Wednesday, July 3, 2013

sucking at the adult bookstore SeXStoRY

My wife and I are swingers so I like to go and pick up some swinger mags and look for new local people, we are both bi but she doesn't know I am and how much I love cock. Well I go into the store one morning and started looking through the swingers books in the bi/gay section and I notice a guy watching me from the doorway to the video booths. So I smile and nod hi to him and go back to looking through the mags. Out of the corner of my I I see this guy doing somethin, I look over and he's got his pants open and his cock out.I'm thinking it would be so hot to suck a total stranger off, so I wink at him to see his reaction and he motions me over. I look around and there is only one other guy in there and hes busy looking at straight porn at the other end of the store. I go to the token machine and buy $5 of tokens and go in to meet this guy I walk past him and give his cock a little stroke as I go to the very last booth. I feed the machine a few tokens and put a film on not caring what it was. I turn around and grab this hard cock and slide it into my mouth as far as it would go, I'm working on him like it was the last time I ever got cock again, his hips are pushing at me making me take him all the wa to the base of it,I got my tongue doing it's thing around the underside of his cock head, and I fee it swell up bigger and feels his balls tighten up. Next thie he grabs me head and with one last push shoots stream after stream of cum in my mouth and down my throat, when he's finally done I milked him down to get the last drop, he zipped up and walked awaythat's when I noticed another one had been watching, and from the look of the bulge in his pants liked what he saw. I just looked at him and asked. You want to be next? I stayed alot longer than I had planned to, and sucked a couple of cocks

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