Thursday, July 11, 2013

Step father SeXStoRY

Darius was always so nice to me. A little flirtatious since he wasn't too many years older than me. He had brown hair, light brown eyes and slightly tan skin, lean but very well muscled. Whenever my mom was away me and him spent a lot of time together. She was gone a lot too, her job was her life so I never got how she was able to snag Darius in the first place. It was Saturday, my mom had just left the night before. We were sitting in front of the tv, watching a movie and eating popcorn. We were talking, an easy banter. A sex scene came on in the movie. "Oh jeez," I said turning away from the tv blushing. "Does there have to be a scene like this in almost every movie now?" Darius smiled, "What's wrong with them? Sex it perfectly natural. Wait.. Are you still a virgin?" "No. It's just awkward seeing another couple have sex. I talk about sex with my friends and all but we don't share videos or anything," I said. Darius turned to me. "You never talk about sex with me." I gave him a look. "Darius, you're my step dad, I think that'd be a little inappropriate." "I'm not that much older than you and we're more friends than dad and daughter. You know that." "I suppose," I said. "So who was your first?" he grinned. I laughed, "It was Jason. It didn't last very long but that was ok, it kinda hurt. The only other guy I slept with was my friend Mike, that was a lot better." "I haven't been with many people either, but the ones I've been with have never complained," he said, wagging his brows. "Yeah, I've heard moms screams a lot before. By the way you have a lot of stamina." He blushed, "Sorry about that. It's just I'm really pent up with your mom being gone so much, I have to get it out while I can. You know me and her met up on the internet right, we hit it off and in the spur of the moment we married." I looked at him, "I always wondered how she got a guy like you." "What do you mean a guy like me?" he asked. I looked down. "Nice, funny," I blushed. He put his han on my cheek and turned my face to look at him. He looked into my eyes. "I'm glad you like me," he whispered. He lowered his head to mine and kissed me. My lips tingled and I felt a little breathless. He deepened the kiss, slowly slipping his tongue into my mouth. I was light headed. I pulled him closer. I started feeling so hot, getting wet. He pulled me against him, then on top of him laying on the couch. I felt him hard and thick. Even through our pants I knew he was huge. He felt so great against me, I started rubbing against him, moaning and hearing him moan. Then it hit me, this was my step dad, my moms husband. I tore away from him. Standing up and breathing heavy. "This isn't right," I said. "I'm going to bed, I'm sorry Darius." I ran up the stairs, to my room an locked the door. I changed quickly into my pj's and crawled into bed. I heard him go to his room and shut the door. It took me forever to fall asl**p but when I did it was restless. My dreams were filled with hot steamy scenes of Darius and me. More if you like. Who knows what'll happen with Darius after such a kiss?

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