, and beckoned me over.

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