Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Tighter They are The Harder They Cum SeXStoRY

What had I done? How did I go from a very average Joe with nothing much happening in my life to a guy that had fucked his daughter’s friend in front of her and in a church toilet at that? Worst of all it had all happened in the space of one weekend! Now my own daughter was looking at me even funnier than usual... It was Sunday evening and Denise was in her pyjamas which was usual for this time after church. My 18 year old daughter looked the picture of innocence. So did her friend Gemma. Just two sweet teens talking about how much they hated Bieber and loved Bruno Mars. This was a far cry from a few hours ago... Gemma shaking after at least two orgasms following a short sharp shafting in the ladies cubicle at church had been in a trance, cum running down her chin and all over her clothes. Denise had been cleaning it off her with toilet roll and wiping her friend clean as best she could. The “Gemma’s been sick” story had worked on the busy-bodies in the congregation but I knew we had to get the traumatised teen out of the church building as quickly as possible before too many questions were asked. Denise was wiping as quickly as she could and she stood back to see how well she’d done, like an artist admiring her latest work. “Not bad!” She said out loud with her head cocked to the side. She flushed the loo roll in her hand and licked the cum from the side of her hand..... ...Time stood still as we all realised what had just happened... My little girl had instinctively licked her Dad’s cum... All three of us looked at each other with shock written all over our stupid faces. “There’s no time for this!” I yelled. “Get her out into the car. I’ll get your Mother and we’ll get out of here and go home!” We made our way to the car relatively easily except when I returned to help my disabled wife out of the building... My wife was talking to Hannah. Mid 30’s about 5’5” and well put together. Hannah was respectable looking with her blonde hair tied back, glasses and tight fitting blouse and skirt. She looked every inch the office secretary she was, until she opened her mouth. Hannah was a Northern Irish country girl and had the accent of a farmer. “What the hell was goin’ on in the bog? A heard somebody was shoutin’ fer Huey!” She asked, in her own way “Yes. Gemma was in the toilet. And yes she had been vomiting.” “Weird how Mrs. Brown says you were in the cubicle helpin’ Gemma and yer daughter had to climb over the wall o’ the other cubicle to help.” She replied with a grin on her face. “Why’s that weird?” I asked, dreading an answer as I knew the whole thing looked weird! “Why’d you not just open the door and let yer wee girl help? The grin got wider as she knew she had me... “You know how it is? I got in there to help and there wasn’t room to open the door with my big butt in there and besides the whole thing happened that quick I never thought.” I was sweating and made for the door with my wife by the arm. I looked back and the secretary/detective was looking at me ,shaking her head and laughing. The rest of the day was a blur of showers and then ... Bieber’s a douche and Mars is the hottest man on earth. Bedtime couldn’t come quick enough and as my wife retired and Gemma went to the loo I spoke to my daughter. As I started to apologise she stopped and said the weekend had been a real eye opener for her. She’d seen me wank off before but had never seen me cum and had never expected that it would be so cool watching her Dad screw someone. She understood her Mum was ill and it wasn’t easy for me. I thanked her, gave her a hug and as she climbed the stairs in front of me she said “And I got my first taste of man juice and it was my Daddy’s. I wonder what it tastes like warm?” Her laugh told me nothing about how serious or not she was. Women are so good at teasing... The start of the week saw me avoid eye contact with Denise and spending more time online. I was getting regular messages on Facebook from Hannah asking “What really happened in the toilet?” “How come Gemma looked red in the face when she was supposed to be sick?” “Why did the toilet not smell of vomit?” “Want to know what I think?” On and on she went. “Jesus! Columbo was never this thorough in his investigations!” I thought. There was a regular Thursday night church meeting and I attended it as often as I could. The class started and after a few minutes the door opened and in walked Hannah in the tightest fitting grey sweater in history and a nice black knee length skirt. She looked flushed and made apologies for being late and sat down in the nearest seat. Right beside me. Soon after that the notes started being passed. “We need to talk.” Was her first one “Make an excuse when the class is over and stay behind.” Class over, people started to leave and I said I needed to have a look at the recording equipment and would lock up when I was done. Hannah had already left and I was starting to think she was messing with me. 5 minutes later I saw the car lights pull in to the carpark and in walked Hannah. “What’s this all about? I asked. “I know you humped that wee girl.” She answered “That wee girl is legally old enough and besides how could I do that if my daughter was around?” “That’s got me thinking” She shot back “Somehow whatever Denise saw that day it was that good she covered for you and hasn’t said a word. In fact she has been telling everyone on Facebook what a wonderful guy you are. BUT... I know she’d crack if the church council were to find out. What would her poor mother think? The shame would be too much. Do ye not think so?” “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I mumbled as I turned my back and walked further into the church building and into the darkness. I walked up through the church pews as if looking for something and thought how stupid it was to pretend to be looking so closely for something in the dark. The lights came on... Hannah! “Ye can’t hide in the dark here!” She shouted. “What do you want from me?” I was getting frustrated and angry. I was worried that everything would come crashing down around my ears. “I need you to confess! I need you to see the sins you’ve committed in this very building!” “How fuckin’ dare you challenge me in here!” I shot back. Hannah was about 30 feet away from me when I charged at her. I could see the fear in her eyes as I put my hands around her throat and pinned her to the back wall. She was panting as I leaned into her and whispered through my teeth “Never, ever threaten me or my f****y again. What I do is my business.” Shockingly she reached out and put her arms around me and pulled me closer. She slid her hands up to my face and as I loosened the grip on her throat she kissed me. It was a desperate kiss and one that screamed she wanted more. I was so caught up in the emotions I kissed her right back. Deep and passionate. We rolled along the wall and settled in a corner. My hands were everywhere groping and feeling her curvy body. Wonderful womanly breasts and an ample behind were squeezed I reached up inside her sweater and undid her bra. As I slid my hand around was about to grab a handful of boobs she stopped me... “Not here!” We started to make our way out but I couldn’t help myself. I grabbed her by the arm and threw her into the nearest pew and pinned her down. She struggled until I started kissing her. I pressed down on her and pushed the erection in my trousers into her. Even through the fabric of my trousers and her skirt she felt it. She gasped and reached down for my butt to try and pull me into her more. She was getting more and more turned on by being treated rough. What was going on? I decided to push my luck. “If we’re gonna do this you need to lose some clothes and we need to change positions.” A few nods of the head from her and I stood up. As she sat up her eyes were drawn to my crotch. She reached for my belt and undid the buckle. Then the buttons and fly were opened. She reached a hand behind me and pulled my trousers down. All that separated me from her was my boxers. She traced the outline of my erect dick with her finger and then gently squeezed. Precum oozed out and a damp patch spread across the fabric. In the silence we seemed to calm down. “What’s going on Hannah? Why are you here? Doing this?” “You mean stroking your cock?” She looked me straight in the eye as she asked. “Yes. You’re a married woman and a mother.” “At first I thought it kinky what you’d done to Gemma and in front of your own daughter... Then I was angry that someone would do that... Then I wanted you to repent... Now I know I’d be a hypocrite because I’d love you to fuck me like you fucked that teenage tart.” With that she reached into my boxers and pulled out my throbbing cock. She kissed the helmet before slipping her lips over it and sucking hard. She was sucking just the head and it felt amazing. She brought her right hand up and started stroking the shaft on my penis as I arched my back and tried to hold back from cumming. She pulled her head back and my cock popped out of her mouth with that much f***e it sprang back and hit me on the stomach. The head was swollen and bright pink after the sucking it had received and i was ready for more! “Sit down!” She ordered. “Yes Ma’am!” I obeyed. Hannah stood and pulled her skirt up to her waist and I saw her light blue panties for the first time. What I noticed most was the dark blue damp patch where he juices had been running the whole time. She was wet. Oh boy was she wet. I reached over and pulled her close. My two hands cupped her butt and squeezed as I kissed her pussy through the fabric. She started trembling as I tongued her tanginess through the cotton and played with her butt cheeks. The straddled me and pushed me back in the church pew. Carefully she pulled her knickers to the side and took my left hand and let me stroke it. Nicely trimmed and shaved with a little tuft of blonde fur above her clit. Gorgeous. My fingers started to work their way into her. I could only manage 2 fingers but I was able to curl them up behind her clit and with my thumb I started rubbing her button. She was shaking uncontrollably and I didn’t think she’d last much longer. She reached down and in one swift movement she pulled my hand out and impaled herself on my hard cock. I was now balls deep in her and she started using her pussy muscles to squeeze my cock. Both her feet were up, either side of me with her knees level with my shoulders as she held onto the pew behind me. I placed my hands on her ass and started to move her up and down. She resisted and I felt her tighten her grip on my shaft buried deep inside her. “I’m cumming.” She breathlessly whispered. As her muscles started contracting around me I f***ed her up and down on my hard member several times. She started moaning and groaning and we both got into a faster rhythm as she bounced up and down. Her boobs were very close to me face but covered in her sweater and I quickly let go of her bum and pulled the sweater up over her boobs and started sucking her beautiful pink nipples. My hands went back to her behind just as she let out a deep sigh/groan of relief as she started to cum on my cock. I slid a finger in her bum and she went wild, standing straight up on the pew and grabbing my hair she sat back down... on my face. As her legs went to jelly and he stomach went into spasms before me I tasted her juices as they flowed out into my mouth. Deliciously sweet and tangy they ran down my throat. As I gently tried to set her down as she was in such a dangerous position, I stood up and she took my steaming hot cock in her mouth and started sucking my down her throat. Her tongue curled around the bottom of my shaft as she sucked deeper until she gagged and let go. I pulled out of her mouth and rammed straight back in. She cupped my balls in her hand and I started fucking her face. I was close to cumming. But I didn’t want another cleanup operation. “Where will I cum?” I asked. “In my mouth. NO! In my pussy!” She argued with herself as my cock throbbed menacingly before her face. “How about I do both?” I answered. “Just do as I say.” She winked and I pulled her mouth back onto my pulsating hard on. I felt the first spurt build deep within me. My breathing got shallower and my ass started to spasm and I shot the first load into her mouth, quickly followed by a second and a third. “Don’t swallow!” I ordered. Four, five, six little aftershocks of cum filled her mouth while her face got redder and her eyes got wider. “Now kiss me and give me my cum.” I quickly told her. We kissed and she let my own juices run into my mouth... Wow! There really was a lot. Our mouths parted and I sank onto my knees in front of Hannah with my mouth filled with cum. I lifted her legs high in the air and buried my face in her pussy... As I French kissed her sweet lips I pushed my tongue into her and let the cum run down my tongue and into her open, waiting pussy. As the last drops entered I started darting my tongue in and out very fast and sharp. Pushing the cum deeper. The movement and sensation set Hannah off again and she started riding my tongue. A few minutes of this and she shook violently and drove my face into her warm pussy. I actually thought I was going to suffocate until she let go of my hair and I gasped for air. “We have got to do that again!” Hannah exclaimed with glee. “bl**dy hell darlin’! I could do with a wee bit of time to recover and besides. I don’t think these church pews were made for humping. My back’s broke” I complained. “Wimp! These pews are perfect. I’ve never been fucked like that anywhere before and I’ve fucked in some weird places. If you don’t give me your cock in here again we have got to find somewhere kinkier!” All I could think to say was “Oh really? Where?”

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