Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sirprises come in all shapes and sizes SeXStoRY

Story Time - truth or fantasy? Time year place not important My first love was as a result of an advert placed in local magazine to which surprisingly enough many in fact too many replies were received. Some honest, some not so honest, some totally nude ( these were suspect? why? because how many had been there before and what had they left or deposited !) My army mate shared many of these letters, others were given to unit members. Mine came from a young lady who seemed to be really ok and when on leave we met and had a good time. On my second meeting after many months of writing ( no I wasn't in prison - but on Army duties) proved that what I had thought about this lady was right. We discussed what we were both seeking in life our goals etc and finally the subject got around to sex! yes sex that action and reaction between male and female regardless of a****l variety, She was a total "virgin" ie never been seen or touched by the male species nor had she been given any sex information by her parents, any knowledge that she did have was from talk heard at school.( This is what I was originally believed_) X who I will call had a younger s****r 4 years her junior ( more about Y later) One hot night as X and I were walking along the beach I decided I would like to find out more about X see perhaps if any advances would get me anywhere. We went and lay down by the sea wall and gradually I said "Hey I would love to feel your tits they look pretty good to me!" X said and did nothing so I took my chance and reached out and started to fondle her breasts. Again X said or did nothing! She was wearing a lovely low cut summer dress which in memory showed a great deal of cleavage. Taking courage in my mind, I placed a warm hand down the front of the dress, expecting to find a bra of sorts, but there was none, and so I cupped my hand on a breast, then the other in my hands finding to my enjoyment that she had puffy nipples. (Puffy nipples became my life long excitement as does natural hairy clits.) All this had caused me to have a large tent in my shorts why? I will leave that to the readers own thoughts. Strangely X still had not said a word or made any attempt to prevent any of my progresses. I then started slowly to hold her closer, kiss her gently, place my tongue in her mouth, and move it in and out ( like the actions of a well trained penis) Still no comment, so again with a heart of strength I placed my hand on her knee and started to stroke her leg finally going higher and higher expecting to find some undergarment, but no straight to a natural and hairy spot high up between her legs. On reaching this and again not being stopped I place one finger then two in the entrance and I found this to be very warm and considerable wet very wet in fact, The problem in my shorts was getting larger so I suggested we take a walk up to the dressing shed just behind us. No problem we just got up from where were walked arm in arm and into the shed. Once in there my petting recommenced only slightly more heavily. I took the no objection approach to mean, well what comes next? I lifted the hem of her sun frock and took it up over her head and laid it on a bench nearby> there before me was a totally naked but sexually uneducated young desirable lady. My tent problem had increased three fold at this stage. I dropped my shorts to the ground and stepped clear of them. Suddenly the look on her face changed from being shy to one of wonderment I took her hand and placed it around the shaft and showed her what to do next and how > when she said out allowed > I dont want to do that >I have been waiting for hours for you to fuck me not once but as many times as you can manage> I am wet willing and waiting come here I will lay down on my clothes so you can get that in! Staggered at this sudden change I placed my prick at the entrance ready to slide it in gently when she said she was not a virgin as her now deceased uncle had taken her virginity at very young age. That at first she had hated it and him but later she only wished she had been able to visit him again! In I went and this process and proceedure happened many times. Her inner muscles welcomed me with enthusiam. One day I arrived at her home on leave, found no one was there so I just lay down on the lounge floor and went to sl**p as it had been a long and tiring journey. I awoke to find me covered in my heavy army overcoat, my fly undone, my weapon stiff and at the ready and the lovely younger s****r enjoying and doing what she had learned from the boys at school. I said what the 'hell' are you doing ? She replied 'giving you and hand job > shut up and enjoy it I want to see you cum" I have only seem young inexperienced school boys, now I have a real man in hand" relax your X will be here soon. When I have finished I will shower go to my room lay on my bed and masturbate about this something I will cherish but X will never know that I have had her man in my hand. As I was already passed the point of no return she continued allowing me to grope her young tits as she did so! Finally I came >came in heaps, it was lovely but never happened again!! She was excited that she had been so successful in what she had achieved. After 7 years of marriage I came home to find my "lovely" partner in bed with two strangers > I could not get over this so we broke up! Her s****r came and stayed with me for a few months but I could not keep up with her 24hour a day sexual appetite.‎22/‎06/‎2013

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