Monday, July 8, 2013

sarah , amy and jake SeXStoRY

Jake had just finished worked when he saw sarah walking towards him, sarah was a fiffteen year with small breast and a shapely body , jake was twenty and looking after sarah for the night . they walked to jake's flat , inside jake made a drink for them , turn on the tv and told sarah to make her self comfortable , while he got changed, when he come back down they started talking after a while the topic changed to sex , which is when sarah asked if her friend amy could come around to , jake said yes. It was 8pm when amy turned up the girls started talking while jake cooked the pizza , after they finished they started talking about sex again, they then asked jake if he every wanted to fuck ethier of them when he relpyed yes . sarah took jake's hand and placed it on her crotch , sarah was wet as she wanted him for so long , she moved in for a kiss in which made jake hard , amy was sat opposite them in just a pink thong which jaked saw , then he had an idea . he asked amy to go to his room and get his ex girlfriend's vibrator's out, he then pulled down amy's thong inserted the vibrator and pulled her thong back up , he then sat her on a chair and tied her to it . jake then looked at sarah , who looked liked she knew what she was about to do, she kissed jake again this time rubbing his hard cock , when jake said stop strip me and then strip yourself , standing naked in front amy jake pick up sarah's soaking wet thong and placed it amy's mouth and said enjoy your going to be next . jake then told sarah to suck him till he cum's in her mouth , sarah was enjoying it so much that she came as well , jake then pick sarah up bent her over the table a fuck her ass , she was screaming HARDER ,FASTER ,HARDER ,FASTER Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i'm cumming jake then pulled out turn sarah around and started to lick her wet moist pussy so he could taste her juice's , after sarah had cum hard over jake's face he wanted to fuck her pussy so much he came inside her . after jake had finished with sarah , he untied amy and said why do you fuck sarah now , amy had cum about 3 or 4 times just watching jake and sarah , and she was so horney she pushed sarah down and started licking her out , jake had gone in to his bedroom and come out with his ex's strap-on big and black he gave it to sarah and told her to fuck amy's ass while she sucked his cock . Amy was enjoying this three way until jake said to sarah lets swap , jake had cum in all of sarah and amy's hole's , he then let them fuck each other for the rest of the night. The following week they stayed round jake's every week from then on .

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