Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sex Day part1 SeXStoRY

Me and my boyfriend dan often have days dedicated to sex were anything goes sort of thing, no rules we can invite friends and no matter what we are doing throughout the day if the other wants it we have to do it. Recently we had one of these days my friend jessica was over the night before but as we arange these before rules still apply. she didnt know what we got up to in our sex life but dan changed that, she was still asl**p and me and dan were downstairs he told me he wanted sex so i bent over dropped my panties and let him fuck me after a minute or so he stopped and grabbed my hand leading me upstairs, i was confused but rather aroused at the roughness he was taking with me. he got out my vibrators and shoved on in my pussy,straight in all the way, he then got some tape and made sure it wouldnt come out, taping over my mouth he led me to the room where jess was sl**ping. when we got there she was still asl**p but without hesitating he bent me over her and started fucking my ass the pleasure was immense but surprisingly she didnt wake up straight away, only after a few minutes she woke up. she squirmed up the bed shocked looking scared but strangely she just dropped her underwear and ripped the tape off my mouth and f***ed my head to her pussy. dan was fucking me so hard in the ass i was almost in tears, but with the pleasure inside my pussy i could barely control myself, after a few minutes of fucking dan stopped and pulled out he went over to my bag of toys and emptied it out he grabbed one of my big vibrators and a clit stimulator he rammed the big one all the way up my ass and taped it like he did with my pussy, he then taped the clit stimulator to my clit, cuffed me up and tied my hands to the wardrobe. he stripped jess completely naked and started fucking her infront of me, this turned me on even more and with the pleasure i was feeling my legs became week i could barely stand watching him fuck my friend was so arousing he fucked her for about 30-45 minutes in that time i must of cum 10 times atleast everywhere was so sensitive when they were done he came and ripped all the tape off me, it hurt like hell, then he threw me on the bed and he and him and jess both pounced on me taking it in turns fucking my face and licking me out even fisting me this went on for 20 minutes or so making me come a few more times eventually we all just became too tire and lay next to eachother in bed for a while. afterwards she left and for the rest of the day me and dan didnt need anymore this was by far the best sex of my life

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